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  1. What if Stargate was real?
  2. Was the planet in "The Broca Divide" tidally locked?
  3. Theory: 1969, Cassandra and Destiny's mission.
  4. What if a goa'uld got access to the chair
  5. I positively loved Sacrifices
  6. Tok'ra queen?
  7. Did Stargate ever venture into any Irish based mythology at any point?
  8. What "one-shot episode" alien race would you have liked to have seen again?
  9. Antartica Weapons Platform
  10. What's so special about Ba'al?
  11. Still into SG-1?
  12. Here's an interesting question for y'all
  13. Lifespans of Goa'uld symbiotes and Lord Yu
  14. Hathor?
  15. The sarcophagus in theory?
  16. What was the funniest moment in sg1?
  17. How would the Ori have felt about Anubis' meddling?
  18. Question about SG1!
  19. Song from SG-1 - The 100th Episode tribute on DVD
  20. Other Worlds!?
  21. Lady of the Lake?
  22. What were the episodes where SG1 went back 6000 years to get a ZPM?
  23. What if you gave the goa'uld a (as in, singular) Apple of Eden from Assassin's Creed?
  24. Ideas requested: SG-1 quotes for a graduation cap
  25. Appearance of the Ancient civilization
  26. oneil-sgc-bio
  27. carter-sgc-bio
  28. Teleporting Photons
  29. shot with zats-SOLVED
  30. why not through the floor-solved
  31. new screen shots
  32. New Kid in town... Where am i?
  33. Main plot Episodes
  34. Marina Sirtis Talks about working with Richard Dean Anderson
  35. Proper Stargate Rewatch: round-up of polls, quizzes & jigsaw puzzles
  36. Gods in Stargate
  37. El Rey Stargate Marathon
  38. Did the Tollan people know...
  39. Something I found
  40. Gerak jaffa nation
  41. SPOILERS for "Reckoning Part 2" (Season 8) below! Energy Duplication
  42. I think I calculated where Othalla is
  43. Anyone know how old the main characters were meant to be?
  44. SG-1 Without Richard Dean Anderson
  45. Was Jonas underrated?
  46. US Space Force
  47. Sg1 episode with asgardian ancestor
  48. Who in Stargate sg1 I fancy
  49. My favourite episodes are
  50. Anyone else doing a summer rewatch?
  51. Addicted to sg1 episodes
  52. The two greatest warriors
  53. What ever happened to Peter Tanner and co?
  54. Military living off base
  55. SG team uniforms
  56. Stargate Civilization "Combat Power" Evaluation
  57. Looking for deleted scene from s7e10 birthright
  58. Sam Carter Deaths?
  59. Stargate at the SAG Awards
  60. Richard Dean Anderson in retirement?
  61. DHD for Stargate Command?
  62. The Original Stargate Film was NOT an MGM production?
  63. Carmen Argenziano (1943-2019)
  64. "Children of the gods" Question...
  65. My first time watching SG1, a few thoughts.
  66. Where to watch SG1
  67. Build your own SG combat unit.
  68. what were the feminine version of System Lord called?
  69. Song from s01e10
  70. Stargate or Chappa'ai?
  71. lanteans in tau'ri mythology
  72. Thor is alive!
  73. best philosophy in stargate
  74. The shape and landing of Ha'tak ships