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  1. pantsgate sg-1
  2. Stargate Scramble
  3. Stargate Hangman!
  4. So Jack...what's in your backpack?
  5. So Teal'c...what's in your backpack?
  6. The all inclusive 'what's in your backpack' thread
  7. What's in Carter's backpack?
  8. Jonas, What's in your backpack?
  9. Guess the picture.
  10. So Janet...what's in your backpack?
  11. General Hammond...what's in your backpack?
  12. What's in McKay's Backpack?
  13. So Felger, What's in your backpack?
  14. What's in Dr. Beckett's Backpack?
  15. What's in Sheppards backpack?
  16. What's in Steve's Way-Cool Coat Pockets?
  17. Stargate SG-1 Survivor
  18. Stargate Word Game
  19. What is in Apophis' backpack (or Goa'uld equivalent)?
  20. One thing you would want with you if the Wraith get you?
  21. A Game: SG1 Guess the quote.
  22. You Know You're A Gate Head When...
  23. Moebius Game: Six Degrees of Separation SPOILERS for MOEBIUS
  24. Season 3 Best Episode Tournament
  25. Season 5 Best Episode Tournament
  26. Season 1 Best Episode Tournament
  27. Season 2 Best Episode Tournament
  28. Season 4 Best Episode Tournament
  29. Are you really a fan?, Prove it! Take the Fan Test
  30. SGA: Guess the quote
  31. If you had a stargate in your house where would you go?
  32. Name the next Tau'ri ship (silly or serious)
  33. SG1 Best Episode Tournament - Seasons 1 through 7 overall
  34. Season 6 Best Episode Tournament
  35. Season 7 Best Episode Tournament
  36. So Carter, what's in your backpack?
  37. Crossover fun with Photoshop! - a little silly ;)
  38. Best Goa'uld Tournament
  39. Ultimate Stargate Quote
  40. Chapa'ai Quiz 1!
  41. The Stargate Would You Rather Game Thread
  42. Decide the fate of the episode tourney thread
  43. 6 degrees of Stargate (Let's Play)
  44. SG1 Best Episode Tournament - Seasons 1 through 7 overall CTD.
  45. who would win in a fight zelenka or McKay
  46. Who would win a fight Sheppard or Ford
  47. ~Stupid Question Game~
  48. Stump George!
  49. Things they would never ever ever say
  50. ~Most Unexpected Person/Thing to Come Through the Gate Game~
  51. Season 8 Best Episode Tournament
  52. ~Things that TPTB would never do/say Game~
  53. Season 1 Best Episode Tournament
  54. If you were a System Lord
  55. Tournament for Best Stargate SG-1 Episode Seasons 1-8 (Based on the Celsius Polls)
  56. SG1 GateTrivia! - For Experts
  57. SG1 Worst Episode Tournament - Seasons 1 through 8 Overall
  58. what wisecrack would jack make if he met a prior?
  59. The Perfect Season Tournament
  60. Season 1 - 8 Worst Episode Tournament
  61. detail question game
  62. best Prometheus episode Spoliers for season 6,7,8,9
  63. Season 1 Worst Episode Tournement
  64. Funniest Screencaps Tournament!spoilers for any/all episodes
  65. Stargate Freeze Frame game!
  66. Out of context.
  67. SG-1/Atlantis Gameshow!
  68. The Best Weapon Tournament
  69. The Perfect Character-Centric Episode Tournament!
  70. The Vs. Game
  71. The Worst Season Possible Tournement
  72. sga trivia for experts
  73. The Most Potent weapon against any enemy is...
  74. Season 9 Best Episode Tournament
  75. Best Season Opener Tournement
  76. The 'Who Killed Who' Game
  77. The Best Ending Tournament
  78. The Worst Of The Worst Season Tournament
  79. Stargate Picture Caption Thread
  80. Best Ship Tournament
  81. The Best of the Perfect Season Tournement
  82. Teyla or Ronon vs. Teal'c
  83. You know someone you know isn't a gatehead when...
  84. Name the non recurring character
  85. Last Letter First Game
  86. The "wacko!" Plate Tournament
  87. If you had a SG character round your house for dinner
  88. Top 10 SG-1 Episodes
  89. ~The Many Degrees of Stargate Game~
  90. Weakest Link - Stargate Style
  91. The 'Greatest Character' Elimination Game
  92. Favourite SG-1 Character Tournament
  93. "Heal or hurt" SG-1 ONLY characters game
  94. "Heal or hurt" SGA ONLY characters game
  95. What do you think of this folder?
  96. Who wins the fight? McKay Vs Zelenka
  97. Favourite SGA Character Tournament
  98. GUIDELINES: For the FUN & GAMES Folder
  99. Who would you rather be trapped on an island with?
  100. Heal or hurt SG-1 ONLY characters - NEW GAME
  101. Favourite SG-1 shippy/slashy pairing
  102. Favourite SGA shippy/slashy pairing
  103. If you could go on vaction with anyone from SG-1/SGA who would it be?
  104. Favorite Season: SG-1
  105. Least Favorite Season: SG-1
  106. "Stargate Moments"
  107. Stargate Puns
  108. Whats your favorite type of game?
  109. The All-New HEAL/HURT SG-1 Characters Game!
  110. Guess The Episode!! SG-1 Episodes
  111. Favorite Team
  112. Anubis super soldier vs Wraith Soldier
  113. Least Favorite Team: SG-1
  114. To Be Spoiled or Not to Be Spoiled
  115. Best Recurring Character
  116. Guess the episode SGA
  117. Stargate SG-1: Season 1
  118. Stargate SG-1: Season 2
  119. Stargate SG-1: Season 3
  120. Stargate SG-1: Season 4
  121. Stargate SG-1: Season 5
  122. Stargate SG-1: Season 6
  123. Stargate SG-1: Season 7
  124. Stargate SG-1: Season 8
  125. SGA Season 1
  126. SGA season 2
  127. Anubis Super Solider Vs Jell-o
  128. Rules for being a Prior
  129. Stargate Anagrams!
  130. Hives VS. Galactica
  131. Stargate word association
  132. things you would not want to hear on the SGC's intercom
  133. Good news bad news - SG-1
  134. Good news Bad news - SGA
  135. Stargate crossovers with movies and T.V shows
  136. What would have happened if...
  137. things you wouldnt want to here on the intercoms
  138. What would Jack order??
  139. Hottest Fat Guys of SG-1
  140. What the Goa'uld do with their spare time...
  141. Which Do You Enjoy More: SG-1 or SGC? (basic spoilers for s9)
  142. things you would not want to hear on the Atlantis intercom
  143. Stargate Atlantis Quest
  144. Stargate SG-1 RPG
  145. Logic pairs
  146. Season 1 - 9 Best Episode Title Tournament
  147. Favorite/Most Memorable Amanda Tapping acting scenes in Season 1
  148. Guess the Episode - Stargate Atlantis
  149. Hammond had an office, Sam+Daniel had a lab, Teal'c had quarters, Jack had a.......
  150. ABC first letter game.
  151. Funny Stargate Actors/Actresses Picture Caption thread
  152. If the gate goes public.
  153. Season 2: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  154. Favortie gateworld smilie
  155. Which season of SG-1 was the worst?-Opinion Poll (SPOILERS-All Seasons)
  156. Which season of SG-1 was the best?-Opinion Poll (SPOILERS-All Seasons)
  157. Alternate/Missing scenes for SG1
  158. How to create a poll in this Folder.
  159. SEASON 3 POLL: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  160. Stargate Poetry
  161. Best Actor in SG-1?
  162. Best Actor in Atlantis?
  163. stargate vs dr who
  164. Favourite SGA actor
  165. what color jello you think the ori would like
  166. what color jello do you think the wraith would like
  167. 20 Questions
  168. Season 4: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  169. Unas vs. Wraith
  170. Machine Translation Fun spoilers for everything
  171. What should Stargate SG-1 motto be?
  172. Great Practical Jokes To Play On SG Personel
  173. Tracing back to solve problems may contain spoilers
  174. Season 5: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  175. Stargate Last Letter Game
  176. Fun Weapons
  177. Build The SGC Museum!
  178. Give Teal'c a last name
  179. Things you would not want to hear over your Radio (SG-1)
  180. Things you would not want to hear over your Radio (SGA)
  181. Worst Atlantis Kiss POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  182. Season 6: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  183. Massive Battle Game
  184. Morpheus' inkblot test (+ evaluation)
  185. The Why and How Game SG1
  186. Vote for your all-time favorite quote! (this repost hopefully has the poll in it)
  187. The Why and How Game Atlantis
  188. ABC stargate word association
  189. Best Atlantis kiss!
  190. How would a Stargate character respond? SG-1
  191. The Change-a-Word Game
  192. The Great Coalition
  193. Season 7: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  194. Oh My God, They Killed Daniel!
  195. Continue The Story...
  196. Alternate food source for the wraith serious or silly
  197. Season 8: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  198. Why did the Prior cross the road?
  199. Why did the Wraith cross the road?
  200. Random add to story
  201. Radio Atlantis
  202. Season 9: Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes
  203. I Spy.....
  204. USA Russia China VS. Ori
  205. If you could send something to the Ori Homeworld...
  206. the body parts game
  207. wepons game
  208. The team game
  209. All Seasons:Favorite/Most Memorable AT Acting Scenes (choose all episodes that apply)
  210. Stargate 'Consequences' Game
  211. The Ori vs The Borg
  212. Things About Life I Have Learned From Stargate
  213. atlantis picture game
  214. Star Trek References...
  215. The VS Thread
  216. V.S. Game
  217. New Game: The 6 Degrees of Stargate Characters
  218. Vote thread: Stargate have the most fun making the show
  219. Whats the Doci saying minor season 9 spoiler
  220. Puddlejumper Message Board
  221. Kids say the funniest things
  222. Funny Thread
  223. The "Indeed" Game
  224. Rodney's mouse Common ground spoilers
  225. What the cast REALLY think about the cancellation
  226. Atlantis Breakroom
  227. Six Degrees of Separation From Stargate Game
  228. add to Story
  229. We Have Plans for You, Daniel Jackson
  230. Teach me about Stargate
  231. Stargate Ruin Game
  232. stargate poem
  233. Reasons SG-1 was canceled
  234. Would You Rather Game
  235. The Gate Of Love
  236. Stargate Character Jams
  237. What did Teal'c say? Spoilers for "Memento Mori"
  238. Stargate Comedy
  239. 3 Stargate Questions
  240. SG1/ SGA Gameshow!
  241. Count the Tags
  242. The Stargate/Atalntis ABC game.
  243. Gate-doku (SG Sudoku)
  244. guess the charicter game!!!!
  245. If I were the Stargate villain...
  246. SG1 - You're Fired!
  247. Top Ten
  248. The Blame KHAN Thread
  249. Name...That....creature!!! quest spoilers
  250. The Make a Stargate Conspiracy Theory Game