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June 22nd, 2004, 05:28 PM
From Stargate To Atlantis: A SciFi Lowdown Promo Commercial

This is the new commercial that aired on the SciFi Channel Monday. Running time is 30 seconds. There is also a shorter 15-second version (that doesn't have the behind the scenes clips in it.)

Announcer's voice over:

"On July 5th, a new team will walk through the gate to a brand new world.

But you can go there first with this exclusive look at Stargate Atlantis.

And get a sneak peek at the brand new season of Stargate SG-1.

Get to know the new team and welcome back some old friends.

From Stargate to Atlantis: a SciFi Lowdown.

Premieres Monday, July 5th at 10 on SciFi."

Clips running in the background were:

1) Repeat of clip from previous promo commercial: SGC personnel at the Atlantis site, walking forward in a horizontal line, weapons at the ready.

2) Repeat clip -- Dr. Weir standing in front of event horizon at the SGC Stargate.

3) Repeat clip -- Shephard exiting the event horizon at the Atlantis Stargate, and looking around the Atlantis Gateroom.

4) Repeat clip -- view of a city floating on water.

5) NEW clip -- view of tent encampment amongst trees, a large fireball explosion, SGC personnel running from the explosion.

6) Repeat clip -- Lt. Ford and Teyla running (away from the camera pov) through trees, an explosion in front of them, turning to run the other way.

7) Repeat clip -- SGC Stargate inner wheel revolving.

8) Repeat clip - SGC personnel at Atlantis, entering what looks like a control room, spread out in a horizontal line, weapons at the ready, flashlights on (set is gloomy looking).

9) NEW clip -- Lt. Ford and another SGC member searching Atlantis.

10) NEW clip - Shephard standing in front of the Atlantis Stargate. We can see a good view of the Atlantis Stargate -- looks gorgeous. Blue chevrons, the new style glyphs.

11) NEW clip -- Teyla (dressed in green bdu's) fighting with her "stick" with what appears to be one of those weird looking Wraith minions.

12) Repeat clip -- from "Lost City - Part Two" -- the air battle going on around the cargo ship, hovering over Antarctica.

13) NEW clip -- behind the scenes shot (on video) Possibly from "Lockdown" -- scene is the SGC Gateroom. Jack (dressed in green bdu's) and armed with P90 is entering the Gateroom, firing his weapon at someone/something. There are SGC personnel behind him in the corridors falling from return fire (of some kind). You can see the film crew in front of Jack as they are filming the scene. Jack is walking forwards as he is firing the P-90,

14) Repeat clip - from last year's Lowdown special -- behind the scenes clip (on video) from "Fallen" -- Teal'c, Sam, Jack (with someone helping RDA put his vest on), and Jonas standing around in the alien city.

15) NEW clip -- Sam and SGC personnel walking up the SGC Stargate ramp.

16) NEW clip -- Probably from "New Order" -- Jack lying down inside some kind of alien contraption. There's a headrest under his head. Eyes are closed. Doesn't look frozen, sort of sleeping.

17) Repeat clip -- from "Lost City - Part Two" -- Squadrons of F302's arriving to battle Anubis and his minions. (Yes, I love the word minion.)

18) NEW clip -- Probably from "Avatar" -- a behind the scenes shot (on video) -- Teal'c (wearing his black t-shirt) sitting in the Gamekeeper chair. Jack (wearing green bdu's) is standing next to him on the left (camera right pov). They are both laughing.

19) NEW clip of Amanda being interviewed. Amanda is saying: "We're still having fun doing this show."

20) Repeat clip -- Atlantis crew standing inside the SGC Gateroom, getting ready to leave for Atlantis.

21) NEW clip -- of Teyla, turning her head, and smiling.

22) NEW clip -- behind the scenes (video) of Teal'c, (wearing black T-shirt) carrying P-90, looks like he is inside SGC Gateroom. You can see film crew over at the side. Possibly from "Lockdown."

23) Repeat clip -- from "Lost City - Part Two" -- Sam, Teal'c and Daniel aboard the cargo ship. Sam is forward at the port, looking up at the incoming ships.

24) NEW clip -- looks like a behind the scenes shot -- Jack and someone else standing next to a helicopter parked on the snow. There's another helicopter parked off in the distance.

25) NEW clip -- a behind the scenes shot of the film crew filming a helicopter flying overhead (they're standing in the snow).

26) NEW clip -- behind the scenes shot -- Jack (wearing a gray zip up sweater) sitting at his desk in his office (previously Hammond's office), and RDA is saying: "That's one of the high points of the whole eight years."

27) Repeat clip -- view of a long line of SGC personnel leaving through the SGC Stargate for Atlantis.

28) Title card:

A SciFi Lowdown:

From Stargate to Atlantis

Monday, July 5 at 10