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April 4th, 2005, 03:53 PM

As any fan of Brian Lumley's Necroscope series could tell you, the classic take on vampires assumes a new role, concerning a parasite type creature.

This parasite, known as a wamphyri, originally inhabited an area of wetland, similiar to a swamp. By themselves, they have no special abilities; it is only when they take control of a host do certain traits develope. Not to go into details concerning lifestyles or biological functions, the only thing I would make mention of is that there is also a queen mother, which is born very rarely, which has the ability to spawn hundreds of eggs.

The wampyri egg can be absorbed through the skin, but it is more common for it to find its way to the spinal column or enter through the mouth; once inside, it gestates within the host chest cavity.

The wampyri (vampires of tradition) found a way to our world through a fallen white dwarf which had created a one way worm hole connecting our two worlds. Subsequently, a second "hole" was created accidentally when a Russian 'electrical' plant went critical, creating another one way tunnel to the wampyri homeworld.

Those are just the very bare bone basics concerning the wampyri, but please note the similarity between the g'ould and the wampyri. Parasitic. Born of water. Gateways.

Now this is where I lead this thread into a StarGate related subject... please bear with me.

In the StarGate mythos, we have dealt with gods, demons, angels. Atlantis covers wraiths. I for one am not a fan of Atlantis, so what I propose is this:

Some of the members here get together and pose a story idea to the writers of StarGate, perhaps a halloween special or something. The story would involve Daniel discovering a fact amongst the vampire legends of the world which connects them to g'ould... wampyri. Have it so that the wampyri are closer to the original g'ould bloodline then what the SGC has dealt with so far; case in point being that the wampyri can regenerate by themselves, and those "newer" bloodlines have lost that trait (due to sacafagus). This would lead the SG1 team to the home of vampire legends, and after translating ancient texts, they would unearth a natural constant wormhole to the wampyri homeworld.

A second story idea would be that a vampire still alive in this world awakens from his centuries long sleep, and realizes that humans are aware of g'ould (but yet still consider the wampyri a simple legend). This Wampyri penetrates SGC, evading all lines of defense, and meets Daniel, trying to convince Daniel to allow himself to return to his homeworld (subsequent search and uncovering of gateway). It fails or it doesn't, not for me to decide; if it works, we've returned an extremely powerful wamphyri to a world in waiting, with the knowledge of Gate Travel, OR we try to exterminate the wamphyri (having then impregnated how many SGC personnel through spores) with the knowledge that vampire myths are real, that they cover the world, and that there are more HERE.

**Necroscope interlude: the natural gateway was used to toss in unwanted wampyri, to send them into the Hell Lands**

Any takers on this endevour?


Not wishing to make it seem as if I am trying to flood the board on my first day, so I am combining a couple different threads into one. This part consists of (yet another) iris question.

Yes, I have used the search function, went through all related threads, but this question has not yet been asked.

You have either talked about opening/closing concerning wormhole activation, or where the iris goes when open, but the one thing that you should be asking and have not it this:

"How did they get the iris into place?"

Isn't a star gate made of some pretty hard material? It can survive a meteor impact, black hole absorbtion, focused radiation, orbital re-entry... yet humans have found a way to drill and bevel that material to allow an iris to slide in and out? Not to mention how many iris pieces we're talking about to allow full coverage of an event horizon and still maintain it's integrety, but these bevels and drills (which went through impervious material) also allowed the fastening of drives and motors and makeshift wiring?


Concerning the DHD... probably already talked about, haven't searched yet, but will...

How many combinations are there on a 36 piece lock? Alot, if you consider repeat numbers... but a DHD isn't a lock, there are NO repeat "numbers". You cannot form a 6 point grid using repeated coordinates; and since 6 are required to locate the destination, wouldn't that greatly eliminate the over all scope of SGC gate world directory?

Wandering Tamer
April 4th, 2005, 09:32 PM
have you even bothered to read the other boards? these have been talked about.

at least for 1 and 3. as for the iris.... suspend some belief here.