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July 9th, 2004, 04:06 PM
From the Albuquerque Tribune Online (why can't these stories be found
on sites with easy names to type...)


(Actually, Stargate Atlantis premieres NEXT week -- but you all knew
that, of course. Times are Mountain Time.)

TV Queen

Huzzah, my loyal TV babies! Did you miss me? Of course you did.
You've been depressed and put out. But your TV Queen is back and
wielding her remote in your general direction.

So spank-spank and cheer up, Chiclets.

What's this? Oh, my good-good-ness. "Stargate SG-1" becomes a
franchise this week with the fun and scary spin-off "Stargate
Atlantis" (premiering at 7 p.m. and repeating at 9 p.m. Friday on Sci-
Fi). And following the premiere at 11 p.m. is an hourlong special
called "From Stargate to Atlantis: A Sci-Fi Lowdown" that gives the
scoop on how it all came about.

The series gets off to an exciting start as a bunch of army-type
knobs, I mean volunteers, decide they'll take a one-way trip through
a worm-hole to find that legendary lost city of the mysterious watery
world built by a race called the Ancients. Are they the bravest
people in the universe or just trying to dodge bill collectors and
old girlfriends? We'll go with "brave."

But one of those army knobs is nearly the entire reason to tune in.
He's the show's sardonic new hero, Maj. John Sheppard played by the
oh-so-cute Joe Flanigan. For some inexplicable reason that will no
doubt be revealed in future episodes, Sheppard has the ability to
channel the Ancients' technology. And let me tell you, it comes in
verrrrry handy when almost the minute the group finds Atlantis they
also come across an icky race of ravenous aliens called the Wraith.
And the ugly buggers apparently got their hands on the popular
interstellar cookbook, "How To Serve Humans - As an Entr‚e."


Will Sheppard wind up as a "Grrrrrr" sandwich or will he triumph over
the soul-sucking Wraiths? Duh. He's the star of the dang series, you
figure it out.

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