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  1. You know what I miss most from the old seasons?
  2. Military regs and the cast..
  3. Over the years, have they used the Stargate enough? (SG-1)
  4. The McCullough-Mitchell Effect
  5. Russian Vessel
  6. Quantum Mirror question
  7. Col. Emerson
  8. Is Baal becoming a joke?
  9. Mitchell's gun in Off the Grid
  10. What's Vala Up To?
  11. The Ancients story doesnt make sense! Possible spoilers..
  12. Ancient "Powers" (Spoilers)
  13. Who should lead SG1?(Spoilers)
  14. Withholding technology?
  15. Is there another Quantum Mirror?
  16. I sense conspiracy...
  17. Too Much Comedy?
  18. What is Roberto Picardo doing?
  19. Bane and Scourge Insects
  20. since the ancients were the first, who was the second?
  21. Theories About Chinese Intentions
  22. So, anyone speak Mandarin?
  23. I need assistance! (related to The Scourge)
  24. Tree Ferrets??? May have Scourge spoilers...
  25. Carter treats Mitchell differently then O'Neill...
  26. Why doesnt Mitchell use a P90?
  27. Off the grid......possible spoilers
  28. Obvious way to "beat" the "Prior Bugs"
  29. teal'c like funny movies?
  30. City of the "LOST" ??
  31. Who Here Honestly Thinks There Will Be Season 11 Of SG-1???
  32. Ba'al, Baal, and Bhaal (s9 spoilers)
  33. The terrible episodes people have seemed to forgotten
  34. So, why do you still watch?
  35. Ori Power Source Reveal!!!
  36. The Odessy(sp?)
  37. Who are TPTB for SG-1 in Season 9 and what do they do?
  38. The fate of Nerus - "Off the Grid" SPOILERS
  39. Anyone notice the wormhole scene in The Scourge
  40. 'Lost' episode?
  41. question about ep 17
  42. Who said that?
  43. Not liking the Ori
  44. Mitchell vs. Jonas
  45. I like Mitchell more then O'Neill
  46. Plot hole about earth?
  47. The REAL reason for Mobeous
  48. Is STARGATE becoming STARSCAPE?
  49. Spoilers: Season 9 concept arts Spoilers
  50. Goa'uld Census
  51. Odin and the Asgard
  52. Only THREE Eps Left?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
  53. Will Daniel And Sam Survive Another Season
  54. Thoughts about future plots
  55. sick and tired of....
  56. Notes of the Stargate SG-1 theme
  57. The end in sight - yes or no?
  58. Return of Jack 2 (spoilers)
  59. Photo Gallery: 'Crusade'
  60. The Best Line You've Recently Heard in Stargate!
  61. Is there another stargate? Scourge spoilers
  62. Carter & Mitchell - The Facts??
  63. New photos: "The Scourge" & more
  64. Sarcophogus?
  65. Camelot photo's
  66. Korolev, the truth
  67. S9 Finale Space Battle anticipation thread (spoilers)
  68. Save the Asgard
  69. DVDs
  70. Off the grid rating?
  71. SG-1's new weapons
  72. Least favorite aliens
  73. Are there any female Ori??
  74. Return of Kull Warriors?
  75. SPOILERS: Preview caps from 'Crusade'
  76. What's Going to Happen to the Sodan?? (Arthur's Mantle SPOILERS!)
  77. Arthur's Mantle: More than expected (Spoilers)
  78. Affinity
  79. Puddle Jumpers in the Milky Way - Possible Spoilers
  80. who is the other chevron guy
  81. How old is Vala?
  82. Vala Treated Like An Outsider?
  83. What Would the Tollan think
  84. Ragnarok for the Asgard? (possible spoilers)
  85. Farscape cast asa guests on Stargate
  86. Most unlikely thing to happen next season!
  87. Curse of the Js
  88. Goauld, where are they now?
  89. Return of Skaara?
  90. Are the Tok'ra no longer in the show?
  91. holy crap(at least to me) spoilers Speculation
  92. Atlantis or Earth Defense
  93. I need help??!!
  94. The Ori and their Fleet of Warships!!!
  95. Help! (what episode was it...)
  96. Will you buy the season 9 DVD of Stargate SG-1 - Poll
  97. Gou'ald question! Please respond
  98. if it's gonna end, please please please do it well!
  99. Mitchell of eps 1-3 Vs Mitchell of eps 4-18
  100. i think i've sussed out which came first out of 'Threads' and 'Citizen Joe'
  101. The Ori and the Sorcerer's Stone
  102. Why are Egyptian Gods "ok" but medieval knights and wizards "not"?
  103. We Lose an Ally and gain an ally. Who Will they be?
  104. Were humans the reason that Orii and Alteran were sundered?
  105. Original Starship Design Thread
  106. Teal'c replace fighting staff with 2 p90!
  107. New Images: The Scourge, Arthur's Mantle, Crusade and Camelot
  108. Blackmail
  109. ori theory
  110. 'Camelot' Preview Spot (SPOILERS)
  111. Spoilers: Caps from Camelot's preview
  112. Region 2 box - discs in wrong order
  113. Ori Soldiers
  114. maybe the o'neill can beat ori ship(spioler)
  115. Maybe not as bad as it seems?
  116. Asgard Extinction?
  117. Wheres Orlin gone?
  118. Sci-Fi Brain: Stargate SG-1 (9.19) Review
  119. Jesus and Sg-1 Ep: Crusade
  120. Language - Possible Slight Crusade spoliers
  121. Question about gate address in Arthur's Mantle
  122. which one is better?!?!?!
  123. Timeline-Timeline-Timeline!!!
  124. What color do you think the season 9 DVD will be?
  125. A thought just crossed my mind (regarding Iris).
  126. What Do you Thinks Merlin's Weapon is????
  127. Why do a lot of the "Anti Season 9ers" like Arthur's Mantle?
  128. Famine, Plague, Pestilence and War
  129. The Russians' New Toy (SPOILERS!! for Crusade!)
  130. Comments on the Ori and religion (major S9 spoilers)
  131. I hope Baal would do these things.
  132. Why i stopped watching Stargate SG-1 regularly.
  133. 'The Child' 's potential, spoilers for crusade and s10
  134. Preview
  135. Well Guys its time to move onto the SEASON 10 forum :D
  136. Anyone think 5th would have been a good ally to have against the ori? Thoughts?
  137. What strategy is left for the MW? - Aftermath of Camelot
  138. Daniels guilt? Season 9 Spoilers
  139. How do we survive? (S10 spoilers)
  140. Ori will ..... ( possible spoilers )
  141. Babylon 5: Third Space & Camelot supergate scene
  142. Name calling!
  143. Arthurean Legend idea
  144. No DHD!
  145. Reckoning vs Camelot (obviously spoilers from both)
  146. Sci-Fi Brain: SG-1 (9.20) Finale Review
  147. Is it just me that feels like this???
  148. Is the Asgard's new homeworld in the MW Galaxy?
  149. season 8 episode music
  150. my Theories on Merlin, Arthur, and all the fun stuff surrounding them
  151. Where Jack?
  152. SG1 S8 and SGA S1 Viewing order
  153. Daedulus on SG-1 spiloers for Camelot
  154. Standardized are the Ori!!!
  155. Favorite scenes of Season 9 (SPOILERS, whole season!)
  156. what was your favorite epsiode of season 9
  157. Sahal, Castiana, and Vagonbrei
  158. New to Gateworld and have a question about season finally
  159. I need to see the the last episodes.. help
  160. I want the book of Origin!
  161. Prometheus Images from Ethon
  162. Do TPTB read each other's scripts? About 304's (Off the Grid and Crusade spoilers)
  163. Tok'ra Spotting
  164. Jack's Promotion (Avalon Spoilers)
  165. How did they get there?
  166. Now that Season 9 is over, has your opinion changed?
  167. Ripple Effect Carter's status. Spoilers within
  168. Camelot Battle clip (SPOILERS)
  169. DVD's Season 9
  170. Anyone else sick of Ba'al?
  171. Sam is the Only one Left (camelot spoiler)
  172. The Ancients
  173. Stargate Season 9 will be like Star Trek Deep Space 9, I bet you $$$
  174. Threads delete scene?
  175. BC-303, BC-304, DSC-304... help!
  176. does earth like to name their..
  177. Has SG-1 lost the plot?
  178. Avalon pts. 1 & 2 episode DVD commentary
  179. Funny thing in "Crystal Skull"
  180. RepliDaniel
  181. Cassandra!?
  182. should we like Baal?
  183. It must be money, because its doing nothing for the story line!
  184. Who do you like more ?
  185. Ascension (Anubis) .Spoilers
  186. What's so bad about Wormhole X-Treme!? ( S10 Spoilers)
  187. If in Battle againt Jaffa!?
  188. How can the Tollan be completely annihilated? It doesn't make sense!
  189. The Jaffa... from Fierce to Cannonfodder aka the "Stormtrooper Syndrome"
  190. Origin DVD episode commentary
  191. Does anyone know who the extra is playing the bugle in Fire and Water?
  192. Mitchell in Season 9
  193. Would Kinsey have enough evidence to shut down the stargate program? spoilers.
  194. Wormhole X-treme - Love it, hate it?
  195. Favorite Mitchell Quotes
  196. Vala did not end up in the Ori Galaxy!!!
  197. Was Merlin Hypocritical? ('Arthur's Mantle' SPOILERS)
  198. Season 5
  199. What kind of gun is that?? Various eps spoilers
  200. Questions????
  201. Teal'c or Daniel
  202. The Ori plot (season 9 spoilers)
  203. name one moment that took you by surprise in season 9
  204. Other parallel dimentions
  205. What are the Russian Saying??
  206. Possible Mythology In "Camelot"?
  207. Opinions On Season 6
  208. What happened to Jack?
  209. Worst Thing to happen to the show
  210. Camelot battle tactics
  211. What is your overall opinion of season nine?
  212. Mythological Pregnancy (S9 Spoilers)
  213. Don S. Davis question
  214. Commentary "The Ties That Bind" 9x04
  215. Priors right to spread Origin
  216. Asgard Help?
  217. Fraiser
  218. puzzled about merlin
  219. Have you stopped reading spoilers?
  220. Carter and Radiation Poisoning
  221. Do you think Jack and Vala will get along?
  222. Whats your absolute favorite SG-1 Episode of all time?
  223. Merlin's Ancient ship?
  224. What was Col. Chekov Saying?
  225. Fear the Ori...
  226. Question about Ethon
  227. Continuity in camelot
  228. Have we seen the ori? possiable spoilers
  229. What's so wrong with the Ori?
  230. Fav Daniel Quotes
  231. The knights of the round table!
  232. Which season did you like best?
  233. Bring this thread to life!!
  234. Daniel and Vala
  235. What is your overall opinion of Camelot
  236. Season 9 Box Set
  237. Spoiler, F-302's in Camelot?
  238. Questions about Ripple Effect?
  239. Shiva's Rating of Season 1
  240. i don't care what the spoilers say i know what happened in Camelot!
  241. wot series ??
  242. Asgard Sensors and the Trust
  243. Funny Teal'c moments
  244. Which episode are you going to watch first (season 9 DVD)
  245. Wacky Write-Offs
  246. If the Goa'uld are evil, why are their Ha'tak's so pretty?
  247. Is it just me...
  248. Oh my god am I going nuts? (Miner spoilers for Prototype and Collateral Damage)
  249. POLL: Pro or Anti Season 9
  250. Why hasn't anyone brought this up yet ? camelot spoilers