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June 9th, 2004, 06:46 PM
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Television - AP

'Six Feet Under' Corpses Are No Accident
Wed Jun 9, 4:05 PM ET
By LYNN ELBER, AP Television Writer

LOS ANGELES - Walk into the unmarked office in a nondescript suburban
industrial complex and, suddenly, a feeling of dread descends.

A corpse in a body bag is propped by the front desk. A head that's a
dead ringer for actress Adrienne Barbeau (news) is tucked into a
trophy case.

In the realm of MastersFX, the bizarre is commonplace. So is the art
of death — the special effects studio has supplied make-believe
bodies and prosthetics for HBO's "Six Feet Under" from the start.

When the mortuary drama returns for its fourth season 9 p.m. EDT
Sunday, the company's Emmy-winning handiwork will be on display
again. If a stiff is needed for the Fisher family morgue, this is
where it comes from.

MastersFX also has designed special effects for HBO's "Carnivale"
(hence the Barbeau head, used in a scene in which her character
ostensibly dies and is revived); "Kingdom Hospital"; "Stargate SG-
1"; "Stargate Atlantis" and for films including "Hidalgo"
and "Predator."

As clever as the monsters, aliens, animals and other figments of the
company's imagination are, it's the human corpses and heads — mundane
but astonishing in their realism — that catch the eye.

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A body's creation represents equal parts technology and artistry,
said Todd Masters, who founded the company in 1986. Special effects
in general encompass "drawing, sculpting, performance, painting.
Everything you can do in a creative environment," he said.

The MastersFX studio, deliberately placed in an anonymous, out-of-the-
way building to thwart would-be souvenir collectors (Masters
recalls "Star Trek" fans rifling trash bins) is where the morbid
magic happens. (A second studio is in Vancouver, British Columbia.)

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MastersFX has an intitial web site (still under construction) at:


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