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May 9th, 2005, 05:10 PM
Justine at "All about Tahmoh Penikett" posted these links from Aesir over at the Pegasus Galaxy BSG Forum.

Episodes 203 / 204 - Fragged / Resistance, MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEASON TW (http://www.pegasusgalaxy.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=986)

Episode 205 - The Farm, MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEASON TWO (http://www.pegasusgalaxy.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=987)

Episode Number: 203 / 204 ?
Episode Title: Fragged / Resistance

With President Roslin and Apollo in the brig and Commander Adama still recovering from surgery, Colonel Tigh is faced with explaining the situation to an angry Quorum of representatives who want to know where their President and Commander are.

Hiriam Boyd (Tauron), Walter Bagot (Virgon), Sarah Porter (Gemenon) and Tom Zarek (Sagitaron) confront Tigh about removing the President from office, reminding him that the military has no authority to do so under the Articles. Zarek accuses Adama of trying to pave the way to instate martial law and bring a military dictatorship to power. Colonel Tigh defends Adama's decision, but the Quorum takes a vote, motioning that they be allowed access to their incarcerated President. All twelve vote in favour and Tigh is forced to submit.

At some point, a mission organised by Colonel Tigh to retrieve supplies from the transport ship Gideon goes horribly wrong. Tigh sent Joe "Hammerhead" Palladino on the mission, but the reality of the situation was that Apollo should have been in charge - he was in the Brig. As they tried to load the supplies from the Gideon, the civilians onboard got very angry and saw it as a kind of invasion of their ship. After they got violent, some of the marines lost their nerve and shots were fired, killing 4 civilians and injuring many more.

While in the Brig, Apollo had been timing the movements of the guards, evidently planning an escape, but later he is released by Colonel Tigh but apparently under heavy guard. After being released, Apollo proceeds to get various crewmen to side with him and forms a plan to break the President out of the Brig. Somewhat later in the episode, the (very scared) President is escorted out of the brig by some crewmen. They make their way to the flight deck where Apollo is waiting for them with two Raptors to take her Kobol. It seems that many crewmen have chosen to go against orders and follow Apollo. They take the President to Kobol, where their scans reveal the Colonial Raptors on the surface...

Meanwhile, Starbuck, Helo and Boomer are still on Caprica. Starbuck and Helo are underfire from two humans (who they believe to be Cylons) - Anders and Sue-Shaun. Similarly, Anders and Sue-Shaun believe Starbuck and Helo to be human-form Cylons. Eventually, they end up in a stand-off trying to convince each other that they are all humans, which they do.

The four travel to a school, where it seems that the other humans on Caprica have some form of base. Anders and Starbuck develop a real friendship (and possibly more), somewhat consolidated by their playing together on the Pyramid court, where Starbuck is beating Anders, despite her injured knee.

Also in this episode, we see Jammer, Bongo and Cally building a "cage", which they are expecting their Chief (Tyrol) to be put in. Jammer and Bongo believe that the Chief is a Cylon, but Cally defends him, saying that Boomer tricked him.

* All spoiler information is subject to change.

Episode Number: 205
Episode Title: The Farm

Still in the base seen in 'Resistance', Starbuck and Anders are flirting in a kind of aggressive way, teasing and insulting each other. Helo and Sue-Shaun discuss whether they "frakked" and they come to the conclusion that they probably did.

Setting out in their truck, they proceed towards a Cylon refuelling airstrip on the other side of a ridge. There is a heavy raider that refuels there every afternoon and they plan to capture it. Starbuck assumes some authority and lays out a plan to blow up the refuelling station, saying that the raider is so tough it won't be damaged; Anders is not impressed at her attempt to take charge, but listens anyway.

The idea is that they will fit as many in the raider as possible (around 20) and that when they get back to Galactica, a rescue mission will be launched to retrieve the rest of Anders' men. It seems like Anders is being deceived by Starbuck and Helo and that this isn't going to happen - they just want to get off the planet; Anders suspects this.

Just as they are about to get moving, Starbuck is giving a speech and is shot mid-sentence; the bullet grazes her head and lodges in her chest. When she wakes up, she is in a hospital, being looked over by a doctor named Simon. He explains that he has managed to remove it, but clearly she is in a lot of pain. He tells her that she was the only one that was brought in, implying that Helo and Anders are dead.

They engage in dialog for some time, over several days and he tells her that healthy child-bearing women are commodities now and that she is one of them. He wants her to have a child to try to keep the population alive. As they spend more time together she begins to feel more for him and sympathises with the situation he and the people on Caprica are in. He discovers that every one of her fingers had been broken in exactly the same place as a child. She later admits that it was her mother that did it as a punishment and says she doesn't want to have to have a child and end up like her.

When she wakes up the next morning, she has a fresh scar stretching across her abdomen. Simon informs her that he had to perform another operation on her during the night to stop some bleeding. Starbuck becomes suspicious when Simon injects her IV with some medication to put her back to sleep - she had just woken up. She pretends to close her eyes until he leaves and then forces herself to get up and goes over to the door. She manages to unlock the door and goes down the hallway and finds Simon in a doorway writing on a chart. He is dictating his report from the chart... saying that the removal of her ovaries was successful. Starbuck then sees that Number Six is also there and realises that Simon is a Cylon. Trying to escape, she finds her path blocked by Cylon Centurions and has no choice but to return to her room. When Simon returns, she tricks him into getting close to her and then cuts his throat with a shard of glass from her mirror, killing him.

Somehow she manages to escape, (despite Number Six attempting to stop her) and as she exits the hospital, she hears gunfire and sees Helo, Anders and Rosa and the rest of the resistance shooting the Cylons that pursue her.

Back in the school, Starbuck tells of her experiences in the hospital and Sharon (who is being watched vary closely by everyone at this point) says that the Cylons were trying to get her to have a child to create a new race. The Cylons apparently have a flaw whereby they can't reproduce biologically and so they tried to implant women with hybrid Human/Cylon embryos. Most of these projects failed however. The Cylons believe that they can't conceive children because it requires "God's True Love", which is why they tried to get Helo to love Boomer so that she could get pregnant; evidently that worked. Sharon goes on to tell that the Cylons have many "farms" where they hold hundreds/thousands of women.

Anders decides that his people are going to stay on Caprica and fight the Cylons, freeing the women and destroying the farms. Starbuck, Helo and Sharon leave them behind and as they leave, Starbuck vows to return for them, making it obvious that she has feelings for Anders.

* All spoiler information is subject to change.

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Cool :)

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Cool..Thanks!! There wouldn't happen to be any comparable spoilers around for eps 1&2 would there??

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Cool..Thanks!! There wouldn't happen to be any comparable spoilers around for eps 1&2 would there??

Well...yes there are...go here:

links are in the 3rd post...enjoy

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Quite awesome. I'm such a spoiler 'slut' -- oh well...