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April 22nd, 2005, 01:35 PM
Okay well I am new on this forum but for a previous one I wrote a few chapters of a stargate story. I figure I'd post it here for you. Feel free to give feedback.

Chapter 1

The calm still water lay undisturbed on the peaceful summer’s day. Undisturbed until the large and heavy fishing hook was dropped into the pond. The pond had no fish yet fishing in it was the favourite pass-time of General Jack O Neill. His absence from his job was due to a break imposed upon him by the bases medical staff.

General O Neill worked in a secret base under Cheyenne Mountain; it was the typical place for dreamed up secret projects in the mind of conspiracy theorists. The Mountain hid no secret lab for alien dissections. It was however, home to the biggest secret the world had ever known; the Stargate.

There were originally two of the giant rings on Earth, one from Giza in Egypt, discovered by an Archaeologist who went by the name of Dr. Langford, the second from Antarctica, an area filled with things left behind by the mysterious ancients. However, after an encounter with a Goa’uld named Anubis, Earth was left with only one of the interstellar doorways.

The Stargate had first been opened by Dr. Daniel Jackson 9 years before and the Stargate Command or SGC had been sending teams to alien planets ever since. The most well known of these teams was SG-1.

This team had been captured; shot and killed more times than you could count and they had on many occasions saved the world from total disaster. SG-1’s original commanding officer was General O Neill. After leading the original team through the Stargate to the desert planet Abydos, he and Colonel Kawalsky had both been picked to command SG teams. Unfortunately on his first mission Kawalsky was infested by a parasitical Goa’uld and the SG security teams were forced to kill him.

SG-1 was made up of three people for its original mission, Colonel Jack O Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, an expert on astro-physics from the pentagon and Daniel Jackson, the scientist who successfully opened the gate the first time round.

On their first mission SG-1 was captured and ordered dead by the Goa’uld Apophis. However one of the Jaffa, first prime to Apophis, Teal’c turned on his false god and helped SG-1 to escape. He was to become Sg-1’s fourth and final member.

7 years later Colonel O Neill had a repository of knowledge downloaded into his head. Possessing the knowledge of the Ancients, the first evolution of humans with a few million years on us, he found an outpost in Antarctica and used the weapons there to destroy Anubis and his fleet which were orbiting Earth. Jack couldn’t hold the knowledge and was eventually saved by the Asgard. After this encounter the second commander of the SGC, Dr Elizabeth Weir was sent on an expedition to the other side of the galaxy leaving a vacant position in the SGC. The president of the United States of America gave that position to the newly promoted general O Neill.

O Neill then ceased to be a regular through the gate and Sg-1 was left as a three man team.

Chapter 2

The forest seemed ablaze as the energy discharges from several blasts from Jaffa staff weapons flew through the densely packed trees. The sound of P90s could also be heard in the forest.

“Dial the gate!” came a shout from a woman with short blonde hair as she fired into the woodland, metal could be heard hitting metal as the bullets collided with the Jaffa metal armour. The Jaffa she had hit fell to the ground with a thud but the others didn’t hesitate.
A man was running towards the gate, he had short brown hair and was wearing the same uniform as the woman he approached the DHD and began dialling the gate, he pushed five symbols before being hit by a discharge of energy from a Zat'n'ktel. He slumped over the panel and hit random buttons and the gate opened.

The gate opening is a spectacular sight, first the lights around the gate turn on and then the event horizon is formed, there is a momentary wave of energy that shoots out disintegrating anything it touches and then the gate is almost still. On the horizon there is a watery layer that you step through to reach your destination.

“Daniel Jackson!” shouted a much deeper voice from behind the tree line, “Are you alright?” the man received no reply and as such ran to the limp figure at the DHD, “Colonel Carter, the gate is open.” He said informatively, the blonde woman came out from the trees and began to push in a code on a small device she had on her, together they grabbed Daniel and jumped through the gate, they were followed by staff weapon blasts.

Chapter 3

“Colonel Carter, this is not Earth” Teal’c said
“Then where are we?” Carter asked
“I am unsure” said Teal’c, they were interrupted as a Jaffa came through the gate, he fired and missed, his shot struck the planets DHD and the gate shut down. Teal’c fired his staff weapon and the bolt struck the enemy throwing him back through the now empty ring.

Daniel began to stir and he looked up into the face of Teal’c. “Colonel Carter, Daniel is awake” Teal’c said again, “Okay then, Daniel dial Earth” Sam said to Daniel as he stood up. Daniel went to the DHD and started to dial Earth, this time the DHD reacted differently, it didn’t light up as Daniel hit the buttons and the gate wasn’t reacting either. “Umm, Sam, we may have a problem” Daniel stammered.

General O Neill flicked his fishing rod back into the lake once again whilst sipping his favourite beer, Jack was quite young for a General but years of travelling through the gate had left him with wrinkles and white-ish hair, he was not a boring man but he loved to fish. He dreamed of owning a boat and taking tourists fishing for his living but after the years events didn’t think that to be too likely. During his year the Jaffa took an Ancient weapon from Anubis without dealing with him properly, luckily for them Oma Desala, or Mother Nature in Goa’uld, fought Anubis as he moved closer to Dakara, Daniel Jackson had been stabbed and killed by the Replicator queen who had taken the form of Sam and in one extreme case a plant took over the SGC. Jack longed to go back through the gate in regular intervals but his post prevented him from living either of his dreams.

Jack finally lifted the rod out of the water and began to pack up; he looked at his watch and began to hurry. He just got inside before his alarm went off. Jack lifted the black device and pushed buttons, the TV sprang to life and the familiar theme tune of a certain Groening cartoon could be heard from outside along with the laughter of Jack.

Jack was annoyed when in the middle of the program his phone began to ring; he lifted the device and answered the call “Yes.” He said rather rudely, “Hello Walter, what now?” he asked, “I’ll be right there, just once I would love an emergency to take place during the sci-fi hour. I can’t stand sci-fi, it’s always during the Simpsons.” He slammed the phone down and turned off the TV.

He grabbed his jacket and swung it on as he went out of the door; he got into his black car and drove off at break neck speed.

Chapter 4

The grey cover panel of the DHD was strewn across the floor; the body of Daniel Jackson could be seen hanging from inside the Dial Home Device, there was a sound of movement and a crystal was pulled from the grey device. The DHD was only a few feet off of the floor and as such was difficult to perform any act of maintenance. Daniel appeared from it and carefully examined the pink crystal, “Well the DHD itself is fine and the power is all up, something has to be stopping it from working but it isn’t in the device itself.” He informed the others, “What could do such a thing Daniel?” Teal’c asked, “I don’t know, there could be something wrong with the DHD, try manually dialling the gate”, Teal’c approached the giant device, he began to attempt to move the ring but there was no movement, “There is something holding the gate” Teal’c told Daniel, “Well there is nothing we can do, where is Sam?”, “Colonel Carter went to check the surrounding area”, their conversation was cut short by shooting and a scream. Teal’c was ahead of Daniel by a few metres and he also cried out in pain, he looked down and a bug had crawled onto his leg, Daniel saw a poison gland come out of the bug, he aimed and fired the Zat, “Are you Okay?” Daniel inquired, “I am fine, where is Colonel Carter?” Teal’c asked, “I don’t know, she just disappeared.” They ran to the spot the shooting had come from and found nothing of importance, “She can’t just disappear into thin air!” Daniel exclaimed, “Calm down we will find her.” Teal’c said with little emotion in his voice.

Daniel and Teal’c headed forward into the forest, ready to search for their team-mate.

Chapter 5

“Walter what is going on?” O Neill asked, “Sir we have had no contact with SG-1 in the past twelve hours, we have sent SG-9 to go and find them. They are due back in less than four hours.” He replied, Walter had worked at the SGC since it opened and was an invaluable part of the team yet he was often the butt of jokes and the vent for frustration, he was by this time used to it.

He had gained certain catch-phrases over the years and he was about to use one of them. A rumbling sound echoed from the embarkation room, “Unauthorized off-world activation!” he shouted into the base’s microphone. O Neill ran into the control room and stared through the bullet-proof shield at the Stargate, “Receiving SG-9’s IDC” he said as he opened the metallic shield that protected Earth on many occasions, the only time the Iris had been of no use was during an attack by Sokar, when Anubis commandeered an ancient weapon and shot through the gate and when the Tollan appeared on Earth, the Tollan had technology that allowed them to walk through solid matter and as such by-pass the shield. The Goa’uld Tannith in the service of Anubis took control of the Tollan people’s technology when there defences proved of no use to them against Anubis’s shield, eventually the Tollan Narrim destroyed the Goa’uld’s weapons that could pass through the Iris and the entire Tollan people were killed.

A singular soldier materialised on the event horizon and he was struck by a staff weapon blast once reaching the other side. He managed to shout “Close the Iris!” before passing out.

Teal’c and Daniel had been walking for a few hours when they found a small spherical device hidden in the grass. The small device was black but appeared to have a reddish tint. Daniel picked it up and brushed mud from the shiny surface, “Daniel Jackson, what is that device?” Teal’c asked, Daniel looked at the device and randomly pushed it. It was slightly malleable but showed no signs of any power.

“Teal’c have you ever seen anything like this?” Daniel asked, “No, the Goa’uld possess no such device. It appears to be un-powered.” Teal’c replied, “Yeah do you think a Zat could power it up?” Daniel asked Teal’c, “I am unsure, perhaps we should try it out”. They agreed and Daniel pulled out his Zat, he aimed at the device and fired.

When the blue beam struck the device it changed shape and texture, it turned into a solid cuboid with raised buttons, on each button was a series of dots and lines. Daniel looked at them for a moment and realised what it was. “Teal’c this is a gate remote control. There are about 50 planets programmed in. I think Earth is one of them, maybe we can use it to open a wormhole home.” Daniel explained, “We still must find Colonel Carter” Teal’c said, there was a buzzing sound from a few metres away and a bright light, both Teal’c and Daniel ran straight towards it.

April 22nd, 2005, 01:37 PM
Chapter 6

“Captain?” came O Neill’s voice, “Captain what the hell happened?”, “We were attacked, the Colonel was transported off of the planet and we were ambushed” replied the young Captain, “Who by?”, “I am unsure, however the beam was not Goa’uld. It was Asgard”, “Asgard, what would Thor want with Colonel Juile?”, “I have no idea Sir but the rest of my team was mowed down by the Jaffa and I didn’t have much time. Request permission to go and check for survivors.”, “Permission Denied. I’m sorry but I can’t allow you to go back to that planet if a Goa’uld is there. Relax the Doc says you will be out in a few days and we will add you to a team then.” General O Neill then swiftly removed himself from the infirmary.

The alarm that signalled an incoming wormhole sounded again, O Neill ran to the control room in anticipation he got there in time to hear, “Welcome Back SG-5” He sighed and left the room, he went towards the mess; he wasn’t hungry but believed his appetite would be stirred by a soothing cup of Coffee and a meal
O Neill was wrong; nothing could stir up an appetite in him. He was worried. When he had been regularly off-world he had faced the possibility of never seeing his friends again but he had never felt so helpless. He had dispatched three Sg teams to scour the area Sg-1 was in but there had been no news from them. They were due back in less than an hour.

General O Neill finished his Coffee and had to move again. He had to authorise communication with the Asgard in regards to Juile. He doubted somehow that Thor would have taken away an SGC member. However he knew he had to try to get as much info on the events as he could.

He sat in his office waiting, the Stargate had been closed after sending a message to Thor, Supreme commander of the Asgard fleet, and he was awaiting a reply but knew Thor would probably come to Earth by ship if he was in the area.

The bright flash of light and burst of sound of an Asgard teleportation device could be heard outside O Neill’s office. He looked through the bullet-proof window and sure enough saw a small grey figure in a chair simply looking around.

The grey face of the small grey creature, similar to the aliens that were supposedly found in Roswell, was rather comical. The alien was wrinkled and appeared to be unable to blink fast enough. However laughing at an Asgard was probably not such a good idea as they aren’t famed for their sense of humour. They were however probably the friendliest race the Stargate teams had ever come across.

“Thor!” O Neill said warmly as he walked through the grey door of his new office, “O Neill, it is good to see you again.” Thor said whilst looking around him blankly, “Thor, I am sorry to even have to ask but did you steal some of my SG team members?” O Neill directly asked, “I do not understand” Thor said, frustration began to grow on O Neill’s face after realising he had lost SG team members to an unknown force. “Could it be any other Asgard?” O Neill asked clutching at straws, “No, I am the only Asgard in your galaxy at the moment” Thor told him, “Is there any chance it could be a Goa’uld?”, “No. There were no Goa’uld in the proximity of the planet your team disappeared on. The area is neutral territory for the system lords.”, “So it isn’t a system Lord?”, “No, they are all accounted for. We have no knowledge of them all however I doubt that there were any on the planet. It was a planet belonging to the Ancients many years ago. Goa’uld dare not go there”, “So what can you tell me?” O Neill asked, “I can tell you that I will look into it. I am glad to see you O Neill but I must leave, worry not. We will solve your mystery.” Thor said and then he was engulfed in white light and his small grey form disappeared.

O Neill sat in a briefing room whilst he was briefed by the only survivor of Sg-9. “We were finishing off our survey when the ground beneath us gave way, we found ourselves in an underwater reservoir and it was then we heard the enemy approach.” The Captain recalled, “Who was your enemy?” O Neill asked, “It was a large contingent of Jaffa loyal to Baal” the captain said. Sweat now dripped down his previously well composed face. “That’s funny” O Neill said “Thor told me that there was no Goa’uld on the planet”, “I apologise sir it wasn’t Jaffa” he said worried now, “Then who was it?”, “I don’t know!”, “Why weren’t you wet when you came through the gate?”, “We dried off sir”, “During a fire-fight?”, “Yes sir”, “How far were you from the gate?”, “A mile or so”, “You were authorised to be back by 4.PM, you claim you were at this point by 3:42. Either you are wrong or you did a mile in less than 3 minutes whilst shooting is this correct?”, “Yes si...” he started but O Neill interrupted, “I am sorry Captain but I have to put you under arrest whilst we prepare the Tok’ra’s lie detector” O Neill informed him. The Captain went red and pulled out a gun “I can’t let you do that! I have to go!” Jack ran at the man and managed to knock the gun out of his hand, the Captain retaliated by throwing Jack into a wall and then bursting through the door. He ran towards the gate room and into the command room. A guard attempted to stop him but somehow when the man realised the guard was close, the guard had flown into a stair-case. The gate dialled and opened.

The captain walked up the metal ramp and received a gunshot to the right shoulder. “Stop!” A young guard shouted at him. The man snorted and grabbed the guard. With a simple flick of his wrist there was a horrible click and the guard choked on his own blood. The Captain was at the gate as Jack reached the controls and began to shut it down. Jack managed to stop it just after the young captain had escaped through. The General looked at the co-ordinates. They were in the area Sg-1 had gone missing, the planet was only a few light-years away. The General attempted to re-dial the gate but the computer had been locked out and the iris was held open.
O Neill looked at the carnage the one man had caused but that was the least of his problems as the ground began to shake.

Chapter 7

The chevrons lit up and the gate opened. O Neill successfully closed the blast doors and got on the microphone. “SGC members we may have an off-world assault. The dialling computer is down and we have no idea what is happening. All SGC security members to the gate room. I repeat all security personnel to the gate-room.

Security teams assembled either side of the gate-room and O Neill opened the doors. He looked down and saw a Kull warrior. “Open fire!” he shouted down the mic. The bullets rang out and the suited figure raised a hand and released a scream as the bullets pierced the black suit. “Hold your fire!” O Neill said as he realised Kull Warriors don’t scream. “This is General Jack O Neill who are you?” he asked. “Colonel William Juile sir; I am here to warn you. You have a traitor in your midst.”

“Dr Jackson!” Teal’c shouted as he looked towards a tree in the distance. “What is it Teal’c?” Daniel asked, “I think that tree has human blood on it!” Teal’c said, “Sam?” Daniel asked as he started running towards the brown giant. Daniel looked at the blood and observed something strange, it appeared to be turning black at an expediential rate. “Teal’c, this blood may look human but it isn’t. I have seen this before but I cannot think where.” Daniel informed, “This is therefore not Colonel Carters blood” Teal’c pointed out, “No, but whose is it then?” Daniel mused.