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October 11th, 2005, 10:01 AM
From SciFi Wire:


Rock Did Stunts For Doom

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson told SCI FI Wire that although his cousin was his stunt double, he did most of his own stunts in the upcoming action film Doom. "Well, I love that stuff. I'm one of those guys that likes that, and I come from that world, and so I pretty much did everything," the former professional wrestler said in an interview. "I have a great stunt double, thanks to my cousin, and when it comes to, like, the dangerous stuff, [he does it]."

Johnson's cousin is Tanoai Reed, who has doubled for him in The Scorpion King, Walking Tall, The Rundown and Be Cool. "He was thrown into the wall here and there," Johnson said. "But I think that it's important today, and the audiences are savvy, and we all understand that money doesn't grow on trees. So when I watch a movie, I want to see my guy. That's who I want to see. So if I can do it, I do it. It's funny. I just adopted this saying. I told Andrzej [Bartkowiak, the director] too. I said, 'Look, if I can't do it, it just simply can't be done.' Then I was like, 'Where's my stunt double?'"

The only main stunt Reed performed was one in which Johnson's character, Sarge, gets knocked into a wall. "I have to tell you right now, it's where I get thrown into the wall," Johnson said. "He did that. And that's really about it, honestly. It's funny, because this movie was cake for him in that I basically did everything. That's cool. But other than that, [it] wasn't much. He got thrown into the wall. The only time that he did work you'll see is when the coverage was kind of on Karl, and he would do some blocking and some punching stuff. But that was only when I needed a break, and certainly nothing like he's done in the past. He's really done some incredible stunts. He's an award-winning stuntman."

Doom also stars Rosamund Pike and Karl Urban. It opens Oct. 21 and is being released by Universal Pictures, a division of NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.com.