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  1. Who wants a return for Maybourne
  2. The Next Episode
  3. Where is Jack O'Neal?
  4. Episodes we'll never see
  5. WHOA! (Beware of SPOILERS!!)
  6. Merlin Missing?
  7. What would Ori/Prior do to slightly more advance world?
  8. Ori Vs Ancients - followers (new info from JM) (S9 possible spoilers)
  9. Mac on Good To Be King?
  10. The enemy of my enemy is my friend...
  11. The Ori Paradox?
  12. Ori military strength
  13. Question.. About an episode..
  14. Big Help Needed
  15. Full Circle Screen Cap request
  16. The Ori and the Aschen.
  17. Sokar
  18. Grace Question
  19. Speculation: Will Kinsey return?
  20. NEW season 9 image gallery
  21. Alterrans : Orii - Who ascended First? - possible plague explanation (S9 spoliers)
  22. Oma's army
  23. what happened to the Goa'uld voices?
  24. Strange Ship in The Ties That Bind
  25. Off the Grid Spoilers?
  26. Will Anubis be back? ('Threads' SPOILERS)
  27. Making of Stargate - Season 9
  28. It's so obvious
  29. Priors' names - do they have ones?
  30. Midseason Thoughts on S10 (S9 Spoilers may occur, so be forewarned)
  31. New Staff Writer on SG-1
  32. Replicators still alive?
  33. It's Ori, with one "I"!
  34. 'The Ascended Times' from Threads
  35. Anubis in the alternate plain of existance
  36. where can i download sg-1 episodes!! i need to watch them!!
  37. DVD Commentary reveals S9 Details-Spoilers S9 and possibly S8
  38. how to stall the Ori, spoilers for off the grid
  39. Gate effects
  40. Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg
  41. 'Ethon' plotline revealed
  42. Your thoughts on...
  43. Calling all Canadians...Discussion S9
  44. When people say Mitchell is being pushed on them ...
  45. My idea for a non ori s9 finale (am new didn't know where to put this)
  46. S9 Eps 11-20 teasers
  47. Wouldn't the Ori be scarier if they...
  48. Baal=New Maybourne?
  49. Ancients and Ori (spoilers for fourth horseman pt 2, maybe others)
  50. What happened to these episodes?
  51. "S9 Spoiler" the new ship possible future ship
  52. The Ori music is so cool!
  53. Did'nt anyone notice the giant blue wave in Reckoning Pt 2?
  54. I get the Vala jokes!!
  55. sg1 + Vala?
  56. Sarah Gardner
  57. It can't be true... can it???? SPOILERS for 'Ethon'
  58. For those who want to watch Season Nine in HD
  59. Has Walter been promoted?
  60. The Ori Scary?
  61. Powering the SGC
  62. Australian fan wanting SG-1 Season 9
  63. A few questions
  64. Crystal Skull 2
  65. uk
  66. We defeated the Goa'uld!
  67. Alterran no interference (sp?) rule
  68. do you think Joe wasted season 9 ?
  69. Oma's Waitressspeak
  70. Vala as enemy
  71. Choir Music
  72. Collateral Damage - Episodic Photography [7 HQs]
  73. Stronghold - Episodic Photography [12 HQs]
  74. Ethon - Episodic Photography [8 HQs]
  75. Off the Grid - Episodic Photography [6 HQs]
  76. New S10 Enemy...
  77. the orii keep on saying.......
  78. Othalla is the Asgard galaxy name
  79. Spoilers for Origin & 4th Horseman. An Ori question
  80. Do Mitchell and Daniel still look alike?
  81. Charlotte Mayfield
  82. New SG-1 Loadouts
  83. Question about Ancients - Timeline
  84. the ascended ancients
  85. Prototype - Impossible Ending? (SPOILER)
  86. S9.5 Teaser
  87. Quick question (don't shoot me....please)
  88. Who else thinks Threads should have been the season ender?
  89. Uh Oh! S9 plot spoilers
  90. Am I the only one who thinks the Prior's staffs look cheap?
  91. X-files season 9 or Stagate SG-1 season 9?
  92. Baal (spoilers 'Ex Deus' and beyond)
  93. Would YOU accept Ascension from the Ori?
  94. The only thing I hate about Vala...
  95. Lucian Alliance...New enemy? S9 spoilers
  96. RATE the new SG-1 cast
  97. What Happened to the Reporter on the Prometheus
  98. Music Question
  99. 914 Stronghold- Electricity poles in background (spoilerish image)
  100. Not to sound racist, but have you noticed the Jaffa have slowly become more African?
  101. How is Mitchell like Jack?
  102. Col Barnes is Laurio from X2!!
  103. Q:Does Mitchell Have the Ancient Gene?
  104. Cult of the Ori?
  105. Travelling back in time
  106. Is Garrack pretending? 4th horseman spoilers
  107. Fourth Horseman Pt 2 in UK (no spoilers)
  108. The fourth horseman
  109. Watch or not to Watch?
  110. The problem is, there's no plot-diversity anymore.
  111. Why no ori before S9?...
  112. Stargate series 8 haters.
  113. Why must she JOIN the team?
  114. When does SG1 air in Sky One?
  115. Issues of command within SG1, a different perspective
  116. Ori--A bit of a Stretch?
  117. Is Gerak's Actions like a True Jaffa?
  118. Possible Merlin in the future?
  119. MG ancients are powered by the sodan?
  120. Enough with the Witty Remarks!!
  121. Vala's Gun "the ties that bind"
  122. Poker Cards Airforce Patch on Mitchell
  123. FarScape's Rygel Joins the Asgard
  124. Black Actors = Auto Jaffa
  125. Jack and Sam? Season 9 transition?
  126. "Beachhead" and black holes (spoilers)
  127. Season 9-The Return of Pete???
  128. Ori and the Goa'uld
  129. When will season 9 DVD be shipped?
  130. Does anyone else think it would be good if the Bounty Hunter Aris Boch made a return?
  131. Grampa Nick should make a return
  132. What a surprise, yet ANOTHER 'hunt for the Ancient weapon' episode
  133. Daniel/Vala Ori/Asgard spoilers i guess
  134. Upset :( Scifi vs Sky One
  135. The Stargate Eulogy
  136. "Politics" uncredited guest.
  137. Ideas for possible upcoming storylines
  138. Ori aware of Pegasus?
  139. prior virus cure? spoilers
  140. Unknown Episode (SPOILER)
  141. The Good Old Days
  142. Um, just a thought, Ancient/Asgard Alliance possible mild spoiler
  143. Is the Prior right?
  144. Do you think the gould are really something the ancients or the alliance left behind
  145. Ripple Effect - Episode Photography (FINALLY)
  146. Spoiler for rest of SEASON 9!
  147. spoilers: The Ori are coming
  148. Anybody think Cam is getting developed well?
  149. How many Ori? Possible weakness?
  150. Personal Cloaking Technology?
  151. Threads Commentary?
  152. DNA/Gene Modification machine
  153. Hey did anyone else notice the different Staff Weapons?
  154. New Images: STRONGHOLD and ETHON
  155. Stargate Destroyer
  156. Is season nine really that good? (NOT an anti-S9 thread)
  157. colateral damage cheep sets
  158. Tatiana in "Collateral Damage"?
  159. Song from Fourth Horseman
  160. same technoligies
  161. SGC needs a face lift!!
  162. how many is the ori/ are the oris?
  163. Ripple Effect Possibilities?
  164. What is Avalon in the Stargate Universe?
  165. Other races, aliens & advanced civilizations, what they up to?
  166. Isnt a bit stupid that RDA is not a guest on upcoming episode ripple effect???
  167. What should we see the ori do next...
  168. Quick Question About "A Matter Of Time"
  169. Browder's Acting
  170. More ancients than Ori
  171. my beef with the ori.
  172. anyone know where i can get screen captures?
  173. Evil SG1 in Ripple Effect ?
  174. It just might save the Tok'ra
  175. Moebeus' Ripple Effect?
  176. Jonas Question
  177. Daedalus and Promethus Photo - Possible Ethon Spoiler
  178. Stronghold looks awesome!
  179. Cut the Green one... (Ripple Effect)
  180. Thor and Heimdall
  181. The Ripple Effect Deleted Scenes
  182. I'm not sure why, but Ripple Effect totally redeemed season 9 and Cameron Mitchell
  183. Prometheus (Spoilers)
  184. Steal a ZPM???
  185. Please tell me i am not alone on this.
  186. The Priors are no threat
  187. The nature of the Ancients revealed! Evil in the shadows!
  188. Where's the military aspect?
  189. Opinions of Kvasir ?
  190. 1:16 Enigma...Space Time???
  191. Season 9?! SEASON 10?!?!?!
  192. New 'Off The Grid' episode pictures
  193. The Fourth Hourseman & Orlin
  194. Camelot......spoilers
  195. Wolf 359 (Debate on Cam's History)
  196. Why have TPTB sidelined the three original SG-1 characters?
  197. Ethon - speculation
  198. Ripple Effect glitches
  199. Goa'uld Relations?
  200. Off the grid spoilers
  201. Tok'ra host problem
  202. Ori Satellite (Ethon SPOILERS)
  203. SG1 season 9 finale speculation
  204. What the hell?
  205. Splitting the team?
  206. Are the Asgard /Earth showing signs of strain? ( Like Earth/Tok'ra?)
  207. Sgt. Siler (Dan Shea) in Ripple Effect?
  208. Are the Tok'ra immune to the Prior's virus?and...
  209. Does the Jaffa have a military heirachy/chain of command?
  210. The Glorious Prometheus...(Ethon Spoilers)
  211. Good ol' Goa'ould
  212. Who thinks there's any chance that we see...
  213. Thoughts about Prometheus.... Also Asgard Lies Revealed! - Spoiler
  214. Quick Question (or not so quick)
  215. jaffa ori ships?
  216. Nox Theroy
  217. Who is this?
  218. Are there parallels between Origin and Christianity?
  219. Is time Travel the Answer?
  220. Crazy Idea for Defeating the Ori once and for all (spoilers for Ethon)
  221. "Arthur's Mantle" Episodic photography
  222. Spoiler alert: Ori weapons for followers
  223. 'Ethon' ratings fall to season low? What the hell?
  224. Arthur's Mantle... Er...
  225. Big Ben in Arthur's Mantle?
  226. Season 1 "Razzie" Nominations
  227. When can earth use Atlantis tech against the Ori?
  228. Have we bitten off more than we can chew? (Spoilers)
  229. The P.A.T
  230. Why did Daniel leave??
  231. just a stupid thing i noticed
  232. First post and question.
  233. Are Earth acting like “Galactic police” ,the only human major power?
  234. Season 1 DVD
  235. The actual meaning of Ex Deus Machina
  236. Ori Warships
  237. Widescreen?
  238. F-302 Nickname?
  239. Mary Poppins Latest Stargate Episode
  240. New look Odyssey?
  241. First P-90s, now MP7s?
  242. Question about Michael in 1969
  243. Camelot
  244. Odyssey Beam Technology
  245. Did SG-1 Drop the Baal? (Off the Grid Spoilers)
  246. How Did Baal Get His Hands On... (Possible Spoilers)
  247. Semi Automatics vs Staff Weapons
  248. "Camelot" Theories
  249. Plea To ALL anti-S9ers
  250. Can people stop the Fargate stuff?