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  1. Great Glowy Thing --Spoilers for counterstrike
  2. Alright Then What Is Theory On The Weapon???
  3. end of series 10, will the ori die? poss spoilers.
  4. Atlantis vs. Celestis
  5. Adria-spoilers-
  6. What's up with the Jaffa? Counterstrike spoilers
  7. If you won the lottery...
  8. Now wait just a minute...
  9. "We have plans for you" - Counterstrike Spoilers
  10. Why is Earth 'untouched' - is it because Merlin's Weapon is here?
  11. If SG-1 continue as say a Mini-Series / TV Movie
  12. Ori Planet Taken over count. Spoilers through Counterstrike
  13. Whare's Jack? ;-) - 200 spoiler
  14. Is this a cop out?
  15. When the gate is dialing...
  16. Ori and Earth
  17. Ori-ship Powersource
  18. How Many Baals were there?
  19. See the "Sci-Fi inside of Stargate SG-1 200th episode"-special here! Shorter clips in
  20. Anybody else hate Daniel's new glasses?
  21. Aschen and the Ori
  22. New espect for Mitchell
  23. StoneHenge?
  24. He Survived?
  25. Ori Weapon Idea - counterstrike spoilers
  26. Was Adria a citizen of Milkyway,a product of Ori & Ancient
  27. NEWS FLASH - Ori power generator mystery cracked!
  28. Reprocussions of the Ori Invasion in the MW (possible spoilers)
  29. Revelations
  30. Earth should have some new ships by the end of the season...
  31. Should SG-1 ally with Ba'al for finale?
  32. why isn't the sgc fighting
  33. 200
  34. The BBC please recover SG-1 for more season!!!!!
  35. Jack Must Be In The Last 2 Finales.......
  36. Will the Stargate program be revield
  37. Mention of JOnas counterstrike spoilers
  38. ep 1018 - Family ties: (small) spoilers
  39. Carter's Dell in Counterstrike
  40. Possiblity of Continued use of the Sodan Cloak
  41. So... what is O'neil doing nowadays?
  42. The all inclusive final scene/episode speculation thread
  43. How will Merlins Anti-Ori Weapon Help?
  44. So is he Cam's Daddy?(200 Spoiler)
  45. How many more episodes for season 10????
  46. Rank The Episodes This Far
  47. The Ancients non-interference policy (BIG spoilers)
  48. 10x10: The Quest Part 1 (Spoilers & Pictures)
  49. Where is Rya'c?
  50. 2 minutes video of Momento Mori
  51. Who Should Die?
  52. The ending of ep"200" ,is that the future of the real SG universe?
  53. Things Unanswered!!!
  54. Things Season 10 Should Answer
  55. Everything Ori!
  56. is there a lack of action this season?
  57. Why didn't the Ori..."Counter-Strike"
  58. Adria - And the piece of Celestis
  59. Why didnt Michael DeLuise play Colonel Danning in ep200 wrmhl xtrm?
  60. TOK'RA anyone?
  61. Furlings = Ori?
  62. what if we do find merlins weaon
  63. Too many standalones in S10 - for the fact that it's the end?
  64. Momento Mori Live Discussion Thread
  65. Live Aim Gatechat. Link Inside!!!
  66. WTH!??! Scifi showing Vala fighting at the 11pm but not the 9pm show????
  67. What i want(ed) from season 10 finale
  68. Memento Mori and Ms. Black
  69. Stargate Sg1 season 11
  70. What to do about the Goa'uld on Earth?can they reform?or ...
  71. Can Adria combust?
  72. Ori Soldiers
  73. TokTauri?
  74. The Ori are a mistake.
  75. The Weapon, the Anciets, and Interference
  76. Why haven't they replaced the dialing computer with a DHD????
  77. will they leave us hanging in the final episode?
  78. Things that the SGC can learn from Dakara's fate counterstrike spoilers
  79. Mission file 30185 -- Episode 200, what is it?
  80. why so slow new episodes on itunes?
  81. Is there a second supergate??
  82. when the Ori are all dead ,would Ori Army notice the different?
  83. Was vala holding a PSP?
  84. SG1 200 breakdown
  85. Best weapon to defeat the Ori amy
  86. Save Stargate SG1 Petition
  87. Could merlins weapon be...
  88. Left in a "Great ship."
  89. Plot Holes :D
  90. Doci vs. Orici
  91. Lack of Episodic Pics?
  92. Quantum Mirror
  93. Could Merlin be our enemy?
  94. Remebering something from season 9...(spoilers)
  95. itunes
  96. The COMPANY OF THIEVES live Discussion Thread
  97. Colonel Emmerson in Co of Thieves (SPOILERS!!!)
  98. Second Half of Season 10 as Season 11?
  99. What's that big monster in the s10 pt2 trailer? (Spoiler)
  100. Season Finale?
  101. who lives in the holy city of Celestis
  102. Credit sequence tweak
  103. Doesn't it anger you, that they didnt do much more on stargate sg1
  104. Actor who played Keflan (Company of Thieves)
  105. Issues with "The Pegasus Project"
  106. I was in "Company of Thieves" ((Spoilers Within!!))
  107. Spoilers: Speculation on Replacement for Death in Company of Theives. Perhaps O'Neil?
  108. That Job = Red Shirt
  109. Earth vs. Lucian Alliance
  110. odyssey
  111. 304 Captains....
  112. Cam Mitchell - Bounty Hunter
  113. Aneteo-spoilers Company of Theives
  114. Naquada as a galactic currency
  115. Langara's Fall = Hints of the future?
  116. Secondary Characters
  117. Boycott Sci Fi
  118. 10x19 Episode Name??
  119. Scary Thought
  120. Reasons for a few more seasons
  121. Whut's wrong with Atlantis?
  122. Season 10 Marathon on Scifi Today
  123. Ok why is season 10 so bloody short?
  124. Ori Shields Are Tough!
  125. The Revelation: of Merlin's Trail of Riddles
  126. The Quest, Part 1 Live Discussion Thread
  127. Vala's Dream spoilers
  128. Possible Weapon against the ORI!!! Possible Spoilers
  129. To get past the obstacles the quest spoilers
  130. Adria's look in The Quest, Pt. 1
  131. question about the quest part one SPOILERS
  132. The Sangraal [SPOILERS QUEST PART 1 + AOL Vignette/Quest Part 2]
  133. Is it just me or is RDA in Company of Thieves? spoilers obviously..
  134. Canada and season 10!
  135. Sangraal and Thor's Might.
  136. How did these planets never get touched by Goa'uld?
  137. Adria n Ba'al n Cameron
  138. Theory of why sg-1 is getting the boot...
  139. The Red Orb theory "Spoilers" and the ancients
  140. Will SG-1 take up "The Quest" :P [SPOILERS for The Quest Pt.1]
  141. Show canceled?
  142. Red Orb "Out of Phase" Theory.
  143. Why didn't the universe implode in Quest Part 1?
  144. Obstacles in the maze (Spoilers for "The Quest - Part I")
  145. Cancelling our long distance service.
  146. Puzzle continuity contradictions and theory - Quest Pt 1 -
  147. How to deal with Adria Discussion
  148. Adria's Tricks "Spoilers"
  149. In Which Episode...?200 spoilers
  150. There should be a Stargate Network
  151. Thoughts on the Protector's Name? "The Quest Part 1 Spoiler"
  152. Merlin's Weapon The Quest 10x10 (Spoilers)
  153. Who do you think will win if the Ori and the Ancient went to war
  154. Orlin the ancient
  155. Adria's True Origins
  156. Merlins Weapon Theory about Adria & Daniel Spoilers
  157. Ancient Orlin & Merlin Vs. Adria
  158. Ancient Philosophy vs. Ori Philosopy
  159. Tired of all the unresolved issues in the show
  160. Question about opening credits
  161. Genetic Enhancement Machine
  162. The Goa'uld are the Ori!
  163. Reruns of the Season Finale?
  164. what will happen at the end of season 10
  165. Adria's Been Duped?
  166. Ancient seed of Life
  167. Did the Ori Ascend first or second?
  168. Ascended Plane and the Sangral
  169. Official episodic photography for "Company of Thieves" and "Quest, Part 1"
  170. A way to defeat the Ori in their galaxy
  171. Where are the Asgard?
  172. How did the human expelled the Goa'uld?
  173. The Ori knew all along?
  174. The Ori & the Pegasus Galaxy
  175. Favorite Season 10 Eps First Half Season
  176. Who's in charge of SG-1?
  177. Epsisode 19 possible
  178. What was Baal saying?
  179. Do you want Jack back for the finale?
  180. Carter's Device from Quest pt. 1
  181. Funny thought
  182. Analysis of the Ori, and how to defeat them.
  183. What if the Ancients weren't the first evolution?
  184. Interesting thought Quest part 2
  185. Should the Ori be responsible for the Wraith?
  186. I missed SG1 Episode 1010 and SGA 309
  187. missing jaffa ""spoiler the quest part 1""
  188. Requesting a screen cap from Quest Part 1 please
  189. October 5, 2006 - Today May Be The Last Day of Shooting for "Stargate SG1"
  190. Ori Home Galaxy
  191. where did season 10 go wrong?
  192. Morena Baccarin wallpapers
  193. The ancient writing on the wall in front of the red orb!!! spoilers
  194. The Cancellation and Ratings
  195. Cam / Vala in desert camo?
  196. Stargate SG1 10x11 and further - when?
  197. plot holes in memento mori...spoilers
  198. Who and what are you going to miss from Stargate SG-1?
  199. the ancients not helping against the orii
  200. stop saying it is over!
  201. The battle for Earth. A crossover? SPOILERS!
  202. Would you watch Atlantis continously if SG1 is gone for good
  203. The third Spin-off...
  204. does anyone know?
  205. Why people tuned out to SG1.
  206. [Spoilers covering S7-10] Battle of Eternity
  207. What / Who would you like to see (again) before the end
  208. Erm Just Noticed Something About The Ori
  209. season 10 spoilers
  210. Serakin/alien worship
  211. New SG1 Eps?
  212. I'm a Nielson Family this week...
  213. Who Do You Think Should Get Promoted?
  214. Season 10 Single DVDs
  215. A good enemy AFTER the Ori...
  216. The Quest part 2 chit-chat/speculation/pre-airing discussion
  217. Would the ancients help the Asgard?
  218. Massive Spoilers
  219. Part 2
  220. Morpheus ep, sorry I'm from England
  221. Little question?
  222. Looking for 2 episodes
  223. Teal'c vs. Cam
  224. Should Pegasus Project have been the 200th episode ??
  225. Did we just lose our friend ____ to the Ori?
  226. Speculation on 'The Dragon' (Spoiler For UK People)
  227. Wouldn't want to be an earth ship commander.
  228. Return of the Maybourne, Quinn, Apophis and Doci
  229. Ori resistance
  230. Post ep3, Ancients. Spinelessness?????
  231. Photos
  232. Have watched 3 of season 9, can I watch season 10?
  233. no longer a newbie! (was mini-marathon thread) Made it to S10
  234. More Pel'tac bombers
  235. Why didn't Merlin use the Ori weapon when he built it?
  236. a higher ascended power
  237. series ten ideas
  238. Countdown to Goodbye: The Final Episodes
  239. I wonder how the Nox are dealing with the Ori.
  240. Season Ten reruns
  241. Little question
  242. Darth Sidious as a Prior
  243. The Quest Part 2
  244. Chance for our survival
  245. So how do you feel about Sci Fi...
  246. the superpower of MW
  247. Stargate Season 10
  248. pegasus project plot mistake
  249. The origin of Origin?
  250. RDA's Episode(s?) in s10? (Spoilers)