View Full Version : Brooks Would Have Liked More Benny Russell Episodes

August 15th, 2005, 02:00 AM

During a rare convention appearance in Seattle last week, former DS9 star Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko) revealed that if his show had gone beyond seven seasons, he would most have liked to revisit the character of Benny Russell.

According to a convention report posted on the official Star Trek site by Amy Ulen, Brooks told the assembled crowd at the Doubletree Hotel Bellevue that his favorite DS9 episode was "Far Beyond The Stars," in which Sisko hallucinated that he was an oppressed science fiction writer in the 20th century -- only to then end up wondering whether he really was an oppressed science fiction writer hallucinating that he's a Starfleet captain. Brooks said he appreciated the multi-layered character of Benny Russell, who was fighting against racism, but also being influenced by great literature. The actor returned to this latter topic later on during his talk. "The notion of reading is never going to go away," he said. "There is no reason why kids can't quote Chaucer as well as Mos Def. Truth and the beholding of beauty is a clear indication that you are alive!"