View Full Version : Anubis and where he came from/where hes going

August 26th, 2005, 04:22 AM
Ok, i've said on other sections about what i think of anubis, but I thought I'd start a thread. Theres alot about him that we don't know and yet to find out like how the hell did Oma let him ascend? I think he's half ancient, people have said he could be harcesis, i agree, but for ancients, ascension is the next logical step in their evolution, so I think anubis is somehow goa'uld and ancient, maybe the son of a harcesis/ancient one night stand down at the travel inn :P

I also think he has something to do with how Goa'uld have some ancient tech, like the rings and the (god forbid my spelling) sarcoughaphogus (yeah, tell me about it, it's atrocious) anyway please tell me if i'm missing something about him, something i might of not heard in an episode or such.


Ok, i just watched the first few seconds of 'threads' and it has a catch up bit, and one has when daniel tries to attack anubis and anubis says something EXTREMELY interesting "I know who you are daniel jackson, but you know not who i am". SO we thought we knew who anubis was, but maybe not. I'm thinking maybe Oma could of been Anubis ancient host, and the reason anubis ascended is that he was inside her at the time, and for them to truely make anubis fully "descend" they might have to make oma "descend" aswell

then daniel says "no don't do this", he might of actually of been made to "descend" by Oma, who was preventing from Daniel attacking anubis, because it would of caused her to of been killed/made to descend or similar.

One of the upcoming episodes has something about anubis was trying to create some sort of clone of himself, to ascend and attack the ancients of their plane, they are made from his DNA, so maybe he is actually part ancient