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June 25th, 2005, 01:32 AM
From Trekweb:

Ronald D. Moore Says Audience was Ready for New Take on Science Fiction Television (http://trekweb.com/articles/2005/06/25/42bd0626e68e2.shtml)

By GustavoLeao
25 June 2005

The latest issue of SFX magazine, just out in the UK, features an exclusive interview with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA producer Ronald D. Moore, in which he talks about the state of science fiction television and reviews the first season episodes.

"The audience was ready for a different take," Moore said about the GALACTICA's success "I'd said for quite a while that the space opera as a form had begun to be a bit stale. It was not challenging its audience anymore, it was becoming a lot of the same kind of storytelling, a lot of the same kind of visuals, a lot of the same kind of characters. It was becoming a situation where each science fiction show must have the brainy guy, and the funny guy and the action guy."

"You could just run them off really quickly and the audience is not dumb. They know when they've seen something before and the audience knows fairly quickly what types of stories you're telling and they say, 'I've seen this 50 million times' and they move on to something else."

To read the full article, get the latest issue of SFX Magazine at your local newstand.
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