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  1. Asurans=Shoggoths? Spoilers (S3 and Lovecraft's mountains of madness) and speculation
  2. Cloaking tech & personal shields
  3. will we ever finda race that can help us greatly in the fight against the wraith
  4. How come the Ancients Didnt EMPLOY human mercs to fight their war against the wraith?
  5. The Return, part 1 (SPOILERS)
  6. So the Wraith are, in a sense, Alterans. Right?
  7. 314 "Sunday" Discussion/Spoilers
  8. Will Bates Return
  9. Wraith Reproduction
  10. Dr. Elizabeth's hairstyles
  11. Atlantis Waterships
  12. Asuras coming to the Milky Way Galaxy?
  13. Common Ground
  14. New S3 Promo on Scifi
  15. What Do We Think Will Happen With The Ancient Warship That They Foud?
  16. New Season 3 promo image [1]
  17. hat would make SGA better?
  18. Stargate Atlantis Wallpapers.
  19. Is TMN in Canada picking up season 3?
  20. Change in the SGA team
  21. New Advantage against the Wraith?
  22. Exploring the City - How?
  23. Can't wait!
  24. Release dates of SGA S3?
  25. A coming end to the Wraith??
  26. Season 3 Promo
  27. Teal'c should visit Atlantis....
  28. End Of S3 2 Parter Ideas
  29. Hot Zone Alien Episode Continuation! Spoilers
  30. Will Atlantis ever fly?
  31. Is anybody else excited about S3? POSSIBLE FUTURE SPOILERS
  32. ZPM mounting points
  33. Ohh god! - SGA Season 3 Trailer / SG1 Season 10 Trailer (Drool)
  34. How much Caldwell & Daedalus in S3?
  35. What do you think of the SG-1 and SGA crossover?
  36. Daedalus - Time for an upgrade for season 3?
  37. Progency guns...? spoilers
  38. Wraith weakness
  39. Screen Caps of possible new enemy.. S3 spoilers.
  40. What a waste of RDA(spoilers)
  41. How far...
  42. Ancient satelites
  43. How to make the Wraith the scary enemy they should have been.
  44. Season 3 commercial
  45. Progeny and Real World plot summaries ------ massive spoilers------
  46. Plot summaries for 'Sateda,' 'Irresistible' Spoilers
  47. Travel between Milkyway & Pegasus (spoiler & spec)
  48. No Man's Land (spoilers)
  49. What if Atlantis got a Wraith Hive Ship [Spoilers]
  50. Michael's people (Misbegotten spoiler )
  51. Origin of "Asurans"
  52. Atlantsis warships. spoilers
  53. Idea's for getting rid of asurans. definite spoilers
  54. When will UK get S3?
  55. Ori Transgalactic Plans
  56. little countdown for u SG1 and SGA fans!
  57. Regarding the Wraith...
  58. Sateda
  59. Recurring characters - Who would you like to see return for S3.
  60. Do you think Atlantis should have been "seperate" from SG-1 for a few years?
  61. They should have a sea monster attack Atlantis in S3. Thoughts, anyone?
  62. Is S3 about to become more adult?
  63. no man's land trailer
  64. Colonel Caldwell
  65. Why Not BEAM Them Out? [No Man's Land Spoilers]
  66. no mans land real time discussion (spoilers implied)
  67. New Daedalus Tactics Spoilers from No Man's Land
  68. wraith tech weakness (spoilers)
  69. No Mans Land Episode Summary (SPOILERS!!!)
  70. Wraith are still lame
  71. The Daedalus proved size doesn't matter!!!
  72. Atlantis 3x01 better than SG1 10x01?
  73. My No Mans Land Screen caps SPOILERS
  74. Bring back the Wraithlord from Condemned!
  75. Oh we are running out of air!
  76. Michael Spoilers and Theory
  77. How to rescue deady
  78. Ronan and McKay on the hiveship
  79. The Wraith should be terrified about coming to Earth!
  80. Hive Ship (spoilers)
  81. Mckay's DOS Comment
  82. New Tactic to whoop some Wraith butt(possible spoilers)
  83. Biological Blowback
  84. Hive Ship set [SPOILERS]
  85. Hermiod?
  86. I'm tired of it being the same old story (spoilers)
  87. Wraith questions
  88. Weir's decisons and IOA (spoiler 3.01)
  89. Why not take the ZPM? [No Mans Land Spoilers]
  90. Just a thought, Daedalus and Odyssey
  91. Wraith survivors?
  92. wraith queen how come she was okay
  93. Getting Darker
  94. Wraith Worshippers? - 3.01 SPOILERS
  95. Earth Tech can be awsome
  96. A Problem with Woosley
  97. Goodbye Teyla hello Cadman.
  98. Pimp my hive (SPOILERS 3.01!!!)
  99. Opening the Gate from Atlantis to Earth
  100. Question Concerning an enemy spoilers maybe?
  101. Saving Lt. Ford/Wraith Cure
  102. Atlantis Dilemma - Regarding Hive Ships (Spoilers)
  103. SGA's NML vs Andromeda's WG
  104. Deddy kill count
  105. Intergalactic bridge
  106. Are TPTB slowly recasting Atlantis
  107. Is it me or is the CGI on Atlantis way better than SG1?
  108. Wraith not the "main" enemy for Atlantis? Like/dislike?
  109. ronons gun
  110. Room Raiders (Pegasus Edition)
  111. The main Atlantis characters...
  112. Am I the only one who doesn't mind Sheppard's "kirking?"
  113. Do you agree this actor would make a fantastic Wraith?
  114. Last season or not?
  115. (No mans land)How did john shepards F-302 get onboard the hiveship?
  116. Misbegotten live discussion thread (Spoilers intended)
  117. Ford and The Enzyme replaced by Michael and the RetroVirus
  118. Asgard hyperdrive time from MW to pegasus
  119. Sci-Fi's next episode
  120. Origin of Sheppard..ideas
  121. Ok, so what is the actual transmission schedule for SGA then?
  122. plot hole
  123. Teyla leading Atlantis??
  124. What would you have done? (Spoilers for Michael, Allies, NML, Misbegotten)
  125. The Ancient/Nox Connection...
  126. "Misbegotten" Unanswered Question
  127. What if you were part of the IOA. What would you say? - Massive Spoilers - Becareful!
  128. [Misbegotten spoilers]Do the converted wraith...
  129. Fighting in Hyperspace - Using fighters while in hyperspace
  130. Known ZPMs
  131. Beckett - Spoilers for 3.02
  132. Atlantis Team - How much have they messed up? no mans land/misbegotten spoilers
  133. Michael spoilers
  134. question
  135. canada airing
  136. Who would be the most shocking charater to leave atlantis this year?
  137. Misbegotten Nuke?
  138. Any Good Out of Michael Arc? [Spoilers for Michael through Misbegotten--and beyond}
  139. Replicator Disruptor
  140. Lexa Doig, joining Stargate Atlantis?
  141. Sateda pushed back? o_O;
  142. I like the Hive Ships!
  143. Stargate Atlantis Preview
  144. Irresistable Live Discussion Thread (spoilers)
  145. Mounting Hive Ship weapons on Tau'ri ships?
  146. Michael akin to Frankenstein's Creature
  147. Exploring the city
  148. A mission on Earth
  149. Voice of the alien in the next episode?
  150. #315 - The Tao of McKay (SPOILERS!)
  151. The 'Irresistible' Herb
  152. Overreacting to Spoilers: Irresistable
  153. How is this possible?
  154. Why look for ZPM's when we can make them?
  155. A new way back to Milky Way? (Spoilers for 3.03)
  156. It is always the same old thing ( possible small spoilers from Irresistible )
  157. Sateda Trailer
  158. What I think would seal the deal on Atlantis's Stargate Epic'ness.
  159. What was Zelenka saying in Irresistable???
  160. Rodney's allergy. Funny or not? (spoilers for SG1 10.03)
  161. The Nonexistant Stargate
  162. My version of the Season Three intro
  163. Drugs, Drugs, and More Drugs, Addictions, and SGA [SPOILERS]
  164. Where was the Daedelus?
  165. How many ZPMS power Atlantis?
  166. Would/what if the 'irresistable' herb worked on the wraith?
  167. Wraith reproduction Oo (or mammals acting like social insects)
  168. The wraith transformation
  169. The Daedalus weapons officers appears as...
  170. new guns? (spoilers)
  171. 3x16 - The Game
  172. What do you think of the start of sga season 3
  173. Here's a topic to debate: Why are the writers not exploring the potential of Atlantis
  174. What's wrong with Atlantis?
  175. Sateda Live Discussion Thread (spoilers)
  176. Is the Wraith ability to regenerate somehow diminishing?
  177. Best Individual Wraith Kill ever ...... Possible Sateda Spoilers
  178. Older the wraith, the stronger they are?
  179. Ronon in Sateda ( Relationship topic)
  180. Wraith King?
  181. Progeny Trailer
  182. Touch, Feel, and McKay (Sadeta Spoilers)
  183. Sateda Special DVD
  184. Wraith fashion/style thread(Spoilers all episodes)
  185. Should there be more Non human aliens on the show?
  186. Newton's third law(Sateda Spoilers)
  187. Earth defenses against Wraith
  188. The New Uniforms
  189. Why only earth weapon bring to Atlantis
  190. Wraith Timeline
  191. Atlantis Toilets Question Revisted (Pegasus Project Spoilers)
  192. The "Hole-ier than thou" awards: Atlantis - Spoilers for all of Atlantis Season 3
  193. The Wriath Weps carried in Sateda...
  194. Wraith vs Ori argument
  195. Theory on the defeat of the Ancients (BIG spoilers)
  196. Seteda - Wraith a disapointment (spoilers)
  197. wraith names ?
  198. I love Atlantis, but there are problems here.
  199. Rodney and the incident in Sateda
  200. Wraith weapons have a kill setting?(sateda spoilers)
  201. "McKay and Mrs. Miller" episodic photography [8]
  202. Where is Ronans weapon from (spoilers)
  203. Why no pics yet for Common Ground?!?!
  204. How Powerful Are Wraith ships anyways
  205. ancient P.D.A
  206. Its a plea from a British Fan of Stargate Atlantis
  207. Oops? Pegasus Project/Before I Sleep discrepancy
  208. Who here thinks the human wraith look like LOTR elves {Spoilers.)
  209. Anybody else like "Irresistible"?
  210. Alphanumeric Address of Sateda?
  211. The Real World and Dr. Weir
  212. Why d the wriaths feed with there right hands all the time
  213. What did Sheppard... (Sateda Spoilers)
  214. Rodney's growth from Runner to Seteda
  215. Is anybody here angry at the Prolong delay for the 2nd half of the season
  216. Lieutenant Ford
  217. Rodney's underwear
  218. Progeny Live Discussion Thread (spoilers)
  219. The new season 3 enemy discussion BIG SPOLIERS
  220. Progeny, and other episode, Screencaps ~May include Spoilers~
  221. Has the tarnish worn off the Ancients?
  222. Asuran and the milky way replicators question spoilers
  223. Alone?
  224. What happened to Niam
  225. Alternative Solution other then Asurans
  226. Asurans... Why do they want to destroy us
  227. Lanteans and Asurans - nature of the disagreement.
  228. White ZPMs
  229. Why Other Races Think We Are "young"
  230. Progeny Questions
  231. McKay in Shep's MP...
  232. A lack of Allies?
  233. Leather in Stargate
  234. ronan's gun again
  235. Holy Macaroni!! (Stargate ATLANTIS - Last Friday Eps SPOILERS)
  236. Progeny is basically the end of Atlantis - Spoilers inside
  237. Should Teyla get annoyed? (spoilers for 3.05)
  238. any pics of the asurans
  239. Ace Rodney (Spoilers for McKay & Mrs Miller... I think)
  240. What are people problem with weir?
  241. McKay code plothole
  242. Atlantis's 100th Episode??
  243. Is it getting Dwarf esque?
  244. Lack of Character developement bodes ill for Atlantis
  245. stupid puddle effect or what?
  246. What are the chances....
  247. Asurans have Orion class warships?
  248. I will admit i was fooled Progeny spoilers
  249. Why delete all reference to them?
  250. Ar-1?