View Full Version : Aeon Flux

June 24th, 2004, 03:18 PM
I was reading something off "Sci-fi.com" that there was talk of a live action version of this animated series in the works & that "Charlize Theron" & "Frances McDormand" were possibly going to be in it.
Now I'd heard of it years ago but it's been playing on "MTV2".Curiosity got the better of me & I watched a couple of eps.All I know is the heroine runs around in black skivvies,can catch flys with her eyelashes[why?],& has a very odd love hate relationship with some guy named "Trevor".That,& the character's artwork seems...well,a bit grotesque.

I was wondering if anybody else has seen it,their opinion,& if they have a clue as to what it's about,back story,perhaps.
I personally thought it was too weird,[even for me:S ]but if there's apossibility that those actress' are considering it,maybe I've missed something.