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  1. Season 9 Thoughts
  2. Screen Caps from Season Nine Preview
  3. The Orii
  4. Name the one character you do NOT want to see CHANGE in Season 9.
  5. jaffa tribes?
  6. Season 8 DVD
  7. Young Jack in future seasons....
  8. A Goa'uld taking an Asgard as a host
  9. Teal'c Forehead of gold: serpenet of fortune!!
  10. Did the Ancient knew about the Goa'uld before their ascension?
  11. Where is General Hammond Now?
  12. Replicator War
  13. Mini Jack and Cassandra? will they be back, could they become a couple?
  14. Is possible for Tok'ra to recruit Goa'uld after their defeat ?
  15. How to bring Janet back!
  16. Season 8 quality analysis
  17. SG3 or SG5?
  18. New Spoilers for Stargate SG-1 episode "Prototype"
  19. AVALON, PART 1: any synopsis yet?
  20. X-Files Cigarette Smoking Man to Appear in Season 9
  21. Jack Gets Promoted (Again)
  22. selmak and jacob why no sarcophogus
  23. daniel jackson or johny crichton?
  24. Why doesn't SG1 visit the Ancients? Spoilers for S8
  25. Mashur (spoilers)
  26. SFX 132 article about Season 9
  27. New SG-1 Season 9 Sneak Peak
  28. First real cliffhanger since S4?
  29. Any news on Season 9 promo pics?
  30. Should actor Palffy play the prototype? SPOILERS
  31. Love Daniel's New Beard
  32. New Spoilers for SG-1 Episode "Collateral Damage"
  33. The Ori, Worse than the Goa'uld
  34. Interview with Lexa Doig! Exclusive at Stargate-Project
  35. The Daniel Jackson
  36. The last episode of season 8, possibilties for season 9
  37. Can we describe Earth as " moderately advanced " ?
  38. GMS question
  39. Dr. Carolyn Lam's status
  40. New Trailer! (spoilers!)
  41. The Goa'uld are gone, what's next?
  42. Possible end to the Ori
  43. Who's Worse, The Orii or the Wraith
  44. Is Baal in Season 9?(mild Ex Deus Machina spoilers posts 1-8, biggies thereafter)
  45. How O'Neill and Thor made earth what it is now.
  46. What happened to the Gadmeer?
  47. Can two Tok'ra hosts have a Harcesis?
  48. contains spoilers anyone have any ideas as to how they will discover avalon
  49. Did the new sneak peak air yet? I can't get to a TV.
  50. The unknown character....spoilers
  51. New episodic photos for "Avalon, Part 1 and 2"
  52. First four episodic photos for "Origin"
  53. First four episodic photos for "The Powers That Be"
  54. Ernest Littefield
  55. What does TPTB stand for?
  56. We should build our own meeting place!
  57. What do you think Daniel's question was in "WoO"
  58. Robert Picardo talks about his upcoming role as Richard Woolsey in “Prototype”
  59. Charlie (917)
  60. Do you think we will get to See Odin this year!!
  61. Big Lost City Continuity Error
  62. Did the Ancient sent "Christian" off Earth ?S2 "Demons"
  63. Religion and the Advanced races....
  64. First eight "The Ties That Bind" episodic photos
  65. First pic showing Jack O'Neill in Season 9 + New Avalon I + II photos
  66. Threads: Edited
  67. Who thinks Thor should get a chick?
  68. Baby Asgard?
  69. abbreviated episode (Threads)
  70. Why are we getting all these new pics?
  71. how long do you think...
  72. Any information on Ep"Ripple Effect"& "CONVERGENCE"
  73. Can you blame Sg1 for releasing the Ori into our galaxy
  74. Do you think we will see another earth ship
  75. New Opening Sequence Ideas?
  76. Does Dr McKay still allergic to Lemon?after Moebius
  77. last stand question
  78. Norse Mythology that could be used
  79. The Ties That Bind Preview Pictures - Opinions
  80. A Full Fledged Beard?
  81. Sights Unseeen...and Seen
  82. "It's Good to Be King"
  83. SG-1 S9 Promotion Photos (Castshots)
  84. Several new episodic photos for three SG-1 S9 episodes
  85. Jacks Last Season?
  86. Eureka! New thought of why Orlin is...
  87. anyone else a little depressed?
  88. Fate of the Asgard (spoilers)
  89. pro season nine
  90. How do you like the S9 episode titles so far?
  91. Was the worst episode in the series in this season?
  92. why did tealc make this face?
  93. Pro Season 8 thread!!!
  94. Fun things for the future :D
  95. Orii, How the Badger are we supposed to beat them!!!
  96. MOEBIUS, PART 2 question (possible spoiler)
  97. Its good to be king. worst location ever?.
  98. Trailer Jack + Sam
  99. ZAT's and staff weapons
  100. Season 9 on Space?
  101. What season did the team first visit Keb & Oma?
  102. Could the Jaffa become Earthlings?
  103. What did Oma actually do to Anubis?
  104. Mitchell/Browder
  105. new avalon details?
  106. Episode similarities within season 9?
  107. Remaining gould in power
  108. the new pics s9 spoilers
  109. The NEW Teal'c
  110. Any Chance for a Stargate: Prometheus show?
  111. Reckoning Part 2-Damian Kindler's Best Episode?
  112. What happens...full circle spoilers
  113. Tollans?
  114. Timeline for Stargate Events Thread
  115. What happend with Oma and Anubis in 8x18 thread?
  116. Encountering humans from Starcraft or Halo?
  117. Totally Hypothetical idea and storyline for Nox
  118. Claudia Black about NOT making SG-1 Farscape-y - from SciFi Mag (August issue)
  119. Altairans...
  120. Could it be possible? :(
  121. UK Seaon 9 air date
  122. Where oh where are the Spoilers?
  123. Anubi's Powerful Weapon
  124. Season 9 premiere date
  125. Is SG-1 audience intelligent enough...
  126. New Crew, Producer and Behind-The-Scenes Photos from SG-1
  127. Why are they often called ZedPMs?
  128. The season DVD
  129. Another Ori Picture?
  130. As of Season Nine, SG-1 is now SG-Blue Eyes
  131. Daniel Jackson's ancient knoledge?
  132. First plot details for "Beachhead" have arrived!
  133. new allies
  134. Kawalsky
  135. Will Major Davis appear in S9?
  136. Commentary for 'Prometheus Unbound'
  137. How does the rings transport stuff outside of the area below or above the ring pad?
  138. The Same Ancient?
  139. The Pro-Jackson With A Beard thread
  140. Anyone avoiding spoilers?:)
  141. The enemy within (spoiler season 1)
  142. Stronghold
  143. which came first ? Ori or Goa'uld
  144. Haakens? New Enemy?
  145. How do Goa'uld make new queens?
  146. Did they ever explain this mistake?
  147. What time is it
  148. Ok, Where is Carter?
  149. Your season nine opinions
  150. Why is "Jack" not the SGC commander anymore?
  151. Blues Brothers?
  152. Lt. Colonel Mitchell's role in Lost City Pt II
  153. What rank is mitchell?
  154. Why has there been no posts about Da'kara?
  155. ReckoningPT 1&2 and Threads = Stargate 2??? MINOR SPOILERS
  156. Carter wil command SG-1
  157. too many damn ....
  158. A Revitalized SG-1
  159. Daniel's residence in S9 (minor spoiler)
  160. At the end of Season9 more seasons or a big movie :D
  161. What's happening in between Sam and Jack?
  162. Lt. Colonel Mitchell should get a brand new team
  163. Free Jaffa Nation
  164. Gerak = Garak
  165. Mitchells puzzle solved
  166. laying the ground work for Daniels potential move
  167. Another solution/translation to Mitchell's puzzle
  168. OFF THE GRID - possible spoilers
  169. Season 9 in canada..
  170. SG1's robot double (Avalon spoiler)
  171. what atlantis expedition?
  172. If SG-1 Began on another channel it may have not made to Season 9
  173. First plot details on SG-1's 'Stronghold'
  174. How much do the Tok'ra know about Atlantis?
  175. Aschen clipshow epsoide, please no!!
  176. Am I the only 1?...
  177. with the introduction of the orii tomorrow.......
  178. Goa'uld in Season 9
  179. Piecing together the spoilers for The Scourge
  180. Why is Carter not the leader of SG1 in season 9
  181. Transcripts?
  182. "Ancients' " real name
  183. Altearans!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Is Gerak Blood Kin? (possible SPOILERS)
  185. New ancient/ascended information : avalon spoliers!!!::
  186. Asgard having better hyperdrive than Ancients? Lol...
  187. Sci-Fi Repeat Schedule? (missed Avalon 2)
  188. 9.03 - Origin - Trailer
  189. New Cheyenne footage?
  190. Who can keep the treasure?The Queen?(Avalon spoiler)
  191. The Ori's Galaxy
  192. My unsubstantiated and outlandish theory! (spoilers)
  193. How do you dial every gate at once?
  194. Seriously, does anyone miss Sam?
  195. Uh, Daniel said What?!
  196. Sallis...spoilers?
  197. Ori meaning (spoilers)
  198. Were the Ancient addicted to Sarcophagus?(Avalon spoiler)
  199. Ascension postulate
  200. Can someone timeline Ori history? (SPOILERS Avalon 2)
  201. Ancient timeline?
  202. Ori Guy -- Avalon Pt. 2
  203. The difference between the doci and the priors spoilers for origin
  204. Gerak's System Lord Mark - SPOILER FOR SG-1 SEASON 9
  205. Is the Future Rosey?
  206. Why did the Ancients leave their civilisation?
  207. Dakara Weapon to destroy the Ori??
  208. Ori's motives?
  209. Season 9 pictures?
  210. vala opinion change - spoilers avalon part2
  211. orri
  212. Ancient vs Ori Healing power
  213. Furling theories
  214. What is the Lucian Alliance/possible spoilers
  215. More details about "Beachhead" spoliers
  216. Jack's description of the stargate
  217. Question about shredded version of THREADS
  218. The all things Ori Thread
  219. Can someone clear this up for me?
  220. When would Dr Felger finish his energy weapon?
  221. cassy
  222. My editing of THREADS...noticed some things (and have questions)
  223. P3X 666 Heroes Pt 1 and 2 planet name.
  224. The Making of New Enemy "Ori"
  225. This is What SG-1 IS ALL ABOUT!!
  226. Anyone else sense an all out Ascended Being war?
  227. Unacended Orii and Alterrans and the Atlantis Nano Virus
  228. Galaxies in Stargate
  229. Claudia Black Wallpaper???
  230. alterans why did they leave home spoiler speculation
  231. Is Mitchell a geek?
  232. Making priors/doci
  233. Catch phrases
  234. Anyone know if they'll rerun origin soon?
  235. Mitchell won the CMOH?
  236. Who do you think is right?
  237. Pitfalls for SG-1 “re-writing” Judeo-Christian history and theology?
  238. SG-1 better without RDA???
  239. Possible timeline? (speculation)
  240. Vala
  241. Asgard Ships Vs. Ori Ships
  242. Can we get away from RDA vs BB...
  243. Ascension Theories! (you guessed it, spoilers)
  244. Carter Idea
  245. Hooked on Stargate
  246. So who exactly is Mitchell?
  247. The ''Ancients'' Origin (Spoilers!?!?)
  248. Start (sky 1)
  249. Remember Oma's buddy, the Zen koan-speaking monk?
  250. Make your defense against the Ori