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September 8th, 2005, 02:46 AM
(Sorry it took so long but was busy with school and information exchange with new players and such. Also teams that should be here and doing this are SG3, SG4 and SG7, thanks.)

Ascended Times.2
September 8th, 2005, 03:00 AM
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September 8th, 2005, 03:02 AM
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September 8th, 2005, 06:31 AM
((Just to be sure... Does this mean all of those 3 teams are on the same planet? Otherwise it would be strange to have it in one thread))

September 8th, 2005, 09:10 AM
((All the same planet I believe.))

Doctor Seph Hanson stepped through the gate, taking a moment to absorb the rush of gate travel, his team members following him. He quickly started on getting his bearings. It was was a wooded area, but still with plenty of light. He scouted around and immediatly something caught his attention, a pillar like structure a hundred yards or so away.

"Errr. Sir, Major Anderson I would like to get a better look at that pillar, it appears to have some writings or graphs on it."

A couple of team members gave him an awkward look, as if pointing out this was a a scouting mission, not an archaelogical fact finding expedition.

"Sir, that pillar could contain some kind of texts or information about this world, could be crucial in assessing this planet for a beta site location." This seemed to convince the Major, so Hanson made his way to the mysterious structure.

September 8th, 2005, 02:00 PM
((Just to be sure... Does this mean all of those 3 teams are on the same planet? Otherwise it would be strange to have it in one thread))

(OOC - Im in the briefing room thought it might be an idea before we head off to know what we're doing, unless Im being dense and have missed something, in which case sorry :S )

September 8th, 2005, 03:38 PM
(OOC - Im in the briefing room thought it might be an idea before we head off to know what we're doing, unless Im being dense and have missed something, in which case sorry :S )
(You didn't miss anything. I've been cruising the threads for info. Nada. I would think our colonel needs to fill us in before we take off.)

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 8th, 2005, 10:31 PM
(Can we make up what the glyphs say, or will the GM give us a code or something to decipher?)

"Doctor Hanson..." Ryan Nash jogged swiftly to the pillar. "I took some time on Earth to study some reference books on ancient cultures and their languages... I'm something of a linguist. I think I can help."

September 8th, 2005, 11:45 PM
(Actually this thread is for all the three teams to post about their exploration of the beta site planets, you simply have to indicate what planet your on. SG3 will take one planet, SG4 takes another, and SG7 takes a third. It continues until one team comes back to General Blue and recommends a planet.)

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 8th, 2005, 11:49 PM
(Does that mean that the planets are sort of open ended? It's up to our imaginations? Oh, by the way, I'm currently on whatever planet SG-7 is on. I know Henson's already there, and now I'm there too.)

September 8th, 2005, 11:54 PM
(Does that mean that the planets are sort of open ended? It's up to our imaginations? Oh, by the way, I'm currently on whatever planet SG-7 is on. I know Henson's already there, and now I'm there too.)

(Yes the planets are up to whoever goes to them. Saves arguements and such.)

Ascended Times.2
September 9th, 2005, 12:14 AM
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Jim ran into the control room after the brifing and entered the Stargate just after seph did. He got out of the wormhole and ansered Seph "Yeah, of course. Nash, Seph, you two try and decipher that pillar I'll explore the immendiate surroundings with Alex here. Let's move out Captain.

<<Leaves immediate surroundings>>
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September 9th, 2005, 12:18 AM
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September 9th, 2005, 08:30 AM
Hanson stopped dead in his tracks when he had finally got near enough to view the pillar.

"It's Goa'uld sir, obscure dialect."

"I, I recognise this text, its almost as if I've seen it before..."

Then the memory of his previous encounter with the text his him like a bullet. At that moment Seph's face then collapsed into a frown. This was...extremely rare.

"Sir, when I was back on Earth I was one of the consultants who got to view Dr. Daniel Jackson's notebook. This text is identical to the language SG1 found on a tablet on the planet Argos, about eight years ago. Identical to the language used by human fiddling goa'uld Phelelps...who was never accounted for as dead."

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 9th, 2005, 11:00 AM
"In such a case we'd be outnumbered a great deal. Considering the recent situation of the Goa'uld, though, sir, I think it's highy unlikely that there would be any conditions under which it woud be possible for this Goa'uld to rise to power anywhere... But I don't like to take chances. Here, a further sect appears to contain a record of his minions who passed through this gate. I'm no expert on Goa'uld language or society, but I think this may have been a meeting place of some sort," Ryan said, while gesturing to the area. "There appear to be remnants of benches in those hills over there, see?"

Ascended Times.2
September 9th, 2005, 07:11 PM
Jim walked around the immendiate area to make sure it eas safe, but then heard voices in the distance they were serrated and deep, Goa'uld voices Jim took cover in the underbrush and listend to what they were saying

"I'm telling you, this place is not safe! we could be discovered at any time now by Free Jaffa they could come and hunt us down, we need to put a force field up apon the gate to make sure this planet is safe...."

"You idiot, we are being covert, a foce field would just provoke attacks and bombardments from space, we want to remain HIDDEN!"

"Yout both wrong, I don't see why we aren't out there making them bow before us, prove we are gods!" The second Goa'uld replied again

"They know we're false gods, it's a little late for that...Besides, how are we going to combat them when they have our entire forces at they're disposal...?"

There were three goa'ulds Jim could hear, two male and one Female, the second speaker was the female one and the first and third were the males judging from the voices.

The first one was speaking now "Good point...let's go to the caves and debate this with the others, 'tis no good making a dessiion without consulting the others."

Jim heard the other two agreeing and they walked off, Jim wehnt to pursue them at medium speed he tapped his radio on frequency three ((The one that Sg-7 keeps tunned into))

"Guys, i've sighted three goa'uld two male and one female and they're talking about going into some kinda cave for a meeting place, what i've heard of they're discussions there may be more of them in these "caves" i'm going to follow along and see if I can't find out more, Anderson out."

((Guys, i'm not going to be able to reply for about 8 hours, something along those lines so. Yeah, sorry. Cya all:o))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 9th, 2005, 08:21 PM
(Ascended, I'm going to be controlling your character slightly in my post, but only for you to tell me your location and for you to wait until I come for back-up. If you disagree with my post, I will edit it.)

"I think that you can probably come up with a better translation than me. I'm something of a novice as far as Goa'uld goes, but if you find something in Latin, call me. I'm going to go search the caves with Anderson," Ryan told his teammate at the pillar. "He may need back-up, espescially if he's running headlong into a nest of those snakes."
Ryan put his radio to his mouth.
"I'm coming up for back-up, request that you hold position until I arrive. What is your location? Nash, over."
A response somewhat interrupted by static responded. "South-east of the gate, chevronward. About half a click... they're pretty d*mn near. Request affirmed, but be here in under five minutes or I'm going in without you. Feeling a wee bit Zat-happy at the moment, and I don't want to spoil a perfectly good opportunity to stun something. Anderson, over."
Ryan began jogging towards the deep underbrush in Anderson's direction. In just a few minutes he got to his CO.
"What now, sir?"

Ascended Times.2
September 10th, 2005, 01:21 AM
((OOC:back, Thx for taking over my posts while i was gone :) lol, good line "i'm feeling a little bit Zat happy..." Ok, on with the RP))
Jim looked at Nash. "Thank you for joining me liutenant, heads up, i saw a glipse of what they had on them, i saw a ribbon device and i'm pretty sure on of the males had an ashrak assasin device" Jim indicated a triangular flat device that whent on the palm of your hand as he was talking.

"now, we go to the cave, try to keep under cover...oh, and if you've got heavy ammo packs atach now" Jim pulled out of 30 shot mag from his M16A2 unslung his bag put his 30 shot mag into it and pulled out a 100 shot barrel and attached it to his M16A2 and gave the liutenant a reassuring smile "Don't worry, this is just incase..." Jim let the words play in the air

"Let's see, they went..." Jim looked around himself for a second and got his bearings "South west by west, I unfortunately, could only see where they whent for about twenty meters, I assume they kept a steady course towards..."

Jim stepped out of the bushes and pointed towards the large mountains clearly visible to the naked eye "There" "Now, liutenant, let's go." Jim lead the way trying to keep hidden but failed miserably and ended up just walking along what little path could be visible. ((There is a slight path, just trampled grass and several shoe and sandle tracks))

September 10th, 2005, 05:25 AM
Hanson managed to identify the section of the pillar Lt. Nash spoke of. Ryan was correct, it was about who came through the gate. Seph then read on, it contained a list of Goa'uld who had came to this planet, all minor Goa'uld but this list, it stetched right around two sides of the eight foot pillar, in addition each name was in extremely small writing, there had to be hundreds if not thousands of names on the pillar.

This could not be right, one line of the text spoke of 'the last alliance'. This pillar was, as Hanson had first thought extremely old, however the text which was carved into it was not. It could only be a few months old judging on the fine edges of each carving.

Hanson's mind was busy drawing conclusions, assessing possibilities, wondering if he was correct, his mind reached the same conclusion each time, this planet was some kind of Goa'uld sanctuary, most likely created when the jaffa rebellion was in full swing. Major Anderson and Lieutenent Nash could be walking into hundreds, perhaps thousands of heavily armed, and very annoyed Goa'uld.

Hanson scurried around, searching for his radio to call his team mates back. It was nowhere to be seen. There was nothing for it, Seph quickly exchanged his textbook for his XM8 and sprinted away to try and find the two. He would just have to hope he reached them before they reached the goa'ulds.

Ascended Times.2
September 10th, 2005, 05:37 AM
Jim walked along the path and as he got further along the path seemed to become more and more stampled, he began to wonder at this when he spotted the mouth of the cave.

Jim almost walked out in plain view of the Goa'ulds he quickly ducked back into the underbrush and signalled for Nash to do the same and hoped for all hell they didn't see him.

Jim looked around the underbrush while pulling his M16A2 grenade ammo out of his bag wich he had unslung from his shoulder he pulled out a couple of grenade ammo and put them in his extra vest pocket.

From what jim could see the cave entrance had seven Goa'ulds standing around it, they all held Ribbon devices and had a Zat as a side arm, Jim signalled for Nash to stay here while he tryed to get a better view "Liutenant, if and when i give the signal I want you to open fire on those goa'ulds, try to take one alive if possible, but use whatever force is nessesary to take them out, we need to find out what's in that cave..."

At that Jim crept as fast as he could to the other side of the path at wich he began crawling through the non-trampled grass towards the Cave entrance.

September 10th, 2005, 06:05 AM
Dr. Hanson's unrelentless pace was now starting to catch up on him, sweat was plaguing his forehead and lactic acid was beggining to waste his legs away. Then a thought hit him. Captain Winters, a last minute addition to the team before this mission, where the hell was he. Hanson swallowed the loud groan for fear it would give away his position, but he was certainly very mad. He had just assumed Winters was with Major Anderson, but thinking back, after the Major had briefly mentioned him whilst Ryan and him were translating the text, Seph could not remember Alex anywhere. The math was not hard, a missing tau'ri on a planet swarming with Goa'uld.

It was then Seph spotted the remaining members of SG7.

Thank god.

He creeped up to Nash, trying to be as silent as possible. Through the breathless panting Hanson could hardly speak.

"Na..Nash. Hundreds.. maybe....thousands of Goa'ulds ...here....Winters MIA...big trouble."

"Where...is the Major?" Seph muttured, trying to lower the volume of his breathing.

The possible capture of Winters meant SG7 could not just slip away and retreat, the SGC doesn't leave men behind. What a predicament, a goa'uld occupied planet and the possibility team member going MIA. A simple recon mission had turned into search and rescue.

"Radio...Anderson" Hanson whispered to Nash. Then after taking a deep breath Seph tried to add more details to what he had just said.

"If...if we go in there all guns blazing we'll never take them all down, especially since they'll all have personal defence shields." Then Seph tried to think militaristically.

"Now, your the tactician here Lieutenent, there has to be someway to get Winters out of there. Perhaps a diversion? We have some C4 and a few grenades...surely we can do this somehow without it being suicide." Said the Doctor whilst mopping his brow.

((((OOC. Okay, child of the gods (the 4th member of sg7) didnt seem to be posting and the old 'the character was just a bit quiet' solution for this mission didnt seem to cover it. So I took the oppurtunity to add a nice little twist. Apologies to COTG, but over 2 days no post in this rather active thread meant some kind of thing had to answer it.)))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 10th, 2005, 09:44 AM
"You're right. Let's see... Suicide's our best bet. Give me whatever extra weapons you have, doctor. I'm going into the caves. When I find Winters, I'll give him the extra ammo, and we'll get out as quickly as possible." Ryan ended his thought at that, but then started up again. "Maybe we could make a diversion, a huge explosion out here or something, draw them out and zat some to death while they're out in the open."
He lifted his radio to his mouth.
"Major, now's a good time to get Zat-happy. I think with some C4, we can draw some out of the caves, maybe kill 'em and take their weapons and shield generators and prepare both an offensive and defensive front. On the defensive, you and Henson, out here, shield generators and all that jazz, offensive, me going in. Send me in with extra ammo, I'll get to Winters, give him a gun, and get the hell out of there."

September 10th, 2005, 10:04 AM
"You're right. Let's see... Suicide's our best bet. Give me whatever extra weapons you have, doctor. I'm going into the caves. When I find Winters, I'll give him the extra ammo, and we'll get out as quickly as possible." Ryan ended his thought at that, but then started up again. "Maybe we could make a diversion, a huge explosion out here or something, draw them out and zat some to death while they're out in the open."
He lifted his radio to his mouth.
"Major, now's a good time to get Zat-happy. I think with some C4, we can draw some out of the caves, maybe kill 'em and take their weapons and shield generators and prepare both an offensive and defensive front. On the defensive, you and Henson, out here, shield generators and all that jazz, offensive, me going in. Send me in with extra ammo, I'll get to Winters, give him a gun, and get the hell out of there."

Hanson had not known Ryan long, but over the course of the mission so far he had built up a reasonably large amount of respect for him, too much respect to see Nash die unnecceserily.

"Ryan, no. You didnt see the column like I did, there is probably a thousand goa'uld in there and you want to take them out with zats...zat blasts which due to the defence shields probably will not work."

Hanson searched his mind for another way.

"degdurunorn epsasag sleda ot teh ecva" Hanson muttured.

"Oh my god!"

"Its...its the section of the text I couldn't translate. Now I know why...it's not Goa'uld, or any other language. Its an anagram. I dont know why it's in our language, perhaps to farther confuse Jaffa that are hunting them, but thats what it is.

"Underground passage leads to the cave." Hanson revealed.

"Call off the suicide, we've got a much better way in. Ryan radio the Major, explain the situation."

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 10th, 2005, 10:14 AM
"Negative. The distraction on their front doorstep will still do us some good, and in the past, Goa'uld have been known to forget to turn on their shield generators. Henson, I want you out of here by the time the blast goes off, get the gate and be ready to bail us out by the time we get Winters."
Ryan once more radio'd his CO.
"Major, second thoughts. Continue with blast plan, but Henson says there's a back door. I'll be going in that way. Also, however, if we do manage to get a stream of angry snakes coming out, have blasts prepared around the cave entrance, so that they can't get back in. If they notice you, get back to the gate with and head to the Alpha Site with Henson. Wait for me and Winters there. If they don't notice you, though, ask Henson to read that pillar and find the underground entrance, he'll tell you where it is, and the two of us can go get Winters." He paused. "If I don't make it out of the caves, I'll blow the place to hell with all the C4 we've got and try to contain the Goa'uld in the mountain. After that, prepare to send a warhead through."
He turned to Henson.
"Get back to the Gate, stay in radio contact. Read that pillar, find me the entrance, I'll get to it."

September 10th, 2005, 10:23 AM
Hanson turned onto a bit of roughed up grass. Took a step on it and fell through. He crashed down into a dimly lit passage. Well that was easy.

"Lieutenent....I found the passage." Hanson yelled brushing himself off as he spoke.

Seph then scaled the 6 or so feet out of the passage and back up to the planet surface. He looked at Nash.

"Good luck."

He then turned and made his way back to the gate. But not after taking Nash's spare radio off of him.

"I'll be in radio contact. Remember, dont get into a fire fight, they out number you a thousand to one, you best best will be to go covert, slip in, take out the guards then whizz back out." Hanson felt a little pointless saying this, explaining tactics to the tactic king, but he had to make sure Nash didnt fail, because if he did, then in the space one mission half of SG7 would be killed.

"Oh, and from various digs back on Earth we can assume the main goa'uld force will be in one main cave, with Winters being held in a small secondary cave attached to the main one."

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 10th, 2005, 10:35 AM
"Don't worry too much, I'll be back in no time. Stealth is a specialty of mine- sneaking into the kitchen at night for milk and cookies, track record of getting caught: never." Ryan heard Henson laugh slightly, and then climbed down the entrance slowly.

Ryan's foot made contact with the soft ground below, and he stepped down onto it completely. Soft, but sturdy. He set up some C4 around the area, looked into a dark passage which extended for some undefinable distance, and crouched. He began walking slowly down it, his hands on the wall guiding him to whatever destination awaited him down there.

After about ten minutes of crouch walking, he felt the wall turn a sharp 270 degrees away from his hands. He had reached the end of the passage. He kept following it to the left, and soon, saw a light in the distance. He quickly recognized it as a zat blast. Startled, he dropped entirely to the ground, and the zat blast struck the wall harmlessly, dissipating its energy accross the earth.

"Kree! There is nothing in there, fools," he could hear a gruff, monotone voice say. He then heard several footsteps going away from him.

So, one of them suspects somethin' already...

Ryan rolled silently to the other side of the wall, having hear the footsteps leading away and to his right. This way, he wouldn't be out in the open in the event that he came to the end of this hallway.

The zat light came from far enough away that I could dodge it... it's a long way to the end of the tunnel, I guess. I think it's sloping downwards... they build it under the earth. I must be a while down by now... Thought Ryan, as he neared the end of that passageway.

September 10th, 2005, 10:50 AM
Meanwhile Hanson was at the gate and dialing. He thought he should keep the gate open all the time so he wouldn't have to spend time dialing if Nash came back with snakes on his tail. His plan was to simply redial at the end of each 38 minute window. He knew this would tie up the Alpha site base, but he still figured it was the best option.

He pressed his sore hand up against the first symbol, but nothing happened, he tried again and again but the first chevron would not engaged. He tried to see if other symbols would lock but still nothing.

He tried to remember the so called gate travel 101 that all SGC personell took when they joined the program. He delicatly removed the red circle on the DHD. He groaned a rather loud curse.

He pressed the radio to his mouth.

"Err sirs, we have a problem with the gate. The DHD's command crystal is missing. The goa'ulds must have removed it when they captured Winters. I'll try to think of something Sirs but for now sit tight." Hanson out.

Hanson racked his brains for a minute or so, however due to his lack of astrophysics knowledge he could not think of anything feisable, manual dialing without a naquada generator was out of the question. But then he did have one thought.

The radio once again pressed Seph's lips.

"Sir, I've been thinking. From what we've established so far the goa'uld came here to flee the rebel jaffa. Now to ensure the faulse god they were rebelling against wouldnt escape the first logical step to take when starting the rebellion would be to take the stargate. Which means the goa'uld didnt come here by gate, sir I think they would have came here by ship. Now, if we can somehow find a ship, we can take it and fly on home. But err, this rests on me and you Major finding a ship. I suggest you meet me here at the gate and we'l take it from there."

"Ryan when you bag Winters just focus on getting out of the caves, we'll pick you up from there."

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 10th, 2005, 10:57 AM
Ryan's eyes widened upon hearing that.

"It's a damn good thing we're Air Force, not Marines - God knows those dunderheads couldn't pilot a ship if they had the instruction manual. Anyway, I think that if anything, the ships would be stored here in the mountain. Radio the Major, tell him to come here, you too Henson. We'll go in together. I'll be ahead of you guys, and I'll clear the way. I'll radio you again at..." he glanced at his watch. "16:30 Zulu, unless I find the ships sooner."

With that, Ryan began moving a bit more swiftly towards the end of the tunnel. It led to what appeared to be the inside of a Ha'Tak vessel, with its walls and structure, yet he knew it was a ground base.

He entered the hallway, seeing no visible persons around him. Soon, though, he began hearing the soft footsteps of a Goa'uld. He instinctively drew his P90 in one hand, his Zat in the other, and walked quickly to one of the small pockets in the walls.

As soon as the Goa'uld walked by, he jumped out and Zatted him.

"Ugh..." The man that had just been zatted groaned. "...I always thought that the Tau'ri were more appreciative of Tok'Ra opperatives..."

September 10th, 2005, 11:03 AM
Ryan's eyes widened upon hearing that.

"It's a damn good thing we're Air Force, not Marines - God knows those dunderheads couldn't pilot a ship if they had the instruction manual. Anyway, I think that if anything, the ships would be stored here in the mountain. Radio the Major, tell him to come here, you too Henson. We'll go in together. I'll be ahead of you guys, and I'll clear the way. I'll radio you again at..." he glanced at his watch. "16:30 Zulu, unless I find the ships sooner."

With that, Ryan began moving a bit more swiftly towards the end of the tunnel. It led to what appeared to be the inside of a Ha'Tak vessel, with its walls and structure, yet he knew it was a ground base.

He entered the hallway, seeing no visible persons around him. Soon, though, he began hearing the soft footsteps of a Goa'uld. He instinctively drew his P90 in one hand, his Zat in the other, and walked quickly to one of the small pockets in the walls.

As soon as the Goa'uld walked by, he jumped out and Zatted him.

"Ugh..." The man that had just been zatted groaned. "...I always thought that the Tau'ri were more appreciative of Tok'Ra opperatives..."

Hanson saw Anderson coming towards the gate. He ran towards him.

"Sir, I can find the way to the passage. This way".

In mid run Hanson fished out his radio from a pocket.

"Nash, what do you see?"

The pace quickened as Seph and the Major drew close to the passage. They both hopped down the whole and pointed their weapons forward. Cautionessly, they advanced.

((OOC. Oooo, nice twist there with the tok'ra!)))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 10th, 2005, 11:32 AM
(I think maybe after this, we should hold on a bit and wait for Child of the Gods or Ascended. They might be a wee bit behind...)

"I've got a Tok'Ra..." Nash said, while quickly removing all weapons from the body, and dragging it into the pocket. "I think. Can't be sure yet, so I'm neutralizing him with plans of interrogation."

The Tok'Ra began to stir more, and sat up. "I'm a Tok'Ra, don't worry. There are several of us on this base-"

"Let's start with your name," said Ryan in a somewhat annoyed tone.

"I am two people, Joren and Shu'Fros. As I was saying, there are many of us on base. As soon as we discovered this hiding spot, we infiltrated it with plans to learn-" Once more, the Tok'Ra was interrupted by a pissed off Ryan.

"Learn, learn, learn... It's all you Tok'Ra ever do. When are you going to be more aggressive and get off your lazy asses and do something!?" At this, the Tok'Ra began to tear up. "Crap, the one Tok'Ra I find is a crybaby..."

Ryan then took notice as to how young the host was. "So, you're what, 16, eh? Must be terrified. Let me speak to Shu'Fros."

The Tok'ra began speaking in the familiar monotone voice. "Forgive him, he is only a child. We did not intend to take someone so young, but there are few hosts willing to join us now. Anyway, we have actually done something- we have set several nuclear warheads donated by the Tau'Ri positioned around the base, on a timer to go off in the next few hours."

"Oh for cryin' out loud! Scratch this off the 'Beta-Site' list..." Ryan was annoyed. Today just insisted on not going his way. Then he noticed the Tok'Ra begin to pale sightly.

"They know we're here. I can feel their symbiotes coming this way... Come quickly, this way, I can take you to your comrade."

"Wait, how do you know-"

"I have spoken with him. We have little time now, the Goa'ulds are coming and the ships are coming to pick the Tok'Ra opperatives up within the hour. Your friend will die if we don't get to him now, so come!"

With that, Ryan began running behind the Tok'Ra, racing to save Captain Winters, and above all, to find a way to save the rest of his team from the nuclear fallout that would happen soon...

September 10th, 2005, 11:39 AM
"I see, well I hope your certain he's tok'ra. We are making our way into the complex, even if the tok'ra have their own way to get off the planet our very own al'kesh could come in handy some day. Hanson out."

((OOC. Ok, we'll wait now for Ascended. And perhaps COTG if he wants, though a post from Ascended is much more important due to the circumstances. I think I'll go watch some TV lol. Simon out :P)

Ascended Times.2
September 10th, 2005, 07:23 PM
((OOc:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! WHY DID EVERYONE ON MY TEAM HAVE TO BE AWAKE WHEN I'M ASLEEP AT 4 IN THE MORNING!?!?!??! SOmeone mind giving me asome kind of recap?!??!?!?))
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Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 10th, 2005, 07:32 PM
(While you went near the cave entrance, Seph came to me and told me that this was a sort of hidey-hole for all the minor goa'uld that went Jaffa bankrupt from the movement, and that Winters was missing. Winters is in mountain-cave-place, a captive of the Goa'uld. Seph found a back way in, and I'm going in to get Winters. I told Seph to dial the gate back to the AS, and he tried, but the DHD is bust cause the snakes took the main crystal. He's falling back to my position, I'm currently in the Goa'uld mountain complex, and we're going to try to get Winters, get a ship, and get out of there. I requested that you detonate some C-4 outside the cave entrance and make a distraction, then follow Seph into the cave backdoor. If any Goa'uld come out, though, blow the entrance and make sure they can't get back in, and radio us if they go in the back way.
There are Tok'Ra in the base, several, who are about to hitch a ride out of there- apparently, we lent them nukes, and they're using them to take out the entire base. The nukes are set to detonate in the next two or so hours, and we have to be out of here within the hour, that's when they're getting picked up.
So... yeah.)
(Also, if this were an episode, it would be a two-parter, probably ending the first part with my last post before yours. It would be a friggin awesome episode.)

Ascended Times.2
September 10th, 2005, 07:37 PM
((ooc:Thank you for the recap and i'm about to post our actions, us going into the cave and picking a corridoor to go down ok?))

Ascended Times.2
September 10th, 2005, 07:40 PM
Jim had cautiously walked down the passage for about five minutes then broken out to an all out sprint until he had come to what looked like the inside of the an Ha'tak after having managed to plant twp pieces of C4 on either side of the cave entrance and another three on a seperate detonator, having blown the extra thre pieces and kept the other two ready incase we needed to block up the entrance.

How could I be so stupid as to not notice one of my team members missing? God, if he has been killed or worse...I've failed my team...I must make sure this never happends again!! I must save Winters... Jim was thinking to himself.

Jim had waited for almost a minute before joining Seph in the tunnels and inadvertently taking the lead, Jim decided not to risk radioing Nash incase that would compromise his and our position, he continued on towards the end of the cave after almost 20 minutes and poked his head and M16A2 around the corner.

God, I'm glad i loaded this thing with the barrel ammo and greandes...
Jim thought to himself. With no Goa'uld in plain sight of them he walked a little farther in.

Seeing nothing, he walked even more forward and looked down the three different corridors Just then footsteps could be heard and five different voices could be heard, all Goa'uld and shouting, Jim ducked back into the corridor and signalled for Seph to do so aswell and stay silent after almost a minute of the Goa'uld bitcker in they're language they finally heard them walk away and Jim looked at Seph "Uh...this way." Jim said pointing in the direction of Winters cell.
i'm really enjoying this plot we've made and wouldn't hurt to have Child of the gods post something either..Also, nice twist with the Tok'ra. Cya all until later! :) ))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 10th, 2005, 07:41 PM
(Actually, I'm following a Tok'Ra at the moment, he's taking me to Winters. You guys would be a bit behind, I've been in the caves for roughly a half-hour, and Seph just entered, he's probably waiting for you to finish that diversion.
EDIT: So you know the cavern layout, the back entrance has a hall that goes on for about ten minutes while grouching, it's completely earthen and the ground is soft. After that, take a left and it'll go straight for another ten minutes, and then take a right and you'll be in an underground base that seems to be based off of the layout of a Ha'Tak vessel.
You should be with Seph at the moment, and if you're running, close on me and the Tok'Ra's heels. When you get back, edit your post.)
(EDIT: Yeah, once you get to the end of the tunnel, you find the room where Winters is being held prisoner and me and my Tok'Ra buddy are trying to get him out. I don't have C4, I used it around the back entrance to the cave (which I plan to blow as soon as the Tok'Ra ship is within thirty minutes or so of picking us up).)
(I think I'm going to make a topic called 'The Adventures of SG-7,' where I'll put a novelized version of all of our missions, each post being equivilent to one episode or something like that. What do you think?)

Ascended Times.2
September 11th, 2005, 12:11 AM
((OOC:Ryu, excellent idea, also, that was one hell of a choir concert :D and, back :)))

Jim walked up to the room Nash and the Tok'ra he had heard so little about was trying to break into to get Winters out.
"Hey guys, what's new? need a hand breaking that open?" Jim pulled out his last three pieces of C4 and planted two of them on the door ((ooc:It's a thick big door)) and set the charges "I'll save one incase we need it." Jim stowed the last piece of C4 in his bag and pulled out the detonator "Ok guys, clear!" everyone backed off and Jim blew the door.

((OK, i may not reply for a while so...Yeah, i'll let you guys post :) Edit:This would be a kick-ass Stargate episode :) ))

September 11th, 2005, 02:00 AM
Seph at this point was just observing the military guys do what they do best. However then he saw something on another offspring cave. Instead of going into Winters cell, he quickly slipped away a metres down the 'corridor'. On the entrance to the third cave read some goa'uld. Which Seph was able to immediatly translate ship hangar. Seph produced a torch out of his pocket and shone it into the pitch black cave. Oh my god. He scurried back down the hall to where SG7, including Winters where.

"Guys, guys you have to see this. They've got douzens of Al'kesh in there. I say we hijack a couple of those ships, two people in each, and fly out of here."

He then turned to the tok'ra.

"I suggest you radio the other operatives on this base. We need to move quickly before we're discovered. That C4 explosion wasnt exactly silent. Come on lets move."

((OOC. Ryu excellent idea with the story based on the roleplaying thread. I cant wait to see the story you base on this one :D)))

Ascended Times.2
September 11th, 2005, 02:43 AM
"Liutenant, help me get Winters into an Al'khesh" Jim ((OOC:sorry Ryu if this is kinda taking your chaacter over a bit but)) took one of Winters arm and Nash took the other and they helped him limp over to an Al'khesh, they opend the door and put Winters in a corner "Liutenant, you know the Tok'ra well enough you can go with him, in another Al'khesh.

Doctor, over here, your with me in this Al'khesh, let's get to it people." Jim sat down and was flattered for a second waving his hands in the air for a moment "Ah, wrong console..." Jim changed chairs and took the pilots controls and shut the doors with a switch and pressed his radio to his lips and activated it "Nash, you got an Al'khesh? Because the good Doctor and I are ready to move out. Over."

"Sit down doctor this is going to be a bumpy ride." Jim made the al'khesh hover a few feet off the ground and then took off out of the hangar hitting another Al'khesh by accident and making the Al'khesh we're in rock. "Doctor, Radio the Liutenant and ask him if his Tok'ra pal has anywhere specific to go to, since we don't have the control crystal..."

Jim said as he began dodging Turret fire, the base was alot more secured than they had originally thought, five different turrets were firing at Jims Al'khesh as Jim was doing evasive manuvers and managed to get out of range of the turrets after being hit twice.

((OOC:Ok, all it's quite late for me and I have school tomorrow, so, I won't be posting for something like 16 hours....quite a long time, feel free to take my character to whatever plot development is required. Good night all and have fun RPGing.))

September 11th, 2005, 05:08 AM
Seph was nerviously holding tight in his seat.

Then he heard something come from the back of the ship. Hanson's eyes widened.

"Cree!" A Goa'uld was on the ship. He had a defence shield, and was firing zat blasts all over the ship.

"Major, just keep flying." Hanson drew his standard issue hand to hand knife, jumped to his feet and without a second thought through himself at the goa'uld. Thrusting a knife into the goa'ulds leg, causing it to scream out in paid. Seph then quickly removed the goa'ulds ribbon device and zatnikatel weapon. Aiming the zat at goa'uld's head Hanson smirked.

"Looks like we have a prisoner sir"

Hanson stabbed the goa'ulds leg once more.

"Now, first of all whats your name." Seph demanded over the groaning goa'uld.

"I am your god, Hercules." This made Hanson laugh, though it almost made sense. All of these goa'ulds where pretty minor, so for this one not to take on the role of a god pursay made sense.

"Well, Hercules. Your symbi...err...you...will heal those wounds, however until then things are going to be very painful. I can stop that."

Hanson searched in the medical kit SG teams were provided with and found the morphine. He grabbed the goa'ulds arm and injected it.

"That is only enough pain relief to last a few minutes. If you agree to cooperate, you'll get a little more."

"I would never serve the scum that is the tau'ri." As he spoke the goa'ulds eyes weakly glowed.

In reply Hanson kicked the Goa'ulds leg where the two deep wounds lay. A new side was coming out in Hanson, a more desperate side. In attempt to secure revenge for the death of his fiancee there wasnt much Seph wouldnt do.

"Arrrrrrr. Wait, I'll talk. What knowledge do you seek?" The goa'uld groaned.

"Weapons, technology, intelligence. We want all you know. But for now I need to radio my colleague. At this point Hanson bound the goa'uld, gagged him and blindfolded him before injecting him with a few minutes worth of morphine.

"Nash come in, come in Nash this is Doctor Hanson. Major Anderson requests you ask the tok'ra where we should be heading. over." Hanson said whilst still pointing a zat at Hercules.

Whilst he was waiting for a return message from nash, Hanson ungagged the goa'uld.

"Who sent the bomb to Earth?" Bellowed Hanson. However the goa'ulds lips did not move. Hanson repeatedly kicked the wounds, and added another one with a bullet from his XM8. He knew that 'agressive negotiations' would most likely not be allowed when they got to the alpha site, all possible information had to be extracted now.

"Tell me or I'll cause more pain than you could imagine." Hanson's movice continued to rise in volume.

"If, I am to tell the tau'ri, it will not be a meaningless person like yourself. I want to speak to your leader." The goa'uld smirked through the pain whilst he spoke, this clearly agitated Hanson. Seph then regagged Hercules and shot him with a zatnikatel.

Seph then turned and took his seat next to Major Anderson.

"Nash, what does the tok'ra say?"

Then he pulled the radio away from his lips and turned to the Jim.

" Major Anderson. I've been thinking, the hyperspace generator on these ships are operational. So I suggest we go back to the alpha site before taking the tok'ras home, it wouldnt take long and we would get to ensure the tok'ra shared all the knowledge the operatives collected."


(OOC. Does anybody know where COTG is, his profile says last activity two days ago :

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 11th, 2005, 06:57 AM
(Winters is out like a light now, as far as I'm concerned, so we won't need him for a while, and I think that if he doesn't show up by the end of the mission, we should consider dropping him from the team.)

"Um, Henson," Nash looked anxiously from the control panel to the blubbering Tok'Ra. "The Tok'Ra's crying, he's just a kid. I think that he thinks we're doomed."

"Well that helps us a lot," got radio'd back to him.

"Look, I think that our best bet is-" his signal was interrupted as an armada of Al'Kesh's and Ha'Taks began firing at them, one blast directly hitting Nash's ship, shaking it a good bit. "-well, try to avoid capture for the next few minutes until the Tok'Ra ships arrive."

Henson would soon here several more blasts strike both his ship and Nash's ship, as the shields began to fail under the dangerous volley of energy beams unleashed by the enemy's armada.

"Mayday! Mayday! Engines are shot, crystals are fried! Tok'Ra's wailing about doom and death! Shields are gone, weapons are out, crash inevitable-" Nash's transmission was cut short when the next volley of blows could be heard. A sickening explosion could be heard, and if they didn't see it, they could just sense that Nash's Al'Kesh had been hit one too many times...

September 11th, 2005, 07:09 AM
Hanson lunged for the command console as soon as he heard his colleagues had crashed to turn the Al'kesh around.

"Okay. Diverting power to cloak. They will not find us for now."

"Okay, I didnt say anything until now because I thought these Al'kesh could come in handy. But we dont need the ships to get back hom...to the Alpha site sir. This ship must have a power source, big enough to create a hyper space window."

"So I'm guessing anything big enough to do that could say...power a stargate. Sir, we dont need the ship, just its power"

"Major I have a plan that could just stop the goa'uld hunting us, and get us out of here."

"We detach the power source, then remove the ship from cloak. We also switch the shields off and wait for them to fire on us. We then use the escape pods to get back to the planet with the power core. The ship will blow, the explosion should mess with their sensors enough so they dont detect the pods, they'll think they've shot us both down and we're dead. When in fact we'll be manually dialling the gate, with the al'kesh's power source for juice and gating back."

He then pressed his radio to his mouth.

"Nash, we have a plan."

(OOC. I cant be bothered to retell the whole thing in the same post, but just take it that i just explained that all to Nash.)

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 11th, 2005, 07:35 AM
Nash lay there, broken and bleeding. All his life had led up to what, this? Everything he ever had, everthing he ever wanted... gone. In the blink of an eye.
And now, as he lay on the hills overlooking the StarGate, his ribs half-crushed, a dead Tok'Ra beside him, and a crashed Al'Kesh just next to him, he had his chance to reflect on life.
It only then occured to him just what had happenned. The whole truth of it, that Earth was gone... It hadn't seemed real to him before, but as he lay dying, it all became far to real to him.
"No... this is not how it ends..." he heard a surreal voice calling to him.

I'm dying, it's understandable that I'm imagining things... he thought, as he craned his head just slightly the other way, allowing him to see a pale, somewhat translucent image of his fiance.

"Oma... she helped us ascend. All of us. You still have more life to live, please don't throw that away..." She seemed to morph into a glowing sphere of light, and it floated to the StarGate, which activated. "Go now... your friends will arrive shortly."

And so Nash sat up against the protests of his ribs, and walked slowly to the gate. Before he went through, though, he looked to the skies just beyond and saw the second Al'Kesh arriving, and when he saw the ground, he saw the Tok'Ra ascending.

"Hellluva mission..." he muttered to himself before going through.

September 11th, 2005, 07:51 AM
"Sir. The Stargate has opened. But, theres no way to tell whethers it's incoming or outgoing. Also Sir, Nash is gone. Sir I suggest we scratch that plan and fly back to the Alpha Site."

Anderson agreed.

"Looks like we get to keep the ship after all" Hanson said trying to break the frosted silence that engulfed the ship. The two men where reflecting on Nash, Winters, the tok'ra. What had happened?

Anderson then flew the ship out of the atmostphere and diverted all power to the hyperspace generator skillfully enough to avoid the goa'ulds best efforts to take them down.

(((OOC. Me and Anderson are now in an Al'kesh in hyperspace, destination alpha site.)))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 11th, 2005, 08:09 AM
-Epilogue of the Planet-

"Beam us up..." Seven Tokra crowded around each other on the ring transport, their Ha'Tak vessel having arrived to bring them back to their world. The distraction provided by the good people of the SGAS had made it so that they could reset the timers of all the bombs to go off early, and still have enough time to esacape undetected amongst the mass of Ha'Tak vessels in pursuit of SG-7.

Soon after the ring transports took them to their ship, the Tok'Ra flew off, and the nuclear explosions of the base wiped out more than half of the minor Goa'uld still remaining in the galaxy.

-Back on the Alpha Site-

Ryan stumbled through the gate an into the alpha site. The last words he heard before he became completely unconsious were, quite distinctly, "get a medical team..."

September 11th, 2005, 08:14 AM
((OOC: Hey guys im really really sorry abou the delay. I've had a hell of a weekend. I only have access weekdays at school thats the only time i'll be able to post. I'll just recap on whats happened to me.

When we came through the gate I went straight into scouting the imidiate area. I got zatted, captured, tortured (Baal style :eek: ) and saved and am now regaining conciouseness. Sorry again guys))

..........Alexis Winters opened one eye............
"where the f.........."
He tried to sit up but cringed as he felt incredible pain throughout his body. He could vaguely see Lt Nash standing over him. Someone was shouting for medics.

"Ryan......," his voice was grating and sore, ".....what the frag happened?"

The luitenant looked down at him with a dazed look before collapsing next to him.

September 11th, 2005, 08:28 AM
Due to some fancy flying from the Major, the Hat'tak vessels dropped out of hyper space after giving up all hope of catching half of SG7. The Al'kesh then went into the alpha sites orbit.

Alpha Site Technition: Sir, sensors are detecting an Al'kesh vessel over the planet. There's a radio transmission sir.

Random USAF Major: Okay lets here it. Though put the x302s on standby. After what happened to Nash we've gotta be careful.

Radio transmission: This is Dr. Joseph Hanson of SG7. We have evaded the goa'uld pursuers and request to land sir.

Major Random: Permission granted doctor, who else is up there with you?

Hanson: Major Anderson sir. Sir, we've lost Nash and Winters.

Major Random: 2nd Lieutenent Nash came through the gate about 10 minutes ago Doctor. Anyway SG7, come on home.

September 11th, 2005, 08:31 AM
Ok thought id do this in a seperate post. What do we do now. Nash and Winters will be in the infirmary thread. But do me and Anderson go to the briefing room or go to visit you guys in the infirmary?


September 11th, 2005, 09:34 AM
Yeah i just posted in the Infirmary thread. If you guys want hear about what happened to me just check there. My character is reminissing.

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 11th, 2005, 09:39 AM
So you know, Captain, you'd have seen Anderson, not me. I was at the Alpha Site long before you guys were.

September 11th, 2005, 09:56 AM
OOC. COTD you posted: Using his years of training experience he slowly scaled the tree, holding his breath. Drawing his combat knife as he neared the shape, he lunged vertically the last metre thrusting the knife into the back of the victims neck slashing vertebrae and, by the looks of it, a entwined sybiote. He caught the limp body before it fell and hung it over a branch mixed bloods drippind down the tree.

To me that doesnt make much sense. Why would he climb a tree, and stab the guy when he could have just aimed up a gun and pulled the trigger. Much easier and the goa'uld didnt see winters, so his shield wouldnt have been up.

Heh, i know this is an rpg so you have to leave a few plot holes, bend reality a little but that pasage is just...a little weird to me lol. Something so unavoidable imo. bleh...

Edit: Also you said he had a broken back, also that wouldnt have been attended to until you got back to base almost a day later. now I thought broken backs usually kill people...especially if its followed by torture. :s

Colonel Sharp
September 11th, 2005, 12:13 PM
(Please, please, please, I cannot stress it enough, if you are going through the gate, post in the Gateroom! Also, it would have been nice if you went a little slower in the Alkesh (or was it a hat'ak) To give the base personell time to prepare to launch f-302's. COTG and Simon please post in the gateroom. Bleh, you guys were to fast for me, I would have added some stuff...but oh well, scratch that off the Beta Site list)

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 11th, 2005, 12:13 PM
Er, sorry, I was the one who went through the gate. I'll remember that for next time, though.
So, what did you think of the mission overall?

Colonel Sharp
September 11th, 2005, 12:49 PM
((use parentheses for ooc) Good, great job on the plot and everything, without any GMing done! Your next mission will be even more interesting ;))

September 11th, 2005, 02:06 PM
((Well done SG7, peoples where are SG3 and SG4, they should be in here posting away their missions on other potential beta sites.))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 11th, 2005, 02:29 PM
(I think you should just retitle the thread 'SG-7 Mission - Beta Site Hunting' and have the other SG teams search for a beta site in their own threads. It works out better that way, unless we're all on the same planet, you know?)

September 11th, 2005, 08:08 PM
((OOC: Sorry guys if my post was a bit confusing.

Winters knifed the Ashrak to remain silent. Its what he does, he's ex-scout. Winters was aware that the observer probaly wasn't the only concealed opposition in the area and didn't want give away his position.

The broken back from the fall was healed by the sarcophogus. Thats what i meant by:
"He next remembered waking in bright light, and opening doors to see many glowing eyes looking down at him with in thier eyes."
Sorry it was confusing.
By back and arms were healed by the sarcophogus but he was still suffering the effects of the torture when he got back.

And cheers Ryan for getting me healed as well in the Infirmary thread.))

September 12th, 2005, 08:32 AM
(Please, please, please, I cannot stress it enough, if you are going through the gate, post in the Gateroom! Also, it would have been nice if you went a little slower in the Alkesh (or was it a hat'ak) To give the base personell time to prepare to launch f-302's. COTG and Simon please post in the gateroom. Bleh, you guys were to fast for me, I would have added some stuff...but oh well, scratch that off the Beta Site list)

The f302s where just on standby. Not actually being launched ;)

September 12th, 2005, 09:29 AM
((Well done SG7, peoples where are SG3 and SG4, they should be in here posting away their missions on other potential beta sites.))
(( SG-3 would probably be THRILLED to go somewhere. As soon as our commander shows up.))
((Yes, I am getting a little cranky. :( ))

Colonel Sharp
September 12th, 2005, 05:18 PM
(ok, grr, I'll give Owen a nudge)

September 12th, 2005, 05:28 PM
(I think you should just retitle the thread 'SG-7 Mission - Beta Site Hunting' and have the other SG teams search for a beta site in their own threads. It works out better that way, unless we're all on the same planet, you know?)

(I cannot rename the thread, I'm not a mod!)

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 12th, 2005, 05:35 PM
(I'm not sure, but I think that you can edit the thread titles of threads that you start. It might not be that way, though.
Anyway, have you considered starting an Invisionfree forum and taking the RP there? We'd have a lot more space.)

September 12th, 2005, 10:24 PM
(I'm not sure, but I think that you can edit the thread titles of threads that you start. It might not be that way, though.
Anyway, have you considered starting an Invisionfree forum and taking the RP there? We'd have a lot more space.)

(Then it wouldn't be Gateworld RPG then will it? The RPG stays.)

September 13th, 2005, 08:25 AM
(OOC. Re: SG3 and other team not posting yet, a few posts up:

Well IMO whats taking so long is your working the story out before hand. Now unless the whole team is working it out, your basically just actors with a script written by a couple of people. IMO that means you lose some peoples genius ideas and such. We wouldnt have had half as many plot twists in our mission if it was predestined. Now I'm not an SG3 team member so I'm not sure whos working it out etc. But imo its fun to just play it as it happens.

Sorry for butting in a little but just my 2 cents.

PS. If SG7 just want to go on another beta hunt now can we just go to brief room etc and do that then start posting here? Or do we have to wait for all other teams to do a mission here?))

Ascended Times.2
September 19th, 2005, 05:01 AM
((OOC:I will reference several Alpha site places but this will be part of Sg-7's mission))

After half an hour, the UAV was prepped and ready to go. The Stargate had been dialed and the seargeant said "Major Anderson sir, the UAV is ready."
Jim turned around from looking around the control room and said "Launch it."
The UAV was launched with the seargeant saying "lauching UAV" and it whent throught the gate, after several seconds visual telemetry was established. There were four main gun inplacements, by the fact that the UAV made it through the gate meant there was no shield.

The UAv began it's standard 'painting the targets' routine, it used laser sightings on all four gun explacements the Goa'uld not knowing better were using they're ribbon devices to try and 'push' it out of the air, they were having no avail since the UAV was so high up in the air.

Back at the Alpha site the seargeant was saying "UAV has obtainted targets, prepping missiles." Two rather large and welll built missles were lowered down from the gateroom ceiling, the gateroom was clear of course, the first missle launched and the seargeant said "Sierra one, away" the UAV was giving a great picture, the Missile flew upwards from the second it came through the gate, the second missle had already been launched, this missle strike system had been greatly improved since the last usage of it.

The second missle flew up in the air and two more missles were already in the gate room, the first missle had hit it's target and destroyed it, the second was just coming down now. The third missile had been launched and the fourth was ready. "Sir, we have a kill on first target, and second now sir, sierra three has been launched and sierra four is now away!" Jim watched on the monitor as all four gun emplacements were blown to pieces with all Goa'uld having been blown up along with the gun emplacements.

"Good work seargeant, now." Jim turned around to his team who were standing there eagerly watching the screen "Heres the plan, when we go through that gate we are to split up into teams of two, Nash, your with me, Hanson, Winters you two are on the other team, Nash and I will rig a circle of claymores around the stargate, a decent distance made ready for a quick get-away after that we will dial the Alpha site and push the UAV back through the gate. ((OOC:When i say push, i mean toss)) Hanson, Winters you two are to make sure that back entrance isn't heavily guarded and clear out the halls of any and all Goa'uld until Nash and I get there, we can only assume that now they use another entrance of some sort, because last time we were there it looked like the back way hadn't been used in some time."

"Nash and I will go and rig a few pieces of C4 to the front entrance we collapsed and make sure that is a sizeble distraction along with rigging the escape tunnel with enough C4 to collapse it in the event we need to. I must make myself clear on this, our main objective is to kill as many Goa'uld as possible, discretely as possible, if at the very minimum determine how much damage the Tok'ra's nulclear devices they used from the SGC caused and how many Goa'uld are still around, we must know how big a threat these Goa'uld are, the Stargate is our only way in and out of this planet unless anyone can find a ring transporter and ring up to the Ha'taks in orbit, the UAV has confirmed none are around or on the mountain."

"After Nash and I have rigged the claymores and C4, we will meet up with you in the side entrance, and we will move through the Goa'uld halls eliminating all Goa'uld I or in situations we are completely seperated you or your team mate with you deem it nessesary or acceptable, now, should the Goa'uld activate they're shields, I find, GRENADES are the best choice of weapon, so I tell you now, if you havan't got alot of spare grenades go get some NOW."

"Any questions?" Jim asked, when there were none ((OOC: Sorry, i was eager to start this RP)) Jim said "All right, to the gateroom people." All of SG-7 walked down to the gate room, Jim cocked his gun and loaded it with his grenades and made sure his barrel ammo was ready and Zat's loose enough to be pulled out in a rush. Jim looked behind at his team and then at the seargeant who put his mouth to the speaker piece and said "No Goa'uld around the gate sir, Stargate is clear and accecible." Jim then buckled up his helmet crouched down, holstered his gun and as jim was walking up the ramp his last thoughts at the Alpha site were So much for a bloody simple recon team!

Ascended Times.2
September 19th, 2005, 05:07 AM
Jim walked through the gate at a steady crouched walk, the first thing he saw when he came out of the other side of the stargate was the scorch marks on the ground and several trees scorched black from the missiles.

Hm, same usual green, bushy planet Jim thought to himself. Jim then immediately made shore the UAV was correct and no one was hiding in the trees, Jim had never trusted UAV's, MALPs he trusted, just not UAVs.

No one was in the trees. Hm, guess the UAV was right, theres a change for once... Jim then got up out of his crouching position and made a steady walk to the DHD and turned around and waited for the rest of his team to come through the stargate. He ready to shoot at anything that moved or any suspicious sounds, even a twig snap.

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 19th, 2005, 06:53 AM
Nash stepped through the gate and looked around. It seemed the same as last time - there were the bench ruins on the hills, there was the pillar...

Wait, the pillar... woah. That's different.

Nash ran his hands along the pillar. About a third of the names section had been paved clean. "Hey guys? I think this means something. I think that there are a whole crapload that weren't killed by seven tactically placed nuclear warheads..."

Nash looked to where the base used to be, and found that it still wasn't there. "And I think that there may be more Goa'uld hidey holes on the planet..."

Ascended Times.2
September 19th, 2005, 07:17 AM
Jim was halfway through placing the first lot of Claymores, he looked around at Nash and walked up to him "MORE?! There are MORE Goa'uld bases on this planet? Damn, i don't think we brought enough ammo or explosives then, we'll just have to make due...Hanson, Nash, can you two see if there is anything new on the pillar promoting the wareabouts of a new base? I'l finish up with these claymores."

Jim was in thought now ((OOC:I'll keep it PG rated...)) FUG, I think it would take all of the Alpha site and then some to take out the amount of Goa'ulds that are supposed to be on this planet now, more bases...geeze...oh, oops missed a segment in the claymores.
Jim turned around, layed the claymore segemtn he missed turned around again and continued laying Claymores.

September 19th, 2005, 08:45 AM
((OOC. Me and Winter's arnt near you guys, we're checking the back entrance as you ordered in other post, so talking to me is errr....not going to work lol.)

Hanson was stumbling around slowly to his objective, with Winters taking point a few metres up ahead when Seph tripped over something just a bit off the path. Winters was too far ahead and in concentration to take note. But then Seph took a better look at what he had tripped over. Seph new the military types inside his team mates would want to commandeer the ship, Hanson new that'd be impossible without losing at least one team member. He unburried the ring platform, for this was the object he had tripped over, a little more before scurrying back to the F.R.E.D. for some very high powered explosives and more C4.

Then, silently to prevent Winters from noticing he laid one half of the explosives down on the rings. And the others just to the side. Extremely reliable intelligence had identified two hat'ak ships in orbit. Now, from the notes he had read from Dr. Jackson Hanson new rings where usually near some kind of generator/fuel source, something which is usually very combustable.

He then quickly found the keypad that accompnies ring platforms and began. The matter stream opened up and up was sent the deadly cargo, then almsot instantly afterwards Hanson ringed up the next lot of explosives.

He turned his attention then to the sky where two lots of debris where falling down to the surface. Then, remember his team mate he hurried on.

However just as Hanson was about to catch up with Winters he noticed a goa'uld leap up behind his comrade, Hanson jumped dramttically in the way of the, it pierced into his flesh, craving its painful way through Hanson's bone. Winters was unharmed due to Seph's actions, but Hanson certainly was not.

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 19th, 2005, 09:01 AM
Nash continued setting up claymores. He took a moment to look to the skies, an saw several pieces of debris and a great deal of smoke filling the upper atmosphere from space.

"I think something just blew up, Anderson."

Static and frantic voices started pouring over the radio. "Winters, Hanson's down, goa'uld filling the area, they've got zats and staff weapons -" The transmission was interrupted by a staff weapon blast and a scream of agony. " I'm hit... not..." it was interrupted by a horrible cough and another wail of agony. "Good..."

Nash clicked off the radio and sorrow overtook his face. "Anderson, I think we may have lost Winters and Hanson..."

((OOC: I'm thinking that you two get taken to the other Ha'Tak vessel, and we find out that the previous base actually was one, there are Ha'Taks all over the planet, and me and Ascended stage a rescue mission and blow up stuff while we're at it. ))

September 19th, 2005, 09:54 AM
(((There doesnt make sense for there to be lots of ha'taks. These are goa'uld who desperatly jumped onto an al'kesh and escaped the jaffa rebels, lots of ha'taks means they could have easily defeated the jaffa. I'm on board with them being like i dunno 2 more, but lots seems a little odd to me.)

Ascended Times.2
September 19th, 2005, 10:23 PM
((OOC:There aren't tonns of Ha'taks at this planet, just (I havan't deciced number yet) Several hollowed out mountains with the interiors of a Ha'taks, Hanson just blew the hell out of both of those Ha'taks, but i'm making it only one was completely destroyed, the second only suffered huge casualitys.))

Jim had just finished laying the claymores and then heard the message, he cocked his gun up and sprinted at his maximum pace towards Winters and Hansons last position shouting to Nash "LET'S GO!"

Hearing gunfire shortly thereafter he then ran into the fray and saw two Goa'ulds with shields up and the rest with Zat's and staff weapons slowly advancing on a trapped Captain Winters and an injured Doctor Hanson was on the ground bleeding heavily. "Dammit!" Jim said as he opend fire, he aimed at the nearest Goa'uld without a shield and put 23 bullet holes in him, he then turend his attention to the next Goa'uld without a shield, he opend up fire on that one.

"Liutenant, throw a grenade over there!" Jim said momentarily using his left hand to point to where most of the Goa'uld were coming from. Jim then killed three more Goa'uld and took cover behind several trees, Jim and Nash's arrival had taken almost 3/4ths of the Goa'uld attention from the Captain but the Captain was still heavily outnumbered.

Emptying his first barrel Jim dropped the cartrage with a C-chink and reaching behind into his backpack grabbed out another canister and attached it, more Goa'uld were swarming out of the trees now. "Liutenant on your six!" Jim said as he spun around to his nine o'clock and shot a Goa'uld in the head.

Jim then saw a collective of Goa'ulds who looked like they were attaching Za'tarc technology beams to they're hands ((OOC:Those flat ones you see in Chimera)) Jim ckocked his M16A2 a little higher above them and shot agrenade out of his launcher, a massive explosion occured and took out all five Goa'uld standing there and injured three more in the vacinity.

Jim activated his radio "Winters, try to take root with Winters, Nash and I are on our way..." At that Jim was hit by a staff blast "ARG" the radio was still on, Jim spun around and landed on his radio button shutting it off.

Thankfully Jim had remembered to suit up into his the Alpha sites heaviest armour staff blast resistent armour ((Remeber, heros when they made that kind of armour)) and was only minorly scarred, but it still hurt like hell. Jim cocked his M16A2 and killed the Goa'uld who had hit him with it, the Goa'uld were not used to tactics and were doing quite poorly, some were even arguing amongst themselves on what weapons to use.

Jim looked at Nash and then chose his next target, Jim lowered his M16A2 and pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin off, he let it fly and Jim took cover in the tree screaming "Fire in the hole!"

Jim then pulled forward and was hit, once again by a staff weapon. "AAAAAAAARG, NOT AGAIN!" Unlike the last one that had hit him in the chest this one his him on the upper left arm and forced Jim to drop the M16A2 loosely in it's sling.

Jim refused to give up fighting and pulled out his right leg Zat and began firing wildly but still with aim, at the nearest Goa'uld.

September 20th, 2005, 02:05 AM
Winters was in the thick of it. Hanson was firing off shots with his baretta at the encroching goauld. Alexis looked for a way out. There were fewer enemies coming from the direction of the gate so he made a split decision to head that way. Leaning slightly out of cover he looked through the scope of his Styer, took careful aim and droped a couple assailents firing randomly at him with staff weapons.
((OOC:Cp Winters has a more refined fighting doctorine than the Major who seems to rely heavily on the ole SPRAY AND PRAY. But there is nothing wrong with that ;) ))
Seeing a small gap in the enemys encirclement he pulled a few grenades from his pack and slung them long and hard either side of the gap, increasing the hole in their formation. He grabbed Seph by the vest as he relaoded and fired short bursts at the persuing goauld as he half carried Hanson back towards the gate. He tapped his radio as they staggered awkwadly away.

"Major, this is Winters, the Doctor and I are falling back towards the gate, we will open it and await your orders. If you need our help I will come back but im not sure about Hanson he's hurt pretty bad. Please reply Sir", he ended the message as they broke into the clearing. They caught the tail end of a hand weapon blast and were both flung awkardly to the ground. A female woman appeared out of thin air above Winters, ribon device above his face as he sat up...........
"PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE IN DEFYING GODS" she said in her menacing voice. Excrusiating pain filled his mind as he stared defaintly at the evil hag above him......
She suddenly the pain subsided as his torturer shook as multible bullet holes appeared across her torso, she dropped to the ground dead. Hanson stared wide eyed at the smoking gun in his hand.
"Thank you Seph" he said sincerely as he dragged his freind to his feet and they again started off towards the gate.
They made it to the gate and Winters dialed the Safe World (World you dial to before dialing back to Alpha). He then took position behind the gate and honed his gun towards the last place he had Anderson and Nash...............

Ascended Times.2
September 20th, 2005, 03:59 AM
Jim had heard Winters' message and looked around him, he had severely less space now to retreat, the Goa'uld were flanking them. Jim turned on his radio risking being shot. "Winters, get Hanson back to the Alpha site, Nash and I will hold here for aslong as we can, try to bring backup Anderson out."

Jim had started taking aim now since he didn't have so much room to fire randomly at everything. Jim's left arm was now completely out of action, he couldn't move it at all. "Dammit, Nash we're going to have to pull out soon, ready the first line of claymores, i'll see if I can get us a clear path" Jim then fired as fast as he could at all the Goa'uld he could see in the way of the gate.

Jim rehostered his Zat and pulled a grenade out, he pulled the pin and threw it over, it cleared a big enough path for one person to get through "LIUTENANT go, now, I can take them a little longer, i'll follow you when I can!" Jim pulled another pin out of a grenade and tossed it, it made the path big enough for one person again, the Goa'uld were rushing to keep the gap closed.

Jim pulled out his Zat again and continued shooting at the unshielded Goa'uld, a Goa'uld got close enough to use his hand device, it missed Jim as he pulled back to cover, the tree he had just taken cover behind exploded, the tree began to wobble, another blast hit it and the tree began to fall. "Timber!" Jim shouted as the tree crashed onto another tree, it didn't help at all, Jim had no cover now.

Three seperate staff blasts just missed Jims head and he ducked behind the closest tree, Jim was now almost completely surrounded by dence forest or Goa'uld, Jim could barely hear or see the Liutenant now, things were looking grim.

((OOC:Yes, i like to SPRAY AND PRAY that's why i carry so many guns and so much ammo around with me all the time, plus my lucky Zats for situations just like this :)))

September 20th, 2005, 09:32 PM
Alexis helped the doctor onto the gate platform.
"Hanson listen. Get home and ask General Blue for immediate reinforcements. Recommend for SG6, the marine team, led by Issac Mathews, he an old friend of mine. We could definitely use their help right now."
Seph limped towards the gate.
"And Doc...............thanks again for saving my life............"
Hanson disappeared through the gate which dissipated after him in a loud Kchwwaa ((OOC: I couldn't for the life of me think how do to describe the sound of a closing gate. Anyone any ideas?)).
The Captain turned back to the direction of gunfire and he saw a figure running out of the forest, pursued by staff blast fire. He levelled his gun and picked of a few viable targets who were shooting at the running man. As the person got closer he recognised the man to be Lt Nash.
"Nash, where the hell is the Major?!?!"
After Ryan had explained his and Andersons situation to Alexis the Captain grabbed his radio.
"Major...........Major please respond...............Hanson has gone back to base for reinforcements, Nash is with me, what is your position Sir?"
They both crouched behind cover watching the tree line, listening intently to their radios for a reply..............

Ascended Times.2
September 20th, 2005, 10:50 PM
Jim was shooting as fast as he could now, he had given up aiming at the Goa'uld staff blasts were flying all around him, Zat's were all hitting the tree Jim was hiding behind, the Goa'ulds plan was to set the tree on fire with enough Zat blasts and take away Jims cover.

Jim heard Winters' message and tryed to reach for the radio, just then a Za'tarc weapon came shooting through the tree and hit right above Jims ankle on his right leg, Jim spraled to the ground screaming "AAAAAARGH!!!!!!" Jim had hit the radio just as the beam hit him, his scream amplified over the radio.

Jim managed to stand on his one good leg and start shooting again, he was talking into the radio now "Winters, i'm not gonna be able to make it, hit bad..." There was static for a few moment while Jim took out another Goa'uld who had managed to creep around Jim firing field "Got several staff blast hits, right legs busted, can't move left arm..." There was more static and a ribbon device force blast landed on the tree, it caught up into flames and Jims only choice was to hubble as fast as he could deeper into the forest "Winters, get outta here, bring backup, i'm making my way into the forest coordinates...." There was a loud blast of static and then the sounds of staff blasts.

That was all that was heard from Jims radio, Jim had managed to duck under a staff blast shot, but it hit part of his vest, takng out his radio with it. "GOD DAMN YOU GOA'ULD!" Jim shouted as he continued hobbling into the jungle, Jim had no idea what was going on now at the gate, all he could do was go as fast as he could and take as much cover as he could manage.

September 21st, 2005, 01:24 AM
Iin the failing light Winters took point and led the luitenant silently into the treeline . After the distressing message from the Major they wanted to find and reinforce their team leader no matter what kind of trouble he was in. They crept stealthily through the undergrowth towards the riot of weapons fire that was being used against Jim. They saw several figures shooting at a limping figure who was tactically retreating while sporadically firing back at the persuing goauld. Winters signalled to Nash.
Flank left, 2 grenades in 30 sec
Nash nodded agreement and headed off to the left. Winters was counting in his head as he prepared two grenades. 1...2...3....4....5....6 He creaped within a couple of feat of a goauld with a staff weapon who was blasting away at jim. He found a supstansial amount of cover and pulled the pins from his grenades........26...27...28...30 He hurled the grenades over his cover and quickly ducked down again...............

Ascended Times.2
September 21st, 2005, 01:49 AM
Jim heard the massive explosion and ducked behind a tree, shratnel flew over-head just as Jim ducked, the tree had been tipped over and it provided quite alot of cover from the Goa'uld firing at him.

Jim only had four grenades left, he pulled the pin off two, he looked over the tree and tossed one at a collection of Goa'ulds now focusing their attention on Winters and Nash, he aimed the second grenade at three Goa'uld who were getting particularyly close to Jim with they're shields on, the grenade whent off and took two of them out and the shield whent down on the third.

Jim popped his head up and heard alot of gun fire, Jim tryed getting out from under the tree wich he had now managed to create a bunker hole in using enough of his good left legs digging power, he ducked up every five seconds letlimp off four to eight shots with his Zat and ducked back.

Jim popped his head up again to see if there were any more Goa'ulds trying to take him down, three staff blasts narrowly missed his right ear and Jim ducked back down again.

Fug, i'm stuck here until my team members can rescue me, well if they fail and I AM taken i'll give the Goa'ulds hell before I go.
At that, Jim stuck torso up above the log Jim using it as support, he shot randomly into the trees.

Those Goa'ulds must have taken cover behind the trees, finally using tactics. must have killed alot of those buggers for them to be acting so cautiously now.

Jim gave a big leafy grin, his front left tooth missing from an orphanage fight, as he heard a Goa'uld scream out in pain and then a loud 'thud' but just then Jim was hit by a staff blast in the back, on the right lung "AAAAAAARG not again!!!" Jim said as he fell back down his hole and his Zat following him down.

Jim stared at the log seeing stars that began to look like bullets and Zat blasts.
He was barely consious.

September 21st, 2005, 07:10 AM
Winters and Nash made their move. A smoke grenade was lobbed into the nearby trees, the smoke billowing up and spreading throughout the entire area.
Jumping out of cover putting a bullet through anything that moved they advanced in Jim's direction. Winters side kicked a surprised young man as he was coming out of cover then followed up by putting a bullet in his head. Nash was having similar success firing short bursts into the confused goauld as he came upon them. There was staff fire as the goaulds mistook each other for enemies. A staff blast caught winters in the front chest as a he came over a fallen tree. Winters played dead as the goauld stood ever him. ((OOC: Funnily enough this happens a lot to me. There is always some bright-eyed alien with a deep voice standing over me..............))
Winters brought up his styer and let loose a volley into the goaulds torso dropping him like the snake he is ((was)). Another enemy appeared out of the mist and fired indiscriminately at him as he dove over a shattered tree for cover. He lifted his head and came face to face with a pair of Zats.............

Ascended Times.2
September 21st, 2005, 08:08 AM
Jim managed to put his back against the bunker buttom, he lay there, starring at the outside of the hole, he picked up and lifted his Zat wit hwhat little effort he had in his right arm and readyed for someone who was about to come into his little bunker.

Those...b*st*rds...coming...not get me...kill... Even Jims thoughts were sparadic, it was doubtful Jim would even be able to press the Zat button with enough force to pull a shot off.
Teams...coming...for me...never leave...man...behind...
((OOC: Short, i know, compared to the others but, I have to go to bed so, good night all :)))

September 21st, 2005, 08:23 AM
On the far distant planet Dr. Hanson lay. He was greeted by some rather short people, however in his daze Hanson's vision was blured. He was awaking from a deep sleep, but he felt no pain. He felt for his wound and it was gone. He was in some kind of room, decorated with shiny silver walls. Winters must have dailed the wrong address in all the tension. Then one of the crowd stepped forward.

"Hello. I am Modi of the Asgard, welcome to Gladsheim."

Hanson's eyes shot open. He looked deeply at this man, he was not human. As Hanson's vision came back the little man turned into little grey alien. These where the Asgard. Earth had found an Asgard world in the milky way, where they lived and...

"My friends." Hanson coughed.

"Oh yes. The incident with the goa'uld. Our deep space information systems detected your presence on the goa'uld planet. When you came through the planet we were able to identify that you where from the planet in question. We believe the rest of your team are in danger. A ship is in orbit and preparing to launch."

"Please, let me go with them."

Modi did not answer, he turned to his comrade nearby who inturn pressed some buttons, in flash of light Hanson was on an asgard ship.

"Ah, human. Interesting."

"I am Heimdall"

"Heimdall?" Hanson was shocked, Earth had encountered this Asgard years ago.

"Yes. It is I. Please take a seat."

However just as Hanson sat down heimdall alerted him that they had arrived at the planet.

"Already?" Seph was shocked.

"This ship was in the other planets orbit being upgraded with new hyper drives, our most superior ones yet."

"Well, wow this is all overwhelming. Can you detect where the goa'uld ships are?"

"Of course. However there are none in orbit, and something is interupting our aiming devices. We'll have to descend into the planets atmosphere in order to open fire."

Ascended Times.2
September 21st, 2005, 08:30 AM
((OOC:OOOOH Can anyone say, plot twist!? >=) Nice one Hanson, you did it again :)))
((OOC*:Turns out, I have a little more time to go before i go to bed, but if i don't post for a while it means i'm off. No in character posts for the moment, I think i'll leave Jim in a ditch on the verge of death :D))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 21st, 2005, 08:49 AM
(Arg, I've missed out. I'm a wee bit confused, but from what I gather, Anderson's down and in a position where he can fire on the Goa'uld but has just enough cover to not get hit more, Winters is now about to go down facing two zats, and I've been giving coverfire to you guys. I'm going to post, but tell me if I'm doing something wrong.)

Nash ran towards Anderson's hole in the ground, blasting the Goa'uld all around him.

"Hiya, Major," Nash said, while jumping into the hole and just barely evading a staff blast. He took a medkit from his backpack and began to do some work on Anderson's wounds. "That oughta help. Now wait just a minute, I have to do a good little soldeir routine and kill the bad guys."

Ryan poked his head up out of the hole just enough to see the onslaught of Goa'uld coming together and converging around the whole. "I just don't get it, how did they get so organized? They're normally ranting egotistical maniacs..."

Ryan looked again, this time at the head of a Goa'uld who appeared to be leading them. He had a small patch just on his temple, which resembled the one that SG-1 had encountedered on that stranded planet a few years back.

"I think I know why, there's someone on this planet who's controlling them..." Ryan lifted his P90 and began firing rounds, taking out a small platoon of them who had been getting too close to the little bunker.

September 22nd, 2005, 12:36 AM
((Once you get back to the Alpha site, promotions take place.))

Ascended Times.2
September 22nd, 2005, 12:46 AM
((OOC: Proxy, cool!!! Looking forward to it! Do we have a session where everyone gets promoted, or do we just add our ranks to our names without any kind of recognition from your character??))

Jim was fully consious again and managed to lean back up on the edge of his hole, he pulled out his Zat and began to assist Nash taking some Goa'uld down. "Thank you for coming to my aid liutenant, I thought I was a gonner..." Jim still couldn't move his left arm but his right leg had stopped bleeding intensely.

His entire body was numb, Jim wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing. "Take that you scum sucking..." Jim managed to Zat another Goa'uld most of the Zat shots were being absorbed by they're ribbon deviced now, Jim put his Zat back and pulled out his beretta ((This is why i have two of them :) )) and began unloading clips into them, taking careful aim before firing.

Jims torso began to throb again and he fell back down into the hole after the third shot from his beretta, Jim looked down and realised he was bleeding intensely. "Dam*ed Goa'uld!" Jim said he eased his back against the hole, it didn't sting wich Jim worried about.

"Sorry Liutenant, I won't be able to help much, or walk on my own for that matter..I can no longer feel anything but my torso, and it's throbbing intensely...It doesn't look good Liutenant, unless you can get me back to the alpha site soon, i don't think i'm going to be able to survive this..."

Jim rest his head on the dirt in the hole and he stared at the log again, he had stopped hilucinating but now he was beggining to see his life flash before his eyes...

September 22nd, 2005, 04:06 AM
((OOC: Ok guys, maybe I wasn't clear about what happened in my last post. Sorry but Iím not one for stating the obvious. When I said "Came face to face with a pair of Zats" I meant I had just jumped into Andersons bunker. You have to add up the clues. The shattered tree Jim was hiding behind that Ascended mentioned in his previous post, Jim uses a "pair of Zats". Sorry to get confusing. So can it be presumed i was in the bunker with Nash and Anderson helping them hold out against the Goauld. Cheers))

Winters was nearly out of ammo. He and his two team mates had been holding off waves of goauld for the last half hour and were in serious trouble. They had fortified their position by using broken timber piled small walls around their bunker. They had three grenades between them, one of which was a flash bang, and were on their last clips of bullets. Winters was using "one bullet one kill" style shooting as another wave of goaulds rushed their position.

"Sir we are going to have to make a run pretty soon sir. I'm nearly out" said Alexis firing off three rounds at a few snakes trying to flank them. I suggest we assault head on sir. Last couple of grenades over then the flash bang straight into the heart of them. Take down as many as we can with bayonets." he said, braining a staffweilding goauld running towards them.
"But thatís just my opinion sir"......................

September 22nd, 2005, 04:18 AM
(Yes...Ascended Times.2, you do.)

Ascended Times.2
September 22nd, 2005, 04:20 AM
((OOC:Yeah, sorry about that, i realised the plot hole in holding a pair of Zats, left arms busted so i changed it to me holding one zat and rotating between that and a Berretta once again, sorry!!))

Jim looked up as Winters had jumped into his hole "Good plan Winters...excepyt for one thing...I can't move my right leg anymore! my left arms busted aswell, someones gonna have to help me walk. I have a couple of extra Zats for you guys if you need them, i just gave my last clip of beretta ammo to Nash...I can't feel anything anymore Winters, i can barely breath now...talking is a real strain."

Jim looked sadly at Winters and let his back rest against the back of the hole.
"UUUUUUGRAAAARGH!!!!" Said Jim as he managed to get himself up using a combonation of his right arm with his left foot, he looked like he was crawling but it was still movment.

"Guys, let's move, Winters chuck the grenades and flash bang, we have to get out of here! Nash, help me up while Winters gives us cover fire..." Jim said as he got his right arm around Nash and holstered himself up a little out of the hole using his left leg. ((OOC: The hole is getting deeper and deeper all the time, Jims been digging it out a little and you guys jumping it scattered dirt all over the place))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 22nd, 2005, 05:36 AM
Nash turned to face both of his superior officers. "Winters, get Anderson to the gate if possible. I'm going to do a little suicide recon. These goa'uld are definitely being controlled by something, and I intend to kill the controller. Maybe I can even hack their patches and control them."

With that, Nash jumped up and ran from the hole, blasting away Goa'uld on all sides with his P90 and zat. He gave enough spray fire to keep the snakes at a distance, and a sudden surge of adrenaline made him run just fast enough to evade their shots. He noticed a lot of Goa'uld shift their attention to him, and hoped that Anderson and Winters would get out all right.

He ran quite some distance into the woods until he could stop, no Goa'ulds on his six. "Well, this sucks..." He then tripped over a large, circular device. "And it would have sucked more if I didn't just find a ring transport."

He stood in its center and the rings flew from the ground, turned him into energy, and sent him away.


Okay... In a Ha'Tak. Not usually the best place to be. But it'll do.

Nash began cautiously walking around the hall, poking his P90 around every corner. Let's see... from what I remember from SG training, the bridge shouldd be this way...

September 22nd, 2005, 05:56 AM
"Sir follow as best as you can" Winters said taking a peek over the cover "We will go as fast as you possibley can. I' will draw the fire while you just concentrate on moving.
Winters vaulted the log that had been there cover and sprinted towards the enemy in a desperate counter attack. Staff blasts flew around him as he dodged and weaved towards the enemy firing bursts of zat fire at the surprised foes. He pulled the pin from a grenade and hurled it towards a group of assembled goaulds that looked like they had been discussing tactics ((OOC: Goauld DISCUSSING. Am I out of my mind. Goauld donít discus.)) He leapt behind a tree as a blossom of fire and shrapnel blew either side of him. The enemy disorientated were at a loss as the members SG7 stabbed and hacked their way through the confused opponents. They were home and free now as they tactically withdrew towards the gate, the Major limping slowly while Winters acted rear shepard, slowing the advancing goauld. Winters lobbed the last of the grenades, the flash bang, into the perusing goaulds buying them a little more precious time as they broke the tree line and headed for the gate. Winters sprinted towards the gate spraying the last of his ammo back at the trees.
"Major! Do we still have those claymores?!?" he shouted as he neared the gate. Winters started dialling the gate while Jim activated the IDC..................

Ascended Times.2
September 22nd, 2005, 06:12 AM
((OOC:Gasp, just realised i passed the 300 mark and not celebrated, meh, 301's good enough reason to celebrate!!! Skippy, yippe!))

Jim had picked up his reminaing Zat, holstered it and pulled out his other Zat becasue he was out of beretta ammo, and followe behind Winters as best as he could hobble.
Jim got to the gate, Winters asked him if he had those claymores.

Jim ansered "YES, STAND CLEAR, FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Jim let loose the first line of claymores and heard a loud explkosion and yells coming over that, he let loose the second line, and then punched in their IDC as fast as he could. the gate opend and he finished putting in the numbers.

Jim let loose the third line, shot randomly into the distance with his Zat, and syeled as loud as he could to Winters "We can't do anything for Nash, he has an IDC and knows the coordinates to the Alpha site, let's go!" Jim mustered all his effort, and threw himself through the Stargate, the last thing he saw on that god-forsaken planet, was Winters.

September 22nd, 2005, 06:41 AM
Winter took one last look at the wartorn planet and stepped through the event horizon. After the rushing of gatetravel he appeared back in the gate room.
(Control Room)

September 22nd, 2005, 08:10 AM
(((Guys i dont wanna be called inactive but im too confused to post. Ryu are you in a ha'tak or just on the planet?)))

If your on the planet then by now you'll be able to see my ship.

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 22nd, 2005, 08:21 AM
Nash entered the bridge.

"You have arrived, Ryan," a human voice spoke to him. It was deep and mocking, but not Goa'uld. "I have anticipated this for quite some time. Gods are all knowing, you know."

Ryan lifted his P90 up as he walked around to face the man in the chair, almost expecting Jaffa or Goa'uld to jump out of the shadows and kill him.

"No, there are no more here. I control the ship alone... my army they are on the ground. Not to mention, my army has killed your friends. They died on the way to the chapa'ai. How does that make you feel?" The man sitting in the chair said.

"Baal... you ... They're not , I know they're not. Goa'uld never kill, they take prisoners." Ryan shot back.

"Ah, but you're wrong..." Baal lifted his ribbon device to Ryan's head, and Ryan fell to his knees at the sudden burst of pain.


"Winters, dial it u- ugh..." A staff blast sent Major Anderson down, and another goa'uld walked up to him and sent another blast into his head.

"Major!" Alexis's eyes widened and he rushed to his fallen companion, only to be struck in his tracks by three staff blasts.


Nash forced his eyes open, grinding his teeth through the intense pain. "That's not how it happenned! You're just putting memories-" he grunted as Baal's eyes flared and the pain became more intense.

"Silence, mortal. You are hardly worthy of my presence, and you should be more corteous in the face of your god."

"Never!" With that, Ryan shoved himself to the side out of the range of the ribbon device, falling to the floor and smashing his arm against the ground. He got up quickly, and as he got up, drew his combat knife from his pants pocket. "False god!"

Ryan dug his knife deep into the skull of Baal, whose face was eternally frozen in an expression of fear. Baal collapsed to the ground, .

"Now about those other Goa'uld..." Ryan tore the patch off of the head of Baal, noting that it was somewhat different from all the other patches he had seen. He put it on quickly, and found himself looking in thousands of directions at once, through the eyes of all the Goa'uld on the planet. He silently urged them all to activate their zats... and fire on each other. Several of the sights he saw faded to black, followed by bursts of pain. "Gah!"

He tore the patch off his head and jammed it in his pocket.

"Cool... I've got a Ha'Tak."

A radio transmission came through from another vessel in the planet's orbit. "This is Heimdall of the Asguard fleet. Relinquish your weapons and leave this system, or face dire consequences."

"Heimdall? Hiya, buddy! This is Lt. Ryan Nash, of the USAF. Boy, you couldn't have come at a better time."

September 22nd, 2005, 06:20 PM
((OOC: Dude that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy. You dont just capture a Ha'tak by stabing a goauld in the head. Especialy when he has a ribon divice aimed at you. Never going to happen. There has to be rivers of blood and piles off bones. That sort of thing. But anyway thats just my opinion with no offence intended.))

Ascended Times.2
September 22nd, 2005, 07:03 PM
((NASH!!! I believe the term is, you've contracted super-hero syndrome, for the love of pete, you don't break out of those mind burn thingos, you should be dead or at least have the Asgard start firing on the ship or something, you don't just stab one Goa'uld in the head, tell all the Goa'uld to kill themselves and take a Ha'tak back to the Alpha site, i'm surpirsed a GM hasn't screamed at you already....*Sigh* but i could just be overeacting, sorry about that rant :\))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 22nd, 2005, 07:16 PM
((NASH!!! I believe the term is, you've contracted super-hero syndrome, for the love of pete, you don't break out of those mind burn thingos, you should be dead or at least have the Asgard start firing on the ship or something, you don't just stab one Goa'uld in the head, tell all the Goa'uld to kill themselves and take a Ha'tak back to the Alpha site, i'm surpirsed a GM hasn't screamed at you already....*Sigh* but i could just be overeacting, sorry about that rant :\))
(Well the plan is that it's a decoy set to self-destruct upon reaching the Alpha Site... )

September 22nd, 2005, 07:21 PM
((That doesn't justify anything. I think perhaps editing that post might be an idea before a GM jumps up and down on you repeatedly.))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 22nd, 2005, 07:27 PM
(Yes, but you see, it does. The Ha'Tak goes boom. We don't get to keep it for more than two posts. It doesn't even make it to the Alpha site, the bomb goes off prematurely. The patch didn't control the Goa'uld, it was actually the detonator and by putting it on, Nash began the countdown. Baal was a hologram, not a real goa'uld. The Goa'uld are still swarming on the planet.)

Nash began to activate the control panel, bringing it to a hyperdrive. Just as he sent the ship into hyperdrive, he noticed that Baal's body was fading.

"Crap! It was a hologram! Get me out of here!" The transmission reached the Asguard vessel moments before the ship jumped into hyperspace, and Ryan found himself gone in a flash of light and then reappeared on the bridge of the Asguard ship.

Some distance away, an enormous explosion occured.

"Why do they always have to explode?"

Ascended Times.2
September 22nd, 2005, 07:46 PM
((OOC: Simon, this might be a good time for you to post, and All right, i'll give you that Ryu, sorry I overeacted. Seeing the outcome it was a good bit of Role playing, just try not to accomodate ships that easyely and by yourself in the future, HINT HINT -cough team effort cough- LOL :) ))

September 22nd, 2005, 10:18 PM
((And the goauld would sacrafice an entire Ha'tak to take out one sg member? Again i dont think so, those ships are very valuable to the goauld. Also you cant stab a hologram or get a mind patch off one. Yeah just try avoid SMS (Super Man Syndrome) in future. Team efforts ;) .))

September 22nd, 2005, 11:54 PM
((NO SUPERHEROS OR SKILLS THANK YOU! Plus you have a SG7 Talk thread so use it instead of flooding the mission thread with just OOC comments thank you!))

September 23rd, 2005, 08:48 AM
(VERY QUICK OOC. Nash please read threads a lil closer, the ship you said was in orbit, it was in fact very close to the surface, as i stated.)

Heimdoll turned to Hanson raising the skin above his eyes.


Hanson then quickly turned to Heimdoll.

"Let's stop messing about. Release hell onto the planet and the ha'taks....please"

"Errm, yes of course Joseph Hanson." Releasing a beaming Asgard smile as he spoke.

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 23rd, 2005, 08:55 AM
(It was meant to arrive at the Alpha Site, but something went wrong with the timer and the hyperdrive.)

September 23rd, 2005, 10:09 PM
(((Okay everyone. I think a new set of missions is needed... With Sharp's permission I'm pausing the RPG until I get some ideas in the Info thread about what the teams would like to do.)))

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
September 25th, 2005, 06:43 PM
(Long story short, the Asguard use their pretty beamy things and send us halfway accross teh galaxy back to the Alpha Site.)

September 28th, 2005, 01:00 AM
Mission Completed.