View Full Version : William Mapother discusses his role in Threshold

September 1st, 2005, 11:51 AM

With the fall TV season quickly approaching there has been a great deal of buzz surrounding "Threshold," the pilot that William began shooting in March 2005. I was recently able to ask him some questions about the show, his role, and his thoughts on the comparisons made to that other show he made such an impact on last season: "Lost."

My thanks as always to William for his participation here, and for sharing some insight into his upcoming role on CBS's "Threshold", which premieres on Friday, September 16 at 9pm! ~ Meg

WMO: Comparisons have been drawn between "Lost" and new scifi shows like "Threshold". Having performed in both series, what similarities do you see? What differences do you see?

William: I haven’t seen “Threshold”, and the show’s just getting underway, so my response is a bit hypothetical... The obvious similarity is the show’s inclusion of material which cannot be explained, or that which exists beyond the characters’ (and the audiences’) understanding or experience. “Lost” has more of a supernatural bent; “Threshold” is more extraterrestrial. A secondary similarity is the effect these new experiences have on the characters, who struggle to make sense of the new information and what it means about their understanding of themselves.

One difference is that while both shows are suspenseful, “Lost” feels more dramatic/suspenseful, and “Threshold” feels more action/suspenseful. Another difference is that “Lost” tells the story almost exclusively through its main characters (because they’re the only ones on the island), and I suspect “Threshold” will have a more expansive perspective.