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April 5th, 2005, 06:09 PM
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(Cult Times is a UK based scifi magazine. In the US, you may order
online from the URL above. Or, check with your local Borders or
Barnes and Noble Bookstores for the magazine. Allow time for the
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TV Zone Special #62, CSI 2005
(Reference #TS62)
Now Available

132 pages

with a special focus on the fast-growing cult franchise of them all…

CSI: Crime Scene Investigations
• Creator Anthony Zuiker reveals how one night spent watching a fly-on-the-wall documentary led to television’s top crime show

Cast interviews
• Marg Helgenberger tells us about bringing beauty and brains to Vegas as CSI’s Catherine Willows
• CSI: Miami’s David Caruso discusses his second shot at TV fame
• CSI: New York’s Melina Kanakeredes explains how she became the Big Apple’s Guardian Angel…

TV Crime Extra!
• NYPD Blue: As the veteran cop show leaves the air, creator Steven Bochco and star Dennis Franz discuss 12 years of making an alcoholic boor a hero…
• 15 Top Telly ‘Tecs: We run down the quirkiest, most insightful detectives TV has to offer
• 24: CTU new recruit Roger E Cross debates the great question – is the show racist towards Muslims?

Stargate Atlantis The designers guide us through exclusive design sketches of their creations

Desperate Housewives Uptight Bree and free-spirited Gabrielle, aka Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria, discuss the perils of sudden fame

The West Wing Season Five complete episode guide

Battlestar Galactica 2005 Actor Richard Hatch, and star of the original series, tells us how he came to love the updated version of the show he’d fought to bring back

The World of Lost Shows We look at some short-lived shows that were ahead of their time...

Clone Wars Animation guru Genndy Tartakovsky reveals his plans for the latest run of the Star Wars spin-off

The Quatermass Experiment The live return of Nigel Kneale’s pioneering Science Fiction serial

Casanova (2205) Star David Tennant discusses the hit BBC3 drama, and his love of the role for which he’s currently tipped… Doctor Who!

...and speaking of which, Doctor Who!
• Writer Lance Parkin previews the eighth Doctor’s last adventure, The Gallifrey Chronicles
• Rose’s mother Jackie and boyfriend Mickey, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke, answer the $64,000 question… how did Rose end up with a prat like that?

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