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June 9th, 2004, 05:46 PM
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Television - AP

'Six Feet Under' Corpses Are No Accident
Wed Jun 9, 4:05 PM ET
By LYNN ELBER, AP Television Writer

LOS ANGELES - Walk into the unmarked office in a nondescript suburban
industrial complex and, suddenly, a feeling of dread descends.

A corpse in a body bag is propped by the front desk. A head that's a
dead ringer for actress Adrienne Barbeau (news) is tucked into a
trophy case.

In the realm of MastersFX, the bizarre is commonplace. So is the art
of death the special effects studio has supplied make-believe
bodies and prosthetics for HBO's "Six Feet Under" from the start.

When the mortuary drama returns for its fourth season 9 p.m. EDT
Sunday, the company's Emmy-winning handiwork will be on display
again. If a stiff is needed for the Fisher family morgue, this is
where it comes from.

MastersFX also has designed special effects for HBO's "Carnivale"
(hence the Barbeau head, used in a scene in which her character
ostensibly dies and is revived); "Kingdom Hospital"; "Stargate SG-
1"; "Stargate Atlantis" and for films including "Hidalgo"
and "Predator."

As clever as the monsters, aliens, animals and other figments of the
company's imagination are, it's the human corpses and heads mundane
but astonishing in their realism that catch the eye.

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A body's creation represents equal parts technology and artistry,
said Todd Masters, who founded the company in 1986. Special effects
in general encompass "drawing, sculpting, performance, painting.
Everything you can do in a creative environment," he said.

The MastersFX studio, deliberately placed in an anonymous, out-of-the-
way building to thwart would-be souvenir collectors (Masters
recalls "Star Trek" fans rifling trash bins) is where the morbid
magic happens. (A second studio is in Vancouver, British Columbia.)

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MastersFX has an intitial web site (still under construction) at:


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