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July 7th, 2005, 11:14 PM
From AUSXIP (http://www.lucylawless.info/battlestar-galactica/aboutrole.php)

Click on the link to visit the site and original links to the below stories. It's well worth the time to read about what happened at the recent BSG Con and how the actors visited each table and shared stories. Not only are they fine actors but also are extraordinary human beings with big hearts.

One sort of spoiler is that Lucy Lawless will be appearing on the show. Well most people know that now BUT they silly set moment apparently was a scene that Jamie and Katee had to film sans most of their clothes ,yes poor Katee has to be naked with Jamie again LOL mind you she is not always thrilled to be naked.. well probably never thrilled (grin) but I guess if you have to pick a guy to be naked with Jamie will do in a pinch (evil grin) Anyway they kept blowing the scene because even though their Parts have covering they still kept having "Eyeline" issues. I KNOW I would have an "Eyeline" issue if I had an even partially naked Jamie in my midst. Anyway they did finally get the scene done and Lucy Lawless is supposed to walk in on them in the locker room type place and say her line. Well Lucy walks in on cue and WHERE do you think her eyes went? YUP!!! Jamie! LOL another scene blown and they all cracked up over that at that table.

Tricia also talked about you know when new cast members get used to ignoring Six. In shooting some shots this season with Lucy Lawless, apparently Six and Baltar are having one of their private conversations, and apparently the way the shot is marked Lucy ends up in the background - well, she forgot that she wasn't supposed to actually see Six, so she was just there watching the two of them talk, and then realized that she was actually in the shot at the end of the shot.

At one point, while they were shooting with Lucy Lawless, Lucy's character was supposed to come up to Baltar and introduce herself. So, she goes up to him and says, "Hi Mr. Vice-President, I'm Xeee..." and stops, turns to the camera and goes, "I was just going to call myself Xena!" LOL!

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July 8th, 2005, 07:58 AM
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