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  1. how did the Goa'uld build and maintain their tech without specialists?
  2. The Good old Nanites
  3. Are there any dedicated episode-by-episode Reviews?
  4. Funniest Lines or Moments in SG1
  5. All the other SG teams............
  6. General viewing question
  7. Fan vid -- Top 10 SG-1 quotes :)
  8. Who is that guy? ( In COTG)
  9. New Goa'uld
  10. Season 3 Has 25 episodes?
  11. If you could change one thing
  12. so does Pharaoh Khufu just not exist in the Stargate world?
  13. If you could go back and change things in SG1??
  14. The New SG:1
  15. Stargate: The Non-Golden Age
  16. Ripple Effect Question
  17. SG-1 on Netflix
  18. One ANNOYING thing about SG1
  19. Stargate SG-1 at 15
  20. Australia release DVD order
  21. Devlin never watched SG1 or the others?
  22. What makes Stargate SG-1 a great show?
  23. Stargate SG-1 opened my mind
  24. Stargate SG1 = Epic!
  25. Quantum Mirror Story Arc?
  26. When Sam went to Atlantis in SGA Season 4 who replaced her in SG1?
  27. Did you ever think anyone would be killed off?
  28. Trailer for my short film
  29. Is a Goa'uld technically a parasite/parasitic creature??
  30. The route SG-1 took across the U.S. in 1969.
  31. Ori vs. Replicator
  32. Ori meetings with the funnier side of the galaxy
  33. Why weren't the Asgard effective in combatting the Ori?
  34. Important episodes seasons 9 & 10?
  35. SG-1 Retold through Facebook
  36. Need help finding info on a episode THAT DIDNT HAPPEN.
  37. SG-1 Specific Mistakes and Inconsistencies
  38. Silly Teal'C question
  39. Atheism throughout Stargate
  40. IDC Codes
  41. What is this melody from?
  42. Creating an episode list to get a sci-fi hater to appreciate Jack/Daniel
  43. SG1-Reruns on free to air TV Australia
  44. Jaffa staff weapon inconsistancies...
  45. How does the Stargate work through Rock?
  46. Major Quandary about Alternate Realities
  47. what are the Russians saying in Small Victories?
  48. Why SG-1 became a cult classic?
  49. Populations of Planets etc.
  50. SG-1 in HD on iTunes ?
  51. The Asgard in "Unending"
  52. Were the Replicators overused?
  53. whatever happened to the super- soldiers??
  54. tretonin, how do we still make the stuff!!
  55. Did Teal'c have to kill Shar'e?
  56. how did earth work around the entropic cascade failure issue???
  57. The Tok'ra, what good were they in the long run?
  58. Threads- A question
  59. Rebellion in Ancient Egypt
  60. Goa'uld ribbon device
  61. O'Neill as a guest star...
  62. The Host/Symbiote Relationship
  63. what powered the ancient weapon on Dakara ??
  64. Christopher Judge
  65. I met Ben Browder in July but didn't mention it here yet
  66. Asgard Computer Core
  67. Ma'Chello's inventions
  68. Did Human Subjects ever know that Goa'uld were symbiotes?
  69. Did the Jaffa staff weapons have different settings?
  70. How many movies were originally planned?
  71. Why did we never use any of this stuff??
  72. Question about End Credits
  73. If you were a Goa'uld on Earth, who would you possess and why?
  74. Any videos of how episodes of SG1 produced?
  75. What is this new Stargate Project being worked on?
  76. The Time machine, who put it there and when??
  77. Unending Questions
  78. General Landry in "Unending"
  79. From humble beginnings to such lofty heights..(A general observation)
  80. If a Goa'uld takes a host who has the ancient gene, can they use the ancient tech??
  81. Audio or Visual Communication through the Stargate?
  82. A Brand New Twist for SG1?
  83. What the SGC Gave the Unas in Return
  84. Clip shows. Why?
  85. Why do they not kill jaffa with the symbiote poison?
  86. Kinsey's disappearance
  87. Soundtrack question - Mitchell's Theme???
  88. Conscious Asgard hologram?
  89. [HELP] I need a TER (Transphase Eradication Rod) sounds/clip.
  90. Question about Teal'c...
  91. Asgard protected planets
  92. Death of Apophis.
  93. The turkey is a lie!
  94. Crossover Episodes
  95. Why was General West never seen or mentioned again after Children Of The Gods?
  96. help wheres a episode in stargate sg-1 !
  97. Alternate realities that you wish that we could have seen
  98. Why did the invasion of the Milky Way go so smoothly for the Ori
  99. new idea to link in sg-1 with sgu and the furlings
  100. Ernest Littlefield and the Inconsistency
  101. Goa'uld Rankings?
  102. Stargate SG-1 Rewatch!
  103. Daniel Jackson Quote
  104. Looking for a specific SG1 quote
  105. X-304 crew badges
  106. Unethical treatment of Asgard Clones
  107. Best Episode(s) For A New Fan?
  108. Stargate SG-1 Reboot/Remake
  109. Am I the only one who didn't hate seasons 9 and 10?
  110. Why the temporarily new chevron guy?
  111. looking for a way to watch the entire seasons of sg-1 on line legally
  112. What was the saddest moment in SG-1 for you?
  113. Funny moments with Jack!
  114. My thoughts about SG-1
  115. Super soldiers and the rings..??
  116. Which Season is your Favourite of SG1?
  117. Interview with Samantha Kaine
  118. cant remember what episode it is
  119. What happens to a jaffas symbiote pouch after they get rid of their ' snake ' ?
  120. Why Recast Drey'auc?
  121. colnel o'neill and colnel o'neil
  122. Ancient language and Jack
  123. Baal and Personal Shields...
  124. Stargate Command References?
  125. Soundtrack from season 9 ?
  126. Looking for a specific episode
  127. The Nox & Genocide
  128. ha'tak pyramid detaches?
  129. Would the Ori Arc have Worked with Jack/Hammond
  130. Saving the Asgard and make for a fun arc.
  131. Were the Asgard Ion Cannons the same as the Tollan Ion Cannons?
  132. Asgard Neutro-Ion generator vs ZPM
  133. Could Stargate SG1 have gone on longer?
  134. SG1 Cast...Where are they now?
  135. What would you change?
  136. Logic: Stargate SG1: Was an ancient watching SG1 when they found Maybournes Prophesy
  137. Carter instead of Mitchell?
  138. SG1 - What did they mean to you?
  139. SG1 and technology?
  140. The Asgard should be more powerful than the ancients - they had 10,000 years
  141. Changes to SG1
  142. Red phone in Daniel Jackson's office?
  143. Felger & Unas
  144. Seasons 9 and 10 -- Worth Watching?
  145. SG1 starts again on Pick TV
  146. Can anyone identify this mystery ship?
  147. Dreamt about SG1
  148. Aschen Longevity/Sterility-Serum
  149. Tau'ri progress since "Unending"
  150. The ending of Full Circle?
  151. General Hammond does not like Jack O'Neill
  152. Why Some Jaffa Remained pro-false god
  153. The future of SG-1.
  154. SG-1 Prop Snake head on a mount
  155. New theory on Tollan technology
  156. Sam's motorcycle
  157. Future Earth vs. the Goa'uld and Ori
  158. O'Neill firing M60
  159. Do I need to watch Atlantis to understand Season 10 SG-1
  160. Tollan phase-shift technology: how come they don't go through the floor?
  161. Zombies Reviews Stargate-SG1
  162. Cheyenne Mountain Defence inadequate?
  163. How many times have you rewatched Stargate SG1?
  164. Was Heru'ur a missed opportunity?
  165. Relationship between Daniel and Katherine?
  166. The premise (and promise) of SG-1
  167. Redemption part 1
  168. Gou'uld inspired from the first Predator movie?
  169. Season 4 commentary - what episodes have the best commentary, in your opinion?
  170. Cant remember this episode
  171. Alternate version of Ripple Effect?
  172. Breasts!
  173. Pronunciation of some characters' names
  174. World reaction of a real stargate program?
  175. Entropic cascade missing
  176. Futuristic Stargate
  177. MacGyver in the series
  178. Free Jaffa
  179. Stargate Resistance - Back from the Dead?
  180. Which SG-1 episode is this?
  181. Watch SG-1
  182. How do modern jets compare to death gliders in atmosphere
  183. Season 7 Special Feature - the Lowdown?
  184. Cheyenne Mountain being refurbish for reopening
  185. Season 8 Ep. 17 "Reckoning Part 2" Why did they not use manual iris control?
  186. What's the point of the GDO
  187. Stargate effects.
  188. Help identify the source episodes
  189. Is the ego of a race caused by the advancement of there shampoo
  190. Pondering on Apophis' attack on Earth
  191. Could somebody please help me with Goa'uld writing?
  192. SG1 season 6 network bumpers
  193. Dogfight - Ori Motherships VS Replicators ... thingies
  194. Possible new project & Runoured SG-1 reunion show in 2016.
  195. Vis Uban
  196. What is the power of Asgard ship weapons?
  197. Vancouver visit - stargate tourist spots?!
  198. The Ori were right
  199. Multi Gate Energy Requirements
  200. How did the SGC know where the other planets were?
  201. SG1 Characters, What would they be doing now?
  202. Does the style change at some point?
  203. Zpm
  204. Season 2 episode order clarification
  205. Ponderings about Origin and the Ark of Truth
  206. How many different types of fatigues did they have?
  207. The Alliance of Four Great Races
  208. Were women on SG teams required to be on birth control?
  209. Do they wear regulation underwear?
  210. whats the name of that episode?
  211. Is Sam Jacob's first or second-born?
  212. Could Anubis have defeated the Ori?
  213. just started watching sg1
  214. S6E19 - The Changeling Blooper?
  215. What stargate episodes should i watch tonight
  216. Music from SG-1 S03E08?
  217. Could a series be possible after movie reboot?
  218. What episode is this quote from?
  219. Buy goa'uld paid hosting
  220. Fuzzy-Head Teal'c -vs- Bald Teal'c
  221. Characters we might not miss: Major Samuels
  222. Major Paul Davis: Recurring character
  223. Go'auld System Lord: Sokar
  224. of which episode is this scene
  225. Yay for easter eggs! :D (S08E07 Affinity)
  226. Lockdown
  227. Supergate
  228. Unending
  229. Why didn't the Asgard ascend?
  230. Ripple Effect
  231. the 4 races
  232. Vala
  233. Merlin's plan
  234. The Tollan
  235. When was Atlantis first referenced in SG1?
  236. Teal'c the unpaid volunteer
  237. Asgard
  238. New game plan
  239. Why was Maybourne not arrested after leading a thief team?
  240. A game called "Name Your Favorite Asgard"
  241. Goa'uld's origin
  242. Are the goa'uld telepathic?
  243. Here's a dumb question for ya
  244. Where to find blueprints for the Ori Altar?
  245. SG-1 & Atantis crossover???
  246. Could the Asgard be from the MW?
  247. I don't understand something
  248. Hammond from "not" Texas
  249. What if Stargate was real?
  250. Was the planet in "The Broca Divide" tidally locked?