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  1. Who do you blame for The Ori situation ?
  2. Who ascended first?
  3. Where is Thor?(spoilers for season ten)
  4. Why the Ancients are not interfering (yet)...
  5. Dominion and Unending Spoilers...
  6. "The Quest" pt2?
  7. Who do you prefer?
  8. cannada
  9. Exelent Idea ! for a new spin off
  10. [Spoilers] The Oddyysey
  11. The Lucian Alliance should have been the main bad guys!
  12. This Sucks
  13. Could Atlantis hold the key to defeating the Orii? (Spoiler Warning)
  14. Qetesh/vala mentioned in season 5?
  15. pictures
  16. I cant believe I have to wait 3 weeks for Quest part 2
  17. Pro-Sg1 Movie Thread
  18. Rate the first half of S10
  19. Bad Guys title change?
  20. Countdown for The Quest Pt2 (UK)
  21. Captian of the Odyssey
  22. Baals Jaffa in The Quest
  23. Season 10 on dvd?
  24. Pictures of the 'Monster' !!! Quest part 2 spoilers
  25. Stargate SG-1 Season 10 & Atlantis Season 3 Part 2 Starts in UK from 2nd week in Jan
  26. Is it just me or... Pegasus project spoilers
  27. what past sg-1 races would you like to see make a final appearance in the 2nd 1/2 s10
  28. Am I the only one who likes Dr.Lam?
  29. Daniel not 'pure of spirit' due to annoyance with Ancients
  30. The Quest part 2 pre airing speculation/rumors/spoilers
  31. The Ori Not That Smart
  32. Back up SGC in Antarctica...
  33. S10 10x11-10x20 SPOILERS from Sky One website
  34. ori fighter ship
  35. What happened to King Arthur?
  36. Harcesis...
  37. Question about the way the Ori are conquering the galaxy
  38. Will Sci-Fi Re-air first part of Seaon 10??
  39. Is anyone tracking the UK ratings?
  40. The Shroud
  41. The Lucian Alliance (Future Possibilities)
  42. What happens in The Quest Part II
  43. Space Gates?
  44. Tainted ZPM
  45. Maybe they can't kill one without killing the other
  46. Confusion over 2nd half airing order
  47. Sum up "The Quest Part 2" in one word!
  48. The Quest Part 2 Transcript & Image Gallery
  49. Stargate SG-1 The Quest Part 2 was so good!!
  50. Merlin's Pause: You Decide: Quest 2 (Spoilers)
  51. IMPORTANT- Sky One Schedule change, The Line in the Sand will be aired next week
  52. Two thoughts about "The Quest Part 2"
  53. i feel bad
  54. Season 10 unanswered questions
  55. speculation on Ori fate now S10 Quest eps
  56. Episodic Images: Flesh & Blood AND Morpheus
  57. last few episodes.
  58. zpm... the quest part 2 spoilers!
  59. Unending and Movie Spoilers(Big Time Spoilers)
  60. Daniel picture request (spoiler for ep or eps in latter part of s10)
  61. SG1 ep road not taken Preairing speculation SPOILERS WITHIN
  62. Asgard in S10
  63. The new ep airing in the uk tonite is
  64. Last episode "Unending" plot borrowed from Star Trek
  65. RDA no for one, yes for two(SPOILERS)
  66. Line in the sand
  67. What just happened on SKY one with 'A land in the sand.' 2 eps missed??!!
  68. Oh For Goodness Sake, Sky One didn't mess up the order, they fixed it!
  69. Characters in Line in the Sand (Spoilers for Line in the Sand within)
  70. Quest 2 American Release date?
  71. Season 10 Episode Order Question
  72. S10E13 The Road Not Taken (SPOILER'S)
  73. Uses for Ori power crystals
  74. The Road Not Taken rip-off
  75. SG-1 Movie Release Dates?
  76. Teams of 4-5? What happened to OVERWHELMING FORCE?
  77. fighting the Ori
  78. Vala: What did they do to her!?
  79. "Line in the Sand"- first truly original SG-1 episode
  80. Please help (ep. line in the sand)
  81. The ascended Abydonians and the Ori threat
  82. O'Neill and "Unending"
  83. The Road not taken: Discussion of technology and differences! (obvious spoilers)
  84. The Road Not Taken HELP!
  85. The Shroud Pre-Airing Speculation (spoilers)
  86. australian broadcasting
  87. Quest Part II scenes in old syndicated episodes
  88. A ship Returns!!!spoilers Road not Taken
  89. The Daniel bug again? (Season 10 spoilers)
  90. EPGUIDES.COM fixes listings for Stargate SG-1 S10!
  91. (1/25) Images from "Insiders" & "Pegasus Project"
  92. Missed the Quest part 2!!!!!!
  93. my complaint with episode 12 (spoiilers)
  94. dvd relese dates?
  95. Major Road not Taken plothole
  96. THE SHROUD due to? (UK Members)
  97. Does anyone think the CGI has gone worse, not better?
  98. Dead or Alive (spoilers for The Shroud)
  99. Merlin's device in relation to ascended beings?
  100. "The Shroud" & "The Road Not Taken" really UPSET me!
  101. What if the Ori are NOT evil? Spoilers 10x13 and 10x14
  102. Things SG-1 learned from "The Shroud" & yes there will be "SPOILERS" in here
  103. Ori Plot (The Shroud)
  104. Extremely Minor Continuity Error (The Shroud)
  105. Moving away then hanging around (shroud spoilers)
  106. Why do they always hate the pretty ones?
  107. Dominion Pre-Air Speculation
  108. Ori situation!!
  109. Possible "Shroud" mistake
  110. merlins weapon(spoilers for the shroud)
  111. Sg1 & Atlantis
  112. HOW can the Ancients interfere with the Sangraal??
  113. Fake summary of "The Quest, pt. 2"
  114. Question about Adria-WARNING-SPOILER FOR SHROUD
  115. Bounty Discussion
  116. Shots of Bad Guys (Next Episode)
  117. First Energy Weapon (bounty spoilers)
  118. San Gral Speculation
  119. Vala's Father (Family Ties Speculation)
  120. spoilers: how did the LA get so advanced .
  121. Which Prior would most likely influence you into accepting Origin?
  122. New Ori soldiers in Talion spoilers
  123. info of season 10
  124. Why the Ancients won't interfere
  125. Why did SkyOne move Stargate SG-1 to Wednesdays?
  126. Multistart for "Unending"
  127. bad guys now airing (spoilers)
  128. The Multiverse Way to Unending...
  129. What Is Going On With Season 10?
  130. What's happened with the Ori?
  131. Dropa Stones in Stargate SG-1? (SPOILERS)
  132. Odd Gate dialling sequence in 'Bad Guys'
  133. Did the Ancients interfere??
  134. unconvertable asgard?
  135. King Arthur and his knights SSSPPPOOILLLLEEERRRSSS
  136. When Carter is away SG-1 comes out to play
  137. Filler eps in season 10
  138. Question about "Bounty"
  139. Was there a new SG-1 episode today ?
  140. Talion (1017)
  141. Family Ties - Sky One
  142. Don't anyone feel weird?
  143. How will you watch the finale?
  144. Possible weapon against the Ori?
  145. posible threat for the acients
  146. Weird Jaffa armor in "Talion"?
  147. Arkad Goa'uld's god? Talion spoilers
  148. Cut the right Wire
  149. Continuation of season 10
  150. Teal'c in talion (spoilers)
  151. Spoilers possible for Talion.. Jaffa and the Ori
  152. Details on Unending from the Sky One website
  153. The ultimate fusion !
  154. Do the Ori have intergalactic Hyperdrives?
  155. Memory tech in that season 9 ep
  156. Whats in Vala's Head??? & Other stuff [Spoiler]
  157. Why are the Ori so scared?
  158. Defending Earth (the road not taken spoilers)
  159. Ori ship Power Core
  160. Daniel just coming and going?
  161. MARCH 13th FINAL EP SG-1
  162. Family Ties episode guide
  163. Command of the Odyssey spoilers for Family Ties
  164. Stargate SG1 vs Star Trek DS9
  165. Dig at Sci-Fi (E18 - Family Ties) - Spoilers
  166. I met Louis Gosset Jr. today!
  167. First Contact?! 10x16 Spoilers
  168. Why don't the sg1 convert their cargo ships
  169. Question about The Shroud (spoilers)
  170. Two episodes left to fight the Ori? is it enough?! :(
  171. Dominion Preview???
  172. dealing with the supergate
  173. Question about Bounty - Spoilers
  174. Why must SG-1 end on a serialized note?
  175. The Odyssey (Spoilers for Family Ties)
  176. Have they aired episode 19 yet?
  177. How is Vala settling in with the team? spoliers for S9/10
  178. Countdown to Dominion
  179. Countdown till the end
  180. Ancient Rules!
  181. Lucian alliance
  182. Anyone else upset about "The Shroud" for this reason?
  183. The Adria Question (dominion Spoilers)
  184. Adria finally proved it? The Ori play by their own rules? (Dominion spoilers)
  185. goauld more evolved than ancients - wtf ? (MAJOR 'dominion' spoilers inside)
  186. Brief Unending Trailer on Sky One (SPOILERS)
  187. Vala and her patches
  188. First shot stun, Second shot kill, Third shot.. well, you know the rest.
  189. Ori dead? spoilers
  190. Question about Baal's Fate...(Spoilers)
  191. An overlooked idea for stoppind adria?
  192. Question on removing Ba'al SPOILERS
  193. The Shroud Big mistake "Spoilers"
  194. Will we Eveer See?
  195. Do Not Read Spoilers From Our Partners Up North
  196. New firearm in Dominion
  197. Inspiration and abstinence
  198. Unending...no spoilers...
  199. Could have been a really good episode idea???
  200. Who would win???
  201. Does Adria Know the truth?
  202. "I am leaving. You are about to explode."
  203. does SG-1 movie discussion belong in season 10 thread?
  204. What episode is this from? -Daniel Jackson spoiler
  205. Vote for SG-1 as best TV show.
  206. "Unending" as it happens...
  207. stargate greatest ever ep on sky
  208. Teal'c's age in "Unending" -
  209. so why won't scifi let us have a season 11
  210. Pictures From Unending: The Final Episode
  211. The best non-main character?
  212. Who else was spoiled and annoyed?
  213. Asgard sig's "Unending spoilers"
  214. Why was my thread deleted?
  215. why didnt sam
  216. WHats going on with youtube
  217. The Song in Unending
  218. Daniel's Hair...Unending spoilers
  219. Winona in Dominion?
  220. Odyssey as a Generational Ship - Unending SPOILERS
  221. is it against the T&C
  222. How would you end the Ori story arc?
  223. The What Ifs and Happens
  224. Maybe the Asgard aren't all that...
  225. How to deal with life after SG-1?
  226. stargate final few episodes moan....read it you will agree. contains spoilers
  227. bad guys....up there with the best of the best
  228. Prior's vs. Super Soldiers???
  229. Release Dates - repeat thread, i know
  230. When did you Stop Watching SG-1?
  231. What's the song used in the final episode?
  232. UK DVDs! Late?
  233. What would happen to the other 26 Asgard protected world?
  234. Episode 10.5 names
  235. Saving the Asguard. (Spoliers)
  236. What happened to the Ori resistance?
  237. S10 DVD's In UK? Download?
  238. The real reason behind Ascended Non-Interference
  239. City t.v. and Space viewers
  240. what the hell did i miss?
  241. Taldur
  242. Daniel and Quest pt 2, Spoilers
  243. unending music
  244. my itunes review
  245. Amanda? SciFi Promo Flub
  246. #1003 The Pagasus Project Blooper
  247. Season 10 - Promotional Photography - OUTTAKES
  248. Baal Clones
  249. Question on Adria
  250. New episodes on itunes?