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April 29th, 2005, 07:35 PM
What is your favourite ST movie(s)?

My rank order is:

1) ST II: Wrath of Khan -- best soundtrack, excellent visuals for 1982, excellent acting, lots of action, best dialog, and a really believable and fluid plot. Also, some really sad scenes (Capt. Spock dying, Adm Kirk's son saying he's proud to be Adm Kirk's son, Scotty's nephew dying). Great character interaction too!

2) ST III: Search for Spock - excellent continuity from II; great action scenes, cool soundtrack, fluid and believable plot, and some great quotes and dialog (see my quotes thread). Okay, so Spock coming back isn't all that plausible, but still, it was a great movie.

3) ST VI: Undiscovered Country - I loved General Chang and I liked how Sulu was promoted to Captain and given the Excelsior. Some really great lines and good acting and a good plot. Great interaction between the characters.

4) ST VIII: First Contact - I usually don't like TNG as much, but I really loved the Borg Queen and Lilly. I also liked Dr. Cochcrane and the interaction between all the characters. I especially liked Captain Picard in this movie; he went from being a passive diplomat to a hardcore bad ass! THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE! I really loved his passion and anger in this movie, plus I loved the interaction between Data and the Borg Queen. A great movie! Of course, I don't like time travel, so negative points for that plot device, but hey...it did work out.

5) ST X: Nemesis - Great action, lame plot, and pretty good action scenes. I loved the Scimitar and the Remans were cool, albeit somewhat creepy. I thought the plot was pretty unbelievable, however.

6) ST VII: Generations - Pretty cool to see Captains Kirk and Picard working side-by-side, but the plot was unrealistic and the villain, Dr. Soren, was okay, nothing special. He wasn't evil, just wanted to get back into the Nexus. I also don't like Guinan much and generally don't like her in any movie. Data's emotion chip was annoying, but did provide for some laughs.

7) ST IX: Insurrection - Um, this was an episode of TNG, not a movie. It was okay. Michael Welch (aka "young O'Neill) was in this.

8) ST IV: The Voyage Home -- Probably one of the funniest of the ST movies. Good acting and great lines. Good visual effects. Lame plot. More time travel! UUUGGGH! Admiral, there be whales here!

9) ST I: The Motion Picture - Not bad visuals for the 70s. Lame ass uniforms. Some good dialog. Unrealistic plot, overrall. Great acting and some cool characters.

10) ST V: Final Frontier -- Um, no comment. At least there were some funny lines and the acting was good, overall.

How do you rate the ST movies? Do you think they'll ever make more?

April 29th, 2005, 08:29 PM
#1: First Contact (VIII): Just amazing. Simply amazing. The most well thought out, well put together movie in the entire history of ST. From the visuals, to the dialouge to acting, A+s all around.

#2: Nemesis (X): Sure it was a somewhat re-hash of some NG storylines, but who cares? I certainly didn't. This movie had some of the best visuals I have ever seen in my life. From the opening scene at the Imperial Senate to the final showdown with the Valdor assisting the ENT-E, simply amazing. The only downfall....the whole B-4/Riker marriage thing. Wasn't needed, was just used as filler.

#3 The Wrath Of Khan (II): Damn. I had an idea like this for a movie about terra-forming another planet by use of a project called GENESIS, and Roddenbury totally stole it from me! And damn did he do a good job. That GENESIS Nexus was pimp!

Daniel Jackson
April 29th, 2005, 08:35 PM
I don't rank them. However, I do seperate them as 6 TOS and 4 TNG movies, plus I have a favorite from both groups. My favorite TOS movie is probably ST3:TSFS while my favorite TNG movie is most deffinately ST:I. :D

Jeff O'Connor
April 29th, 2005, 10:01 PM
10.) Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: I'd rather not. Really, it's quite okay. No, sorry. Not for me. There were a few good scenes... but in general... no.

9.) Star Trek I: The Motion Picture: No... again, no. The plot was bad IMO, the acting was good as usual but even the lines I didn't like too terribly much. I give it props, however, for being 'the next episode after a frak load of nothingness' so-to-speak -- it was the true beginning of Star Trek's mainstream popularity. Somehow.

8.) Star Trek IX: Insurrection: I agree with LA, this was more like a TNG two-parter than a TNG motion picture. I suppose that's all right, though... I mean, in a sense, the Series Finale back in '94 was just the last smaller-budget story they did, heh. Hell, from that perspective, the TNG cast went on past both DS9 and Voyager's. Not too shabby. This movie, however, left something to be desired.

7.) Star Trek VII: Generations: Now, to clarify, I didn't dislike the movie. Heck, I didn't dislike the previously mentioned one, either, but everything has a place. I thought the interactions between Kirk and Picard and the genuine feeling of 'passing the big-screen candle' was impressive, and it was just a feel-good movie in general to me, despite, well, you know, the part where William Shatner's infamous Starfleet captain died... again.

6.) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: Hilarious. Definitely the funniest and a lovely sidescroll from the mostly-spacefaring epic six-parter. Brilliant on so many levels, though there are only so many times per year I can stand to hear that generic 1980s humanity-realizes-slowly-the-error-of-its-ways-though-evil-corporate-monsters-don't-care schtuff and all, but that's okay.

5.) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Amazing, isn't it? This actually isn't my number one, or number two. Sorry... I loved the movie, I just happen to love some of the others a fair bit more. Splendid, truly splendid -- so much so that when I heard Enterprise was touching on the Augments concept I cringed, even as an Enterprise fan. In the end, though, I wasn't all that disappointed with how they worked it, but Khan will forever be the man, no matter what prettyboy ebil college dropout Augment from the recent trilogy tried to pull. Heh heh.

4.) Star Trek X: Nemesis: Best action, though, it is after all the last so hey, what do you expect. Anyway, many complain about the story but personally I wasn't too against it in general. Also, since this is almost officially confirmed as the last TNG movie -- and with the statements about the eleventh, whenever that begins production, associating it with another crew altogether, it seems almost assured -- I wasn't terribly displeased with the resolutions and closure to our TNG cast. Also of note is that this is the latest entry into the ST timeline. But in general I found three other movies that toppled this with ease...

3.) Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Let me start by admitting I absolutely
love this movie. The only reason it isn't number one is that I happen to love the following two a tad bit moreso. At any rate, the plot was sharp, the characters, witty. The conflict with the Klingons was impressive, Kirk's son dying was so depressing... I was little and I cried more than when Bamby's mother died. Man... it was heavy. Acting, superb. Humor, there. Everything I could ask for, as a kid when I saw it on TV and now when I look back on it. Epic, gripping, powerful and relative to our world. Damned good.

2.) Star Trek VIII: First Contact: Story, acting, wit, explanation to the Star Trek timeline, the first warp flight, first contact with the Vulcans and the excellent ebil of the Borg at their best all converge to make two-and-a-half hours of pure brilliance. I'm with LA again on the time travel, ditto, but Picard, as he said before, shines. I never liked him much either but this, so late into his on-screen presence as a defined character, is truly when he begins to shine IMO, and I can't say I liked him as much in the last two movies, either. He was amazing, he was intense, his hatred for the Borg was beyond what I'd ever have anticipated seeing when I was a wee one of nine and this first came out, and I told people thrice my age and over that I did not like his character to be 'such a sissy wusshead' or whatever. Oh, and Zephram Cochrane, love ya man. Too bad in the Mirror Universe you pulled a gun on those peace-lovin' Vulcans.

1.) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: I shouldn't begin to write this because I may never stop. So very true to our society, so very true to our world. So beautiful. Chang was amazing. I honestly like him more than Khan. I know! It's unheard of! I apologize to the one, the many, the damned near everyone out there who thinks Khan is the best ST villain ever. I honestly liked Chang a bit more. He was so... so Chang. The Klingons and the Federation come to a resolution which shines brightly for the rest of Trek with exceptions here and there , but in general the United States and the Soviet Un -- I mean, the Federation and the Klingon Empire begin a period of friendship forevermore from hereon out, and the road to this... undiscovered country, its final path, brought into here, was incredible. Just the Kirk racism issue addressed alone made for a milestone, and the story behind it regarding the third movie's threads coming to a head was great. I'm going to stop now before I fill up pages on end about how much I liked this movie.

April 30th, 2005, 12:31 AM
1) First Contact: Great action, plot, suspense, acting, and tie-ins with ST lore.

2) ST2 Wrath: Very similar to First Contact with the revenge theme and the Moby Dick references.

3) ST3 Spock: Great scenes with Kirk's son and Spock plus Klingon action!

4) ST6 Undiscovered: More Klingons! A bit too topical with the end of the Cold War.

5) ST4 Voyage: A fun, lighthearted break. A bit topical in the 80s corporate greed moralism. In space, noone can hear you scream, but you can hear whales?

I'm not going to give the following any order but I dislike these:

Insurrection: Why cant they share the planet? A forgettable movie.

ST1 TMP: Boring.

Generations: The purpose of the film was to pass the torch, not tell a cohesive story, thus it was awkward and disjointed. Kirk should have been woven in more closely or dropped completely.

Nemesis: I didnt pay seven bucks to watch a clip show! It recycled plots from TNG while the actors pretend everything was new. No references to similar incidents to the past. If Wrath of Khan and First Contact could do it, why not Nemesis? The doomsday weapon isnt impressive in an age of antimatter. An insult to TNG fans.

ST5 Frontier: Bad. Just bad. Enough said.

the Fifth Race
April 30th, 2005, 01:51 AM
1) Undiscovered Country...Making peace with the Kilngons was turning point in the whole Star Trek genre

2) First Contact...Best acting and best story. Good seeing Picard lose it a little and show a more human side

3) Wrath of Kahn...Simply Kahn!

Any plans for anymore Star Trek motion pictures?...Last I heard they were writing a story involving Janeway and some of the Voyager crew.

April 30th, 2005, 04:09 AM
My favorite: Wraith of Khan.

I liked: The Voyage Home, The Undiscovered Country, Generations, First Contact

I didn't like: The Motion Picture, Insurrection, Search for Spock

My least favorite: Tie: The Final Frontier & Nemesis.

To me, Nemesis was the coffin in the nail for the Star Trek franchise. It blatantly ripped off just about all of the good plots from the better movies and tossed them all together in hopes of bringing viewers back.

I mean, you have the arch enemy (Khan!!, I mean Shinzon!!) in a romulan warbird that can fire when cloaked (*cough* undiscovered country *cough*), who is planning on releasing a bio weapon that will destroy a whole planet (Insurrection, bleh). You have Data sacrificing himself for the crew, again (First contact, Wrath of Khan), but he's not really dead because they have B-9 (Search for Spock).
The sad thing is the writer of Nemesis is the same guy that brought you Gladiator and The Aviator...

April 30th, 2005, 09:03 AM
1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Brilliant acting, brilliant battle scene in the Mutara Nebula, Spock's death scene. "KHAAAAAN"!

2. Star Trek VIII: First Contact - Just as good, only I prefer the original cast. Brilliant effects, brilliant storyline.

3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Really good last film for the original cast. Nice effects, some good lines in there too.

4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - The first Star Trek movie I ever saw. I still love it, and find it really funny.

5. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - Some moving scenes, but the pace was a bit slow at times. "Don't call me tiny!"

6. Star Trek IX: Insurrection - Cool effects, fast paced, believable storyline.

7. Star Trek VII: Generations - Captain Kirk's death scene sucked, but apart from that it was quite good.

8. Star Trek I: The Motion Picture - It was SO slow!

9. Star Trek X: Nemesis - B-4? Remans? Shinzon? Data dying? AAAARGH!

10. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - *cries softly*

Darth Buddha
April 30th, 2005, 04:02 PM
My rank order is:

1) ST VIII: First Contact - Outstanding. Action. Loyalty. Scifi elements. Drama. And was I the only one who thought Alice Krige was hot? The all time winner (does the best in IMDB too).

2) ST IV: The Voyage Home - Emotional favorite hearkened back to the upbeat political messages, humor, and camp of the original series. A Christmastime gift to the fans.

3) ST II: Wrath of Khan - Interesting space battles, and compelling revenge theme. A fair soundtrack by then novice James Horner (everythign he composed sounded the same).

4) ST III: Search for Spock - More like Part II of Star Trek II than

5) ST VI: Undiscovered Country -Good upbeat political plot. Excellent casting of Christopher Plummer as the villain.

6) ST I: The Motion Picture - The most critically acclaimed soundtrack. Good scifi plot, even if it was a retread of "Nomad".

7) ST IX: Insurrection - Metiocre. Which puts it ahead of...

8) ST VII: Generations - Dreadful plot. Weak villain. Lousy death scene. A movie not worth seeing in theaters.

9) ST X: Nemesis - My God this was bad.

10) ST V: Final Frontier - No redeeming value whatsoever. Lousy acting, special effects, story, you name it.

April 30th, 2005, 05:28 PM
ST IV: The Voyage Home - My favorite. It's cute, and Spock swearing is just hilarious.

ST VIII: First Contact - Nice use of the Borg. I normally don't like Data, but I appreciated him in this one. They finally showed Picard as more than a talking head as well.

ST VI: Undiscovered Country - Again funny. McCoy makes the film for me, and they end with a great bridge to the Next Generation.

ST III: Search for Spock - Spock is my favorite character from the original show, so I have to like this one.

ST II: Wrath of Khan - It's ok. I like the villain, but the worms always creep me out. I'm just glad that I didn't to have to wait for Spock to be resurrected by the writers. I could just watch the film where he came back. :D

ST IX: Insurrection - It's ok. I like the premis, but the film isn't that memorable.

ST X: Nemesis - Recycled film. Why not just subtitle it: The Next Generation's Wrath of Khan

ST VII: Generations - Ugg. That was just bad. Thankfully, they crashed the ship, although I wanted Data to be crushed on impact by the time they did.

ST V: Final Frontier - Ugg. Bad, just bad.

ST I: The Motion Picture - I haven't ever seen this one, but I haven't heard much good about it either.


Darth Buddha
April 30th, 2005, 05:34 PM
ST I: The Motion Picture - I haven't ever seen this one, but I haven't heard much good about it either.
See the director's cut... it is head and shoulders better than the theatrical release.

Jeff O'Connor
April 30th, 2005, 06:23 PM
DB, what's the difference between the Director's Cut and the theatrical release? I only ever saw the latter on some VHS tape recorded from when it came on TV, like, before I was born. At least, I'm assuming it was the latter. At least, I remember not liking it.

May 1st, 2005, 02:55 AM
DB, what's the difference between the Director's Cut and the theatrical release? I only ever saw the latter on some VHS tape recorded from when it came on TV, like, before I was born. At least, I'm assuming it was the latter. At least, I remember not liking it.
Here's Amazon's review of the Director's Cut DVD:

More than simply a "director's cut," this new edition features enhanced, and in some cases completely redone, special effects as well as (for a change of pace) cuts to tighten the dawdling story. It may not fly with purists, but director Robert Wise makes his case in the documentary featurette "Redirecting the Future," which details the changes with scene-by-scene comparisons, and on the commentary track, which he shares with special-effects legends Douglas Trumbull and John Dykstra (revisiting work they created over 20 years ago), actor Stephen Collins, and composer Jerry Goldsmith. Elder statesman Wise speaks in a slow and ponderous manner, but he gets his point across. Further documentaries tackle the project's leap from TV pilot to blockbuster feature and the making of the film itself, and a supplemental gallery gathers the original scenes cut or condensed from the theatrical version and all 11 scenes from the 1983 TV version. Ooh, look! Jerry Goldsmith, the father of Joel Goldsmith! Never realised that before.

Jeff O'Connor
May 1st, 2005, 06:41 AM
Very interesting. Thanks!

May 2nd, 2005, 03:04 AM
What a coincidence! The Final Frontier is on over here in the UK right now. Not going to watch it, though :p.

May 2nd, 2005, 06:16 PM
Finally, a working forum.

Thanks Darth Buddha. I'll look for the director's cut.

May 2nd, 2005, 07:51 PM
Hmmm. First I will point out the moives they should not have done.

ST 5: People got up and walked out on that one. I wasnt so smart!
ST 10: 2nd ST movie where people left the movie. I just sat there asking myself how could they make a movie worse than ST5?! But they did. Also, who makes a shuttle craft around a dune buggy?!? Come on, they hop around other planets in shuttles, why not that one. Geeesh that totally sucked! Poor Worf trying to shot that phaser cannon in the back of the buggy as it bounced around. Ever heard of the M1A1 Battle Tank? Hello! Its gun doesnt bounced around you would think in the 24th century they could to alot better.
Another thing, who makes a ship so large that the corridors can allow a fighter craft to fly through them. Oh and what about the genius that designed a ship that takes 7 minutes to transform itself so it can use a weapon. My goodness who wrote the script? A 5 year old?

I have all the movies but St10 and I aint gonna buy it. Its like Galactica 1980 to me...pretend it never happened!

As for the which of the other films are the best I have to say I really like ST2, ST4 and ST6.

May 2nd, 2005, 08:49 PM
To be honnest the script for STX sucked , It was a lame ass attempt to starwars trek. It was trumped up and hyped to hell , All it really ended up being was a 21st century CG Flash Gordon and all cliches that apply.

First Contact remains the best TNG trek movie , I loved Star Trek II ! In Nemesis they wanted to make another star trek II except they forgot to make a convincing villain that you could take seriously Khan had style and wit he was a villain you almost wanted to have win, Star Trek X the wraith of Lore LOL! Now thats a movie!

May 2nd, 2005, 09:20 PM
1. The Voyage Home, mainly because of it's appeal towards non Trek fans
2. First Contact, pertty much the same reason as The Voyage Home
3. The Wrath of Khan, KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!
4. The Undiscovered Country
5. The Search For Spock, lots of problems but Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon saves it
6. The Motion Picture, too many unecessary scenes
7. Generations, I can't believe how Kirk died like a red shirt
8. Nemesis, so many problems
9. Insurrection, it's basically a two hour episode but not as good
10. Final Frontier, what a stupid movie

May 2nd, 2005, 09:30 PM
I'm dividing it up between the original series movies and TNG movies

1. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country- A great movie and good send-off for the original crew. Christopher Plummer was great as Chang and I loved him quoting Shakespear while firing on the Enterprise plus McCoy's line, "I'd give really money if he'd shut up!" This movie had some great lines in it too.

2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan- Another great movie. Ricardo Montaban is great. Loved the stoyline of Kirk discovering his son and the themes of life and death. Spock's death scene remains one of the most emotional moments in ST history.

3. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock- My favorite part of this movie is when they steal the Enterprise from Spacedock. "And now Mr. Scott. Sir? The Doors Mr. Scott. Aye sir I'm working on it!" Also the other great line belongs to Sulu, "Don't Call me Tiny!" Also deeply tragic that Kirk loses his son David, just as he is getting to know him, yet gets his Best friend back.

4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home- This is just a fun movie. The crew in the 1980's is just fun to watch.

5. Star Trek: The Motion Picture- Probably one of my least favorites, but I really like the director's edition. It helps flesh things out better and fixes the pacing of the film as well.

6. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier- Not really a bad movie, its just it has a plot that it cant live up too. You know that they cant really find GOD. Plus it has the worst special effects in it due to Paramount cutting of the budget.

TNG Movies

1. Star Trek: First Contact- Easily the best featuring TNG crew. A great storyline, which provide for some fun moments. The Borg became truly scary and fully realized in this movie. Patrick Stewart gives an excellent performance as Picard on a quest for his white whale. "The line must be drawn Here!"

2. Star Trek: Generations- I know alot of fans don't like this one as much, but I've always enjoyed it. It was great to see the Enterprise-D on the big screen. I loved the redesign of the Bridge. The 23 Century begining of the movie is just great, I love the interaction between Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov. I love the running "Tuesday" gag. Data's new installed emotion chip, provides for some great laughs. The crashing of the Enterpise remains one of my favorite scenes, although sad cause I loved that ship!

3. Star Trek: Insurrection- Like others said, basically a two-part Next Gen episode. I think if they had worked on it a little more, it could have been alot better. Data discovering his childhood is funny as is Worf's acne. The thing that always irked me is the "Joy Stick" Riker uses to fly the Enterprise-E. Lame.

4. Star Trek: Nemesis- This is an example of what not to do with a Trek film. This movie had plot holes galore in it with Shinzon being Picard's clone and the finding of B-4. Data's "death" was unnescarry and only done cause Brent Spiner wanted out. Riker and Troi's wedding is glossed over too much. Adding the stuff they cut out would have helped make this movie better. I do like the end of the movie where The Enterprise runs into Shinzon's ship though.

Of course now, who knows if will ever get another Trek movie.

Darth Buddha
May 2nd, 2005, 09:32 PM
Very interesting. Thanks!
That's an exceptionally good description from Amazon, Hywel. Sometimes they leave a lot to be desired, but that one is spot on.

I'll bet you saw the theatrical release, Jeff. The extended release isn't aired very often, and even then, only recently.

5. Star Trek: The Motion Picture- Probably one of my least favorites, but I really like the director's edition. It helps flesh things out better and fixes the pacing of the film as well.

I'm with you, Jonas. From my point of view, the second version gets an extra star at least (theatrical release is a **, extended version is a *** to a *** & 1/2).

May 6th, 2005, 02:53 PM
1. VI: Deep plot, cultural significance at it's best, Captain Sulu, and I don't care what anyone says, Chang is the greatest Trek villain of all time.

2. IV: A lot of people don't appreciate it when 'serious sci-fi' goes comedy, but this was one of the best sci-fi comedies I've ever seen, and it didn't even have to camp me to death to get there.

3. VIII: Excellent drama, Picard and Data at their best, but nobody else seems to be there at all. Some good lines for worf and a hilarious cameo for the doctor, but still sadly suffering from the 'Picard and Data Show-itis'.

4. II: Ok, he's no Chang, but Khan is pretty cool. And yet we had to find this out by Chekov getting captured and squealing around the screen for ten minutes? Some stuff I didn't like much, but still a great film.

5./6. IX/III: I've got nothing major against either of these, but not really much for them either. They're sort of just out there. I think in a clinch, I'd probably take the Baku over the Genesis planet, but then Christopher LLoyd is a much better villain than the Son'a or Admiral Doughboy.

7. I: Pretty boring, but better than these:

8. V: Not great. Not horrible, some good lines, but: 'I feel your pain'? Come on.

9. VII: Just screwed up... And who let Troi drive the ship?

10. X: Evil. Death. Horridness. Complete lack of respect for every single one of the characters. Data's death, and his entire life, means nothing 'cuz, hey look, we can replace him! Picard is suddenly an action junkie, Worf is back on the Enterprise for no good reason at all, and with all that action we STILL couldn't actually give any important parts to anyone but Picard or Data. Even worse (to me, at least), complete lack of respect for the Trek universe itself and the races within (yes, the Romulan senate allows all packages in without any bomb/plague screenings whatsoever and the entire empire, including the Praetor, who doesn't attend Senate meetings, will bow down to a human because he blew up the senate and has A ship). The plot itself is idiotic (Picard's evil clone? What?) and the story elements are all stolen from earlier films. This one deserves to be buried forever.

May 6th, 2005, 03:01 PM
My favorite: Wraith of Khan.

There's a Trek/Atlantis crossover in there somewhere....

fan of jack
May 8th, 2005, 12:20 PM

Me i just cant make up my mind! :D

May 9th, 2005, 05:56 AM
I'm with you, Jonas. From my point of view, the second version gets an extra star at least (theatrical release is a **, extended version is a *** to a *** & 1/2).
Wouldnt the extended version be more boring? I thought that movie was too long already. What is in those exteded scenes that would merit such a boost in quality? A deadly battle with Klingons? The Doomsday Machine makes a cameo? Spock dances across the bridge?

May 9th, 2005, 07:46 PM
Wouldnt the extended version be more boring? I thought that movie was too long already. What is in those exteded scenes that would merit such a boost in quality? A deadly battle with Klingons? The Doomsday Machine makes a cameo? Spock dances across the bridge?

Spock dancing...heh like to see that. What dance would a half-vulcan do? Inquiring minds need to know.

May 9th, 2005, 09:17 PM
Wouldnt the extended version be more boring? I thought that movie was too long already. What is in those exteded scenes that would merit such a boost in quality? A deadly battle with Klingons? The Doomsday Machine makes a cameo? Spock dances across the bridge?

Its not so much extended scenes, but trimmed scenes.