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June 10th, 2005, 11:50 PM
With thanks to tuckerooni on the Stargate Atlantis Fans group for the heads up:


Rachel Luttrell co-stars in the movie "The Aviary."

You can download a clip (12 seconds worth) from the movie here:


It's formatted in QuickTime.

The main link for the web site:


Apparently this is an independent movie, and only available on DVD.

From IMDB:


The life of a flight attendant is glamorous and exciting, but as The
Aviary follows Summer Pozzi from city to city we discover that when
the uniform comes off, things can get very complicated. An unexpected
transfer takes Summer from Chicago, her boyfriend and her mother, to
a crowded San Francisco apartment. Her new roommates include Portia
(who is in the throws of an identity crisis), Kate (who has an old
score to settle with Summer) and Lucas (who Summer hastily finds
affection with but discovers he's not what he appears to be). In this
new city Summer watches the carefully designed blueprint of her
future begin to slip out of reach. Finally, Summer falls into the
arms of the Captain of her dreams. Everything seems back on track
until a disturbing visit from Summer's past forces her to choose
between true love and the man she has been searching for all her life.

(Rachel portrays Portia.)




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