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August 20th, 2005, 11:31 AM
From Reedfem's Realm:

David Hewlett Interviews - Cyber-Line.Com Radio Show - Feb 2005


(Please follow this link for the text transcription of the radio

Download The Audio Here (25mb Mp3 File - Winzip)


This is a far-ranging interview in the terms of topics -- from SGA
(and his ad libs); to David's Internet web company experience; to
revealing whether he is a MAC or a PC man...

A small excerpt:

Mod1: I'm really impressed by how much you feel indebted to the
writers, to go ahead and give them their due, do you want to mention
their names on the air?

DH: Yeah, I mean, one of the standout guys is Martin Gero. He's
written a lot of the 2-parters… but you know Brad Wright and Robert
Cooper, who sort of oversee the whole thing, I mean they're really
the… they're really the ones who get the kudos, because they're… they
look over everything. I've never seen producers so involved in… I
mean, they get into writing the nuts and bolts of this stuff every
single episode they get. You know, and uh… and it's just, it's
amazing. And they are… hopefully they won't hear this, but they're
very very smart men. I mean, they're just… but they're so focused,
you know, and it's very humorous to watch them interact with people
at times, because of that, so… So, you know, my shout out would go to
Brad, Robert and certainly Martin, as well.



August 20th, 2005, 12:34 PM

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