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  1. Should I watch Continuum?
  2. (Spoof only) Cam tries to Kill Jack ?
  3. Stargate "canonical" Movie - Why...
  4. carzy idea! that's cray!
  5. Which Sg1 character would you like to see in the SGA Movie?
  6. next sg1 movie (Spoilers for EATG and Caldwell )
  7. My Earth based Stargate movie essentials (contains spoilers for SG:A & AoT)
  8. remake
  9. Stargate movie thats not SG-1, Atlantis or the original movie.
  10. Title ideas for the SGA movie ?
  11. How about a Stargate Mega movie?
  12. SGA / SG1 combination movie
  13. Stargate Petition for Theatrical Movie
  14. Atlantis episode remastered like CotG? (Spoilers for S5)
  15. start filming sg-1 third movie?
  16. Stargate: the original movie- what should have been kept as part of SG-1?
  17. Favourite SG Movie so far ?
  18. did they ever found out the leak?
  19. Movie Ratings from Sci-Fi
  20. Ark and Continuum DVD
  21. Need sg-1 movie info
  22. Should Maybourne be in the 3rd SG-1 Movie?
  23. who should be in the new movies
  24. Where do the movies come in? (Please tag late SG1/SGA Spoilers)
  25. The Ark of Truth & Continuum signed DVDs
  26. The Return of Klorel?
  27. Budget Speculations on new movies?
  28. Changes to SGC Gateroom ETC....will this affect the 3rd SG-1 Movie ?
  29. SGA movie on imdb ?
  30. Do you think Stargate will ever be remade into a feature film for theaters?
  31. Non SG1 Stargate Movies
  32. Art and news for Children of the Gods
  33. Will there be a new Soundtrack for COTG ?
  34. Could Rising be re-cut like Children of the Gods?
  35. Where is the Stargate Trilogy???
  36. 2010
  37. Restrictions on the Ark of Truth / Continuum blu-ray combo?
  38. Stargate Prequel Idea
  39. Project Terzo
  40. A Jack-focused movie.... ideas?
  41. A Daniel-centric movie..... thoughts?
  42. A Vala-Centric Movie....It Could Work...
  43. An SG-1 Centric SG-1 Movie?
  44. A Sam-centric movie? Ideas?
  45. thos in the know
  46. Woah? Not the wormhole drive!
  47. Canada Day Stargate Movie Marathon On SPACE JULY 1st!!!
  48. Stargate: Knights of the round table (the Jack Centric movie)
  49. Quality of big budget SG theatre flick
  50. Original Stargate Sequels
  51. 'Children of the Gods' recut official announcement
  52. A trillogy of movies?
  53. Enemies for the SGA Movie. Spoilers for SGA S5
  54. I'm an RDA fan as much as the next guy but...
  55. Re-shoot or Re-editing of the Original Movie
  56. Anniversary Stargate Original Movie Blu Ray Release
  57. Children of the Gods: Final Cut - My Review
  58. An movie not starring the regular casts?
  59. what can we do to convince mgm to green light the sg1 movie
  60. Anybody else think that CotG Final Cut was a Waste?
  61. Stargate The Movie on AMC Channel
  62. Stargate Continuum Won a DVD Award!
  63. Movies Nearly Ready To Shoot?
  64. Stargate The Movie Sequel
  65. Movie idea.
  66. Just rewatched both telefilms. The one thing I find terribly jarring... Spoilers!!
  67. Anyone else actually no longer care about another SG1 or SGA movie?
  68. Where did the 'Stargate Extinction Speculation-Will there be a movie?' thread go?
  69. Movie sequence.
  70. Why isn't there a section for the original Stargate movie?
  71. no sg1 third movie?
  72. 15th Anniversary Bluray Stargate!
  73. SG-1, Atlantis, or just a Stargate Movie?
  74. Possible new "ship" in SGA movie
  75. What We Know
  76. Which movie to watch first?
  77. Poll: SG-1 vs Atlantis
  78. Idea for a low cost Stargate Movie
  79. 2010 Stargate Movies
  80. My thoughts about Sam and Jack in the third movie (spec and spoilers)
  81. SGA Movie idea
  82. Look At This (1 min)
  83. SG1 movie appearance order (between seasons)?
  84. Michael Shakes Comments about the 3rd SG1 Movie
  85. If it came down to it, which would you rather have?
  86. Stargate Movie Fan Campaign
  87. how is it possible that there is a second season of sgu?
  88. if there won't be sg1 movie- publish the script, give us details
  89. Time's running out...
  90. what did Jm mean when he said i feel positive about stargate revolution?
  91. new SG-1 movie is it gonna happen or not
  92. Movies
  93. STARGATE Movie Question
  94. What's the Latest on a New Stargate Movie?
  95. Vala & "Revolution"
  96. Stargate movies need to be in theaters!
  97. The New stargate Sg1 movie plot
  98. Question about the Original Stargate Movie!
  99. Stargate Revolution (Sg-1 movie)
  100. Can't find this info about the third movie, please help!
  101. Should they make a new Stargate movie for theaters?
  102. AOT and Continuum : Movies or long episodes?
  103. SGA and SG1 movie idea...
  104. Making remakes of SG-1 episodes
  105. Will there be a third movie?
  106. stargate sg1 movie? any good news?
  107. Stargate Revolution
  108. Question about Anubis and the original Stargate classic!!!???
  109. third movie status?
  110. Which movie came first : Ark of Truth or Continuum?
  111. Stargate Revolution Latest News ????
  112. Let the campaign begin...
  113. Seeing the movies for the first time...
  114. Stargate Prewatch: Stargate the Movie!
  115. Stargate glyphs questions
  116. Stargate - Revolution Petition ?
  117. What happens to Vala?
  118. Continuum question
  119. Will there be another movie?
  120. Saying Goodbye (cast and crew)
  121. Baal's Time Machine On Praxia
  122. Stargate Program revealed
  123. Time travel (Continuum)
  124. Unmade scripts to graphic novels/novels?
  125. AoT Featured in a BBC report on ridiculous uses of code in movies
  126. Stargate Reboot Trilogy
  127. Question About Ori Powers