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  1. So uh....does anyone actually like Lexa Doig?
  2. Different Planes of Ascension - Spoilers for Origin and Threads
  3. What did you think of Gerak - Possible Origin Spoilers
  4. Is Dr. Lam Airforce?
  5. Are the Ori Telling the Truth?
  6. Cameron Mitchell's pre-SG1 career.
  7. Just watched Fragile Balance again
  8. Daniel's Ascension and season 9
  9. SciFi Channel Ratings - Season NINE
  10. missed crossover oppertunity!
  11. too many
  12. How old are the Ori?
  13. The City of the Ori
  14. an error in "Thor's Hammer"
  15. Extent of Arthurian Legend in S9 (Possible Spoilers)
  16. Who would convert to Orii's religion, if Priors came to Earth?
  17. The Priors Parables
  18. Would the ancients do the same for us?
  19. oma came first
  20. Why do the Ori possess the Doci?
  21. Communication device nitpick - Spoilers for Avalon and Origin
  22. Sacrificing Hair For Power
  23. Prior In Flames!
  24. Think a BIG bucket of water would do?
  25. Ori, the original Goa'uld? (Theoretical, but beware of possible Spoilers!)
  26. Orii Reproduction?
  27. Disagreement with the Orii
  28. Accidential double post-please ignore
  29. Chaya / Athar From Atlantis' "Threads
  30. Will Priors Win Converts for the Wrong "Gods"
  31. ORI-gin of the Tauri?
  32. Wheres the stargate? In the Ori
  33. Ori = Pah-Wraiths
  34. Some Basis for Ori in Zoroastrianism? SPOILERS for Origin
  35. Do you like Lt. Colonel Mitchell?
  36. when will stargate season 9 and stargate atlantis season 2 air in the uk?
  37. Orii: Misunderstood?
  38. Different rings in different galaxies
  39. Should have ended with Season 8
  40. Uber-Goa'ulds???
  41. Which Episode did Teal'c....
  42. how will the goa'uld view the ori
  43. Wraiths and Humans!
  44. What was a gou'old ring transporter doing in the Ancient depository on Earth?
  45. what will the ori fleet look like spoiler speculation
  46. if we (humans) are descendants of the Alterans....
  47. Interview with Mitchell Kosterman, "Tom" from Heroes 1 & 2
  48. Ori, number of times mentioned.
  49. SPOILERS - The Return of The...
  50. Ripple Effect Mystery character?
  51. What if the Wraith virus had infected other Earth computer?
  52. Orii Technology
  53. first photos for "Ex Deus Machina"
  54. When will Mitchell have something to do?
  55. (Possible Spoiler Pic) That pistol looked very familiar. . .
  56. What kind of "doctor" is Dr. Lee
  57. Just get it over with
  58. Ori armies
  59. S9:theory of Evolution and Intelligent design
  60. Wrong Wormhole Shot in "The Ties that Bind"
  61. Return of the Zats
  62. return of the teltak!
  63. Ascended Beings and Quantum Mirrors?
  64. SG-1 changing too much
  65. Epitaph For Stargate
  66. Say it aint so!
  67. Could the Ancients be Angels?
  68. Stargate Vala (Spoilers for TTTB)
  69. Q/A with Harrid and Sallis (Stephen Park & April Telek)
  70. Ancient Timeline?
  71. Teal'c NOT filler
  72. Jaffa mistrust
  73. Possible Spoilers for The Fourth Horsemen
  74. General Jack O'Neill two stars
  75. Stargate Season 9 Is The New Season One
  76. ori and pegasus
  77. Neil Jackson as Khalek (Prototype Spoilers)
  78. Season Nine In The Uk?
  79. Looed but can't find this thread so here I go
  80. How many more season needed for the Orii story?
  81. Major Plot mistake S4 "Window of Oppurtunity"
  82. Mitchell Confusion
  83. Ori interfering with physical plane of existence.
  84. Wheres the season 9 opening credits?
  85. Character returns in prototype
  86. GW: First plot details for 'Off the Grid' (SPOILERS)
  87. Season Nine premier in Canada
  88. Maybourne
  89. Sky One airing date for season 9?
  90. P3X-666 and SG-13 (SPOILERS FOR HEROES PTS. 1 & 2)
  91. Will TMN (The Movie Network) buy SG1 like Atlantis?
  92. Wormhole CG on Season 9
  93. Is RDA coming back to SG-1?
  94. She's back. And so is the team! - A Sam-Friendly thread.
  95. S9:Is Getting technologies still high priority?
  96. Season Nine
  97. Nonsensical are the Ori [SERIES SPOILER]
  98. Teal'c with a P90?
  99. modest jackson
  100. GW: SG-1 season finale titles revealed!
  101. missed esp 905
  102. Landry and Lam Storyline
  103. asgard ships
  104. What happened?
  105. What card game were Teal'c and Mitchell playing?
  106. Naquadria/Naquadah Generators
  107. New Daedalus Class Battlecruisers
  108. Excalibur what does it do ?
  109. Ancient Backstory confusion
  110. Nice little contradiction
  111. "No Interference" rule? What's that?
  112. legacy of a villan
  113. Daniel's defence of free will
  114. We have a problem!
  115. Origin...Plague...Alterrans....backstory
  116. Naming the priors - spoilers and images
  117. f302 looks obsolete
  118. How did the Ori get here?
  119. unas in s9?
  120. Bring Back Dr. Fraiser
  121. Evil Ori = Anti Religon
  122. F-302 Hyperspace Squadrens
  123. (Spoilers) The Ori hopefully continue in their current direction
  124. Airforce approval of Stargate scripts
  125. ori interference
  126. Lead character confusion
  127. Immunity? [Spoilers for The Powers That Be]
  128. Are the Ori only interested in Humans?
  129. Season 9 Teal'c
  130. Staff Weapons! And Zats! And Goa'uld voices!
  131. Avalon Part 1-Lost City Part 2 Error
  132. Ori and the Ancients
  133. Spelling
  134. Ori, plague, Col. Mitchell an a cure.
  135. Five Great Races Enemies Plotline
  136. Doubt?
  137. Tok'ra??
  138. Now Why
  139. How much knowledge gained from Ascenion
  140. stargates in the Ida galaxy
  141. oh Sam I miss you!
  142. Has Anyone Other Than The Ancients\Orii ascended
  143. Daniel the atheist doci
  144. system lords
  145. If you were Daniel what questions would you ask the prior??
  146. Hints about the Orii
  147. Teal'c when he was living off base
  148. Vala/Varla?
  149. F302 vertical takeoff/landing
  150. The "Book of Origin" ,Milkyway edition
  151. So where the hell did jack get transfered to??
  152. new girls needs help
  153. Episode: Ripple Effect prediction
  154. Theory about the Ancients and the Orii
  155. S6 Boxset spelling and synopsis errors???
  156. Ori are Parasites?
  157. Carter Is Coming Home!!!
  158. My theory on the O'ri
  159. first spoilers for "The Scourge"
  160. Aris Boch and the Lucian Alliance - spoilers
  161. o'neill we need you back
  162. F-302's
  163. S8 Region 4 DVD Boxed Set
  164. Theories: Ori will be defeated
  165. Is it just me...
  166. i wonder how the ori do it!!!
  167. Fall and Decline of the Jaffa
  168. Sam's hair in season 9
  169. Defence Policy of Planet Earth (spoilers)
  170. an ascended gouald allowed to stay ascended
  171. Is it just me….Or did Daniel miss an obvious clue?
  172. Where'd the Zatted Jaffa go? (Spoilers for "Beach Head")
  173. "We dont HAVE to talk this way"
  174. Wormholes and black holes -O my!(Spolier)
  175. Plothole in "Beach Head"
  176. The End of King Arthur
  177. Creepy alien copying guys from 'Foothold'
  178. What would an Ori-style ascension look like?
  179. Theory about the Ori and the Ancients
  180. With the help of Nerus?
  181. so the jaffa on this random planet have guns?
  182. Vala & Daniel story-arc speculation (Beachhead)
  183. The problem with Season 9
  184. Which Season 9 episodes are you most looking forward to?
  185. stargate a blend of religions
  186. Why the Ori want to ascend people
  187. I'ts not fair! October is so far away!
  188. big aztec aliens v orii
  189. I agree with the Ori
  190. why the accended are not allowed to use their powers
  191. Does BC-303 need some sort of "shuttle craft" ?
  192. black hole plot hole
  193. The Ori and the Alterans
  194. Daniel's Attitude?
  195. Jaffa acting like War Mongers
  196. Vala's Future - Hallowed be the O'ri
  197. Anyone here miss..?
  198. where is Onil?
  199. Anubis and The Ori
  200. Where are the Asguard??
  201. Priors
  202. I think i might of confused it
  203. Bra'tac
  204. The Nox and the Asgard relative to the Ori
  205. If L. Ron Hubbard could do it, why can't I?
  206. Vala's true fate and possible return (Spoilers for Beachhead and end of S9)
  207. so jonas'.....
  208. What would have come through the gate (spoilers)
  209. Ori/Ancient/Plague hypothesis
  210. Just Beam The Bloody Thing Up (spoilers for Beachhead)
  211. Episode Length
  212. What Happened To Anubis Host When He Ascended?
  213. Jaffa Fighting Skills
  214. Is 'Beachhead' the turning point?
  215. Another theory about the Ori
  216. S9 Transcripts ??
  217. The turning-point returning character
  218. Stargate Finale Speculation (Spoiler)
  219. Your opinions on the introduction of Mitchell
  220. Mitchell's interactions with the others (Spoilers for Beachhead)
  221. Questions
  222. what did M.M. stand for?
  223. The Plains Of Celestis [Origin Spoilers]
  224. your picks for the Viewers Choice Marathon
  225. Does anyone else want to see the original Prior back?
  226. If Oma wanted to RETURN
  227. So which Season 1 episode order is correct?
  228. Parallels with Babylon5
  229. Bit risky....
  230. Vote for more Vala!
  231. Prometheus Question - spoilers Beachead
  232. Babylon - Episodic Photography [6 HQs]
  233. Plot vs Character
  234. question about multi-gate dialing
  235. I missed first episode and need answers.
  236. What actors/actresses do you want to play priors?
  237. Stargate Horizon
  238. Could the ori be half-ascended?
  239. Are the Ori watching the Milkyway, like the Ancient?
  240. The Ori are powerful but can they use their ascended powers to see...
  241. Idea About the orii
  242. Grammar maven? Help?
  243. A weird way to look at Season Nine
  244. That Certain Prior in "Horseman"-spoiler(big one)
  245. Ancient space battle!!!!!-spoiler
  246. Orii and the Wrath
  247. are we the 5th race allready?
  248. The writers must hate Ben (spoilers)
  249. spoiler on Carter in season 9
  250. Ex Dues Machina question