View Full Version : De Lancie Mentors Student Filmmakers

August 31st, 2005, 11:32 AM

An exchange of e-mails with a pair of young fans led John de Lancie (Q) to agree to take part in a student film, John Cue, for which the actor provided a cameraman and sound expert as well as his own talents.

"If kids have any interest in the arts, they need to be around adults who can cut around the myths," de Lancie told The Detroit News of his decision to appear in a movie by by Arts Academy in the Woods students Benjamin Hastings and Jeff Jimison, who wrote the screenplay as part of a senior project. "I had never heard anything about the company they said they represented, but we started talking anyway," explained the actor. "Then I asked them how old they were. I was surprised - it was a very adult conversation."

After helping the young writers with the script, de Lancie said that he would make himself and some crew members available for a week to shoot the film. "Getting a project of this scope done in a week is normally impossible," said Hastings, who is now a freshman at Central Michigan University. He had concentrated in instrumental music at the fine arts-focused high school.