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June 1st, 2004, 07:11 AM
i'm starting a stargate fanfic!

it is not done, but a small blurb..if you will! *i'll probably post updates of this and where to find it later when i have more written*

It was like any other day at the SGC. The fresh smell of zats firing, experiments going totally wrong and blowing up, oh and the most important thing, Luke’s so called “Naquadah Cake.” No one really knew if there was Naquadah in the cake, and to be honest no one was going to ask. Not many things available in the cafeteria could be pass as edible, but everyone loves the cake. Some days Luke would find himself decorating the cake with some strangely familiar alien faces. Someone once asked what made the eyes shine on the cake, they of course got a blank stare and something mushy splattered on their plate.

Jack loved Naquadah cake. He loved it almost as much as he loved the Simpsons, and that’s saying a lot. There weren’t many things Jack loved, but he always left a spot in his heart (and his tummy) for the cake. He once even bothered to mention to General Hammond that if Naquadah cake were offered during a first contact, then no one would have to worry about pesky treaties and alliances. Of course General Hammond had to disagree…

“But General!” Jack whined.
“Don’t but me Jack, I’ve already told you, no giving the natives cake!”
“You know, this is why the Tokra want nothing to do with us, its because we wont share the cake. They’re jealous you know, jealous of the shiny frosting!” Jack exclaimed.

Everyone knows this conversation eventually lead up to nowhere. The point is, Naquadah cake is tasty, very tasty. So tasty that any Asgard who rejected the cake would probably be subjected to fishing with Jack. Not that fishing is bad; its just fishing with Jack is bad.

Right as Jack was about to take a big bite into his piece of the cake, all the power went out in the SGC. This pissed Jack off, because now he couldn’t see the shiny eyes of the cake. Realizing he’s probably needed, he somehow stumbled is way into the gate room.