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June 3rd, 2005, 03:24 PM
From SciFiPulse:

Bamber Hints At Apollo's Motivations for Season 2 (http://scifipulse.net/battlestarnews/JamieBamber_June2005.html)

By Ian M. Cullen
3 June 2005

In season one of Galactica we saw the relationship between Captain Lee (Apollo) Adama and his Father slowly become one of mutual respect, both characters had a different viewpoint, but both were learning to appreciate those differences in each other, and just like that bang Commander Husker Adama gets shot, several times in fact. Jamie Bamber recently gave Dreamwatch magazines Brian Cairns some clue as to what Apollo's motivations are during the opening of Galactica's second season.

At the start of the second season Apollo's priorities are very much focused on his injured father.

“Throughout the series, Lee has come to see his Dad more honestly and come to appreciate his humanity and the similarities they share. There are moments where they are close without admitting it. In the boxing scene [in Kobol's Last Gleaming], there's an element where they recognize their flaws, warts and all. They are two guys who love and respect each other without saying it.

“Then to see his Dad gunned down without having the opportunity for that puts him in an emotionally tortured place. His only priority is to see his Dad recover. That is the only thing on his mind and everything else falls to the side.”

One element that was often teased bit never really dealt with to much during last season was the relationship between Lee [Apollo] Adama and Kara [Starbuck] Thrace , during the course of the first season Starbuck often hints that she has stronger unrequited feelings for Apollo. As to how this likely to develop is anyone's guess but Bamber is happy to feed the fan speculation with the following not so telling comments.

“Katee [Sackhoff] and I sort of decided way back in the mini – series that there was an attraction between them, and what happened with lee's brother just heightened the tension and made it much more confusing and difficult to accept.

“Kobol's Last Gleaming provided a very clever way of exploring their feelings in a way that didn't actually put them together but involved a third party [Baltar]. There are feelings of irrational jealousy that it drums up in Lee, which he doesn't expect to feel.”

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