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June 3rd, 2004, 07:24 PM
From Canada News Wire:


There are high resolution photos at this site. There is also a video clip (available in low and high speed) in WMP format that shows clips from various series.

SPACE Fall Preview – 2004

(Toronto – June 3, 2004) From sci-fi classics to contemporary genre hits, SPACE: The Imagination Station's fall line-up has something for everyone.

"SPACE continues to expand its schedule," said Ismé Bennie, Director of Programming and Acquisitions for SPACE. "The new additions to SPACE's line-up include the new Battlestar Galactica series, a remake of the classic version; The 4400, a new six-part miniseries; the latest season of Smallville; brand new seasons of Stargate SG-1; as well as popular returning series such as Enterprise, The Dead Zone, and The Collector. We are also delighted to introduce the Monday-to-Friday strip Andromeda, as well as the cable runs of F/X: The Series and Mutant X.”


All-New Series
Based on the recent miniseries, this new one-hour weekly drama is an intriguing re-imagination of the sci-fi cult classic adventure. A ragtag fleet of humans, the sole survivors of a devastating nuclear attack by the robot Cylons, are forced to flee under the protection of their one remaining warship, the outdated Battlestar Galactica. Pursued by the Cylons – some of whom have now taken human form – Commander Adama and President Laura Roslin lead these last remnants of humanity in search of a new home... a planet called Earth. Reprising their roles for the series are Edward James Olmos (Adama), Mary McDonnell (Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) and Canadian Tricia Helfer (Number Six).

THE 4400
Canadian Television Premieres
This limited six-episode series chronicles the mysterious return of 4400 people previously reported missing or presumed dead. Though they have not aged physically, some of them seem to have deeper alterations ranging from superhuman strength to an unexplained healing touch. A government agency is formed to track the 4400 people after one of them commits a murder. The 4400 is produced by Viacom Productions in association with Francis Ford Coppolla and American Zoetrope, and Renegade 83. Stars Peter Coyote.

All-New Season Four
Clark Kent takes on a whole new dimension in this precursor to the Superman legend. You know how the story ends; now watch the journey begin. The idyllic town of Smallville, Kansas never seemed the same after the meteor shower that rained down years ago. That was the day Clark Kent arrived on Earth – and the day strange things started happening in Smallville. Now, Clark is a teenager, and his growing pains are amplified by the burden of emerging superpowers.

World Television Premieres
Canadian comedian Steve Smith takes a B-movie and, through the magic of editing and audio substitution (along the lines of What’s Up Tiger Lily?), cuts the film down to a 30-minute television show, replacing the lead actor’s voice with his own. All of the other characters’ performances remain untouched. What results is a hilarious and wacky 13-episode approach to the art of film dubbing.

English-Canadian Television Premieres
Teen sleuths confront the supernatural in this 13-episode half-hour series shot in Montréal. Laurie and Oliver, two teenagers confronted with seemingly unexplainable events, experience a variety of way-out adventures where the bizarre reigns supreme. Using their keen sense of observation and deductive reasoning, they uncover the scientific or technological explanations for the seemingly inexplicable happenings.

New to SPACE
Mutant X is a team of human mutants who possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting subjects, these mutants were altered in experiments conducted in a covert government project. Realizing it has spun out of control, the organization that created them is now hunting them down in an urgent "product recall." Mutant X's mission: to seek out their fellow mutants, help them come to terms with their astonishing abilities and protect them from their creators.

New to SPACE
Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo), captain of the starship Andromeda, is betrayed by his allies and frozen in time. Three centuries later he awakes to find the Commonwealth has fallen. To fight back the chaos among the stars, Hunt must use the Andromeda to restore the Commonwealth and bring unity to the galaxy once again.

New to SPACE
This hour-long action/adventure series based on the F/X feature films, follows the life and work of special effects guru Rollie Tyler (Cameron Daddo) as he sets elaborate traps to outwit unsuspecting crooks. Also stars Christina Cox, Kevin Dobson and Carrie-Anne Moss.


All-New Seasons Seven and Eight
Colonel Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and his SG-1 team set out to explore the mysteries of the Stargate. Each mission through the gate takes the SG-1 team to new worlds in a seemingly boundless universe.

All-New Season Four
Set in the 22nd century, nearly 150 years before James T. Kirk, Enterprise takes place during the early pioneering days of deep space exploration, when interstellar travel is in its infancy and the United Federation of Planets is still decades away. Stars Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock.

All-New Season Two
Morgan Pym, (Chris Kramer) is a man who collects souls for the Devil – one of many Collectors spread out over the earth. But he's the only one who seeks redemption for those he's sent to collect, entering their lives in an attempt to change their destinies, and perhaps one day change his own. Investigative reporter Jeri Slate (Ellen Dubin) links Morgan to a number of strange occurrences and is determined to find out his connection to each case. This Canadian supernatural drama, produced in association with CHUM Television and shot in Vancouver, B.C., also stars Carly Pope and Aidan Drummond.

All-New Season Three
A unique psychological thriller based on the characters and story from the best-selling Stephen King novel The Dead Zone. Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) has been leading an idyllic small-town existence… until the day his life is interrupted by a near fatal car crash that leaves him in a deep coma. Six years later, Johnny regains consciousness and discovers that life as he once knew it has completely changed.


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Richard Dean Anderson Fans

June 3rd, 2004, 09:09 PM
I was in Canada the other week and was like "What the heck, no newish Stargate? It's freaking filmed here!" Now if I ever go back, I will get to watch it :D there and get my fix.