View Full Version : A fanfic idea/request(spoilers for Moebius)

March 27th, 2005, 12:10 PM
I've got an idea I'd like to share to see if anyone might be able to make a fic out of it.

In Ancient Egypt after the rebeliion Daniel and the alternate Jack, Sam and Teal'c didn't simply live out their lives. With Daniel's help they ascended.

They actually do change history. The fish in Jack's lake were put there by Ascended Jack. But much more importantly they took on Anubis when no one else would. Maybe they had the power to destroy him all together. Maybe they had to fight him like Oma and just take turns being the one to styme him.

So, no Anubis in the later seasons. That's the only thing they actively get involved in though. Now despite this Daniel, the one native to the currewnt timeline does descend eventually.

But after they find the tape and the ZPM there is a reason for the ascended version of SG-1 to descend. A new threat of some sort.

This would be a Sam/Jack fic. A double one, in fact.

Alternate Sam is nervous about meeting Colonel Carter until Alternate Jack reminds her she's an ascended being and Colonel Carter only exists because Alternate Sam fixed SG-1's screw up.

If they have to hold Anubis off then Teal'c is the one who stays Ascended, so Daniel can finally meet himself.

At least one dead character is alive.