View Full Version : Best Episode of the new Doctor Who

June 27th, 2005, 01:10 AM
Vote for your favourite Doctor Who ep this series :)

June 27th, 2005, 01:22 AM
I voted for "The Doctor Dances" - but it was a tough choice.

June 27th, 2005, 01:38 AM
Like Warrior, I voted "The Doctor Dances"....tough call though.

June 27th, 2005, 06:46 AM
I voted for The Doctor Dances... but there are only two votes for it on the poll. Egeria and Thewarrior, are you sure you both voted for that one?

June 27th, 2005, 07:13 AM
I'm certain, unless it was finger trouble. (it was early when I voted):D

June 27th, 2005, 09:43 AM
Aaargh! I just can't decide! I think I might vote for "Father's Day". I know that time travel paradoxes have been done to death in so many sci-fi series, but this one actually had a good plot. I got a bit confused by the way time was repaired at the end, but it's the thought that counts. :p

June 27th, 2005, 10:36 AM
That's a really tough choice between The Doctor Dances and Parting Of The Ways but i had to vote The Doctor Dances because the story was great and we got to see CE dancing!

Metarock Sam
June 27th, 2005, 11:47 AM
I voted Empty Child. I did this cos I think its more scarier than Doctor Dances and is slightly better.

June 27th, 2005, 04:08 PM
I also voted for The Doctor Dances, but technically, I consider The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances to be 1 story than 2. All the 2 parters are thusly considered in my mind.


Mr Prophet
June 29th, 2005, 12:37 PM
It was the stronger chill factor of The Empty Child, vs the sonic device and banana badinage of The Doctor Dances. The bananas just lost out.

in circles
June 29th, 2005, 01:17 PM
Went with Dalek but it was a tough choice.

June 29th, 2005, 01:44 PM
Bad Wolf. Sheer comedic value of the the big bro stuff and so on so forth, but this includes the trailer for POTW, because the trailer made the episode perfect IMO.

But I do love the TARDIS attack in POTW

June 30th, 2005, 04:45 PM
I reckoned Dalek, just because it was so dramatic and plus, it was the first time i'd ever seen a dalek in action(im new to the whole doctor thing) and wasn't entirely sure what it could do so it made it even more enthralling. on the other hand in PotW, there was the end bit with DT where he said "hmm, new teeth!"

September 23rd, 2005, 03:38 AM
Well it was an incredibly tough decision but I had to go for 'Parting of the ways'.

I love the Daleks and boy did it have daleks and I love the interaction with Rose and the Doctor.

Not to mention the last Chris episode and Capt Jack one for a while. I have watched it so many times since it first screened here which is a rare thing for me. I just love it, the feel of the episode took me right back to my childhood I was so excited! :D It just had to be POTW. :D

Talk about saving the best till last. ;)

September 23rd, 2005, 08:30 AM
Parting of the ways. Daleks. Thousands of them. What more do you want?

September 23rd, 2005, 09:59 AM
I went for World War Three, I like a bit of comedy. I didn't like Dalek, touchy feely daleks don't work well for me

September 24th, 2005, 12:14 PM
Dalek, however I like some other episode as well.

September 27th, 2005, 08:53 AM
Went with menace: The Empty Child. Seemed to hark back to some of Tom Baker's early stuff and McCoy's Curse of Fenric but also grow into new areas. Wonderful stuff.

September 30th, 2005, 02:20 PM
Bad Wolf. Sheer comedic value of the the big bro stuff and so on so forth, but this includes the trailer for POTW, because the trailer made the episode perfect IMO.

But I do love the TARDIS attack in POTW

Ah, agree on all points! Despite PotW has hte master Dalek. "Worship him! Worship him!"

Ascended Times.2
October 1st, 2005, 03:49 AM
I voted for Boom Town I recon catching the bad guy and dealing out punishment is easy, actually having to confront her/him is the hard bit, especially having dinenr with them (hard to put into words why i voted for Boom town) Another thing about it, was the music that played near the end, when Rose ran back for Mickey and he hid in he shadows in a really
"i'm gonna be a bad guy" look on his face and walked off and then Rose returned to the TARDIS. *sigh* it was an unbelievebly hard choice to pick from that list though :)

The Signal
October 30th, 2005, 03:56 AM
I went for Parting of the ways, the best season finale to any series i have seen in a long time. Daleks, Captain Jack's character going from Cowerd to Hero was complete, and the Doctor gave his life (kind of) for the woman he loved. Perfection

October 30th, 2005, 04:24 AM
Very very tough call. I decided on The End of the World, though it was exceedingly close between that and Father's Day.

October 31st, 2005, 12:32 AM
'Dalek' has gotta be my favourite episode.

The Signal
October 31st, 2005, 08:08 AM
Yer, mine was a definate struggle between the three Dalek-involved episodes,Dalek, Bad Wolf, and The Parting of the Ways, were all fantastic TV, but Parting clinched it with the Regeneration. Fathers day was a great emotional episode but I felt it could have been covered a little more, it would have been good as a two part episode.

Jedi Daniel
November 2nd, 2005, 06:41 PM
The Unquiet Dead

November 5th, 2005, 05:20 PM
The Empty Child was my favourite and Father's Day coming close in second place.

November 5th, 2005, 06:01 PM
The Empty Child. One of the most atmospheric episodes I have ever seen of Doctor Who. :)

Parting of the Ways is a close second. The Daleks were excellent; it was a shame that Christopher Eccleston left the show after only one series.

November 6th, 2005, 12:14 AM
It looks like there are four clear favourites, and two of them had Daleks and three of them were parts of a two-parter. It's nice to see that the traditional elements of the show (Daleks and multi-part stories) are still working, and I hope that the producers see how well the two-parters worked and give us more stories that last beyond one episode. I know we're getting another of the traditional enemies before long :)

November 6th, 2005, 01:30 AM
I know we're getting another of the traditional enemies before long :)

Ah that's right, I think I know who you mean. I'm not going to quote anything in case it's a spoiler.