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August 15th, 2005, 02:12 AM
I haven't seen much of the Ancient's tech nor do I know much about it. Does anyone have any info on some other stuff the Ancient's had?

I do know that their primary material used was Naquadah. When they built the gates, did they already master intergallactic travel? Because, if they were still planet-locked, then making a gate system would be idiotic.

The chances of having a human-looking creature that evolved on different planets is highly unlikly, than why do the Nox look like us?

Did the Ancient's only use ZPMs for their power source?

If they had that weapon that could specifically attack a thing, then why didn't they use it on that plague they had and if they were so advanced, how did a biological attack hurt them?

Why does Earth not have anymore Naquadah? Did Ra take it all?

One more thing. Maybe the Ancient's came from Andromeda? It would make sense right? The sister galaxy to this one.

August 15th, 2005, 03:19 AM
Spoilers for all seasons of sg1 and atlantis.

1)Dakara device,telchaks device,space ships,communicator stones,intergalactic communicators,ancient headgrabber,also called the respitory of knowledge.
2)They probaly had an intergalacic hyperdrive equal to or better than the Asgard and probaly when the first started adding stargates to other planets they had hyperdrives.
3)No one know for sure but the most universally accepted reason is that the ancients seeded all life and probaly bassed it after their own image because we were probaly the only form which had our level of intelligence.
4)I wouldnt think so because we saw in the fifth race an abilty to use naquada for energy reasons and ZPMs are rare, so i would have thought say the puddle jumpers have a different powersource and finnlay a DHD has a power crystal i belive.
5)For all we know the plague could have been created by a more advanced civilastion(sp?) and they couldnt even have an idea how to deal with it.
6)There is no naquada in our solar system so im taking it doesnt exisit in our system what so ever and maybe the ancients took it they did live on earth for some time.
7)Ihavent seen a single eposide from season 9 so please put a spoiler in front.And i have no idea.

August 15th, 2005, 08:59 AM
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