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June 10th, 2005, 11:03 PM
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(Cult Times is a UK based scifi magazine. In the US, you may order
online from the URL above. Or, check with your local Borders or
Barnes and Noble Bookstores for the magazine. Allow time for the
magazine to be shipped across the pond.)

Cult Times Special #34, Doctor Who 2005
(Reference #CS34)
Scheduled publication date June 09 2005

In 100 pages...

We take an in-depth look at the past, present and future of the
galaxy's best-loved Time Lord with these Doctor Who features…

Doctor Who for Beginners We present our guide to the high points of
the 26 years of the series and the facts you need to know to fully
immerse yourself in the Whoniverse!

Rob Shearman Rob Shearman explains how he rose to the writing
challenge of bringing the Daleks back after a 17-year absenceand
turned the metal meanies into the scourge of the galaxy once again

Paul Cornell The writer of Father's Day reveals why he decided to put
Rose through the wringer, what he thinks of the revitalized show, and
his favourite classic Doctor Who story

Steven Moffat The creator/writer of comedies Press Gang and Coupling
brought his skills to Doctor Who and wrote… the scariest episodes of
the season! We find out what made him take a darker tack and how he
saw new companion Captain Jack

Big Finish Executive producer at Big Finish audio productions, Gary
Russell, discusses keeping the flag flying for Doctor Who during its
TV absence, his plans for the future of the range, and what he can
and can't do now the series is on TV again.


We talk to audio eighth Doctor companions Charley and C'rizz, aka
India Fisher and Conrad Westmaas

Episode Guide We review and rate the first 11 adventures for the
ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler

Plus much more!…

Smallville Executive producer Alfred Gough looks back on the fourth
season and tells us it's the best year yet!

Battlestar Galactica Season One ended with Commander Adama fighting
for his life as the Cylons continued their persecution of those who
created them. We try to get tight-lipped series star Edward James
Olmos to tell us if his character is going to pull through

Stargate Atlantis The second year of adventures in the Pegasus galaxy
sees Dr Beckett becoming a full-time member of the team. Paul
McGillion reveals why he's delighted about his promotion

Alias Actor Greg Grunberg, explains why Season Four has been a good
year for him, and not just because his character Weiss has been
dating Sydney's sister

South Park Half of the duo that keeps the show ticking over, Matt
Stone, chats about its continuing success as it moves into a ninth

Dead Like Me The show may be over, but Ellen Muth will still be
forever George Lass. The young actress reminisces about her time on
the show and answers questions about the possibility of its return

Rescue Me A group of firefighters are trying to hold their lives
together after the trauma of 9/11. Co-creator, writer and star Denis
Leary tells us what he hopes to accomplish in the show

The 4400 As we learn more about the 4400 abductees mysteriously
returned to Earth, we talk to an excitable Jacqueline McKenzie, back
tracking them in her guise of FBI agent Diana Skouris

Price: $9.99



June 14th, 2005, 05:54 AM
You can now read a transcript of the Cult Times article over at The Unofficial Paul McGillion Website (http://paulmcgillion.tjuk.net/home.htm) containing some rather interesting hints for season 2 and hilarious cheeky quotes.

TJ :)