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  1. Stargate the Movie... Galaxy Related?
  2. ori make sg1 go back to the start
  3. If SG1 kill the Ori with Merlin's weapon,any danger to the Ancient
  4. Wright: Adria Is The Ori Cheating [Spoilers for S9 and S10]
  5. Spoiler link for S10 ep - Memento Mori
  6. Ancients and Ori
  7. Is Anubis really gone
  8. City Ship on SG-1
  9. The Nox
  10. Do the Ori Know of Atlantis?
  11. Spoiler for episode "Insiders" and "uninvited"
  12. Adria's Birth Is Really A Reference To
  13. What are the new motivation of human Trust member(10 spoiler)
  14. season 10 premier date?
  15. Jonas Quinn for season 10 (Memento Mori)?
  16. Unfinished story arcs that should come back in season 10?
  17. Should the SGC Relocate to a Ship??
  18. We have ships, why have we not gone back to Heliopolus?!?
  19. Bringing back Mini-Jack
  20. S10 ,International relations on Earth
  21. A Brand new and more powerful New Goa'uld!
  22. Who will die in Counterstrike?
  23. "Wheel within a Wheel" -Ezekiel (Ori ship)
  24. Who is it? Spoilers for Crusade and specuation for s10
  25. "Memento Mori" storyline
  26. How about a episode called "The Battle"
  27. Season 10 to be the last?
  28. Hive Ships in the milky way
  29. Rebrand it Stargate Command
  30. Question about Orlin
  31. Ancient Outpost
  32. Ramifications from the Korolev
  33. We might see the Re'tu in Season Ten???
  34. Finally!!!!
  35. Merlin is ?.
  36. how many people think that the battle against the ori is an hopeless cause
  37. How come the Lucien alliance Uses GUNS?
  38. build a ship that can transport amor vehicles
  39. Anubis Ship verses the Ori
  40. First details on "Company of Thieves"
  41. Things to come
  42. !!!!!spolier!!! pegusus progect
  43. Backstories and ideas for Season 10 (SG1) and Season 3 (SGA)
  44. I don't really care....
  45. is Merlin's weapon based on SGA episode?
  46. A question for a confused thinker
  47. I called the Sg1 theatrical movie and I was right :D
  48. What weapon should Vala use?
  49. will sci-fi channel
  50. Finally; The Quest First Plot Details Beware Spoilers
  51. Do Gateheads think the PTB at Stargate are listening to fans suggestions and critics?
  52. Is Excalibur real and an uber sword...
  53. WILL DANIEL BE A FATHER? [{(Spoilers)}]
  54. Sangraal (possible spoilers)
  55. Bra'tac needs to die!!! - Character / Plot Development
  56. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (SPOILERS & SPECULATION)
  57. Question About Ep #200 (NO SPOILERS INSIDE)
  58. Col Caldwell and the Daedalus in SG-1?
  59. Chris Judge is a Pretty good actor he should be given his own sg series
  60. Ori ships vs. Grace's ship..
  61. ori shields not invincible!!!
  62. What will Vala offer the team in Season 10?
  63. Does anyone think we'll see the Sodan Again?
  64. No free will, because of the Ancients.(possible spoilers)
  65. Vala's Survival On Earth
  66. Strange Realization
  67. What do you want from season 10?
  68. Adria Should've Been Played by.....
  69. Ascended Ancients stepping up to the plate
  70. Earth with anicient shields (could be spoilers)
  71. who will help??????
  72. Landry in Action!
  73. TEAL'C In SEASON 10
  74. Anyone else not reading spoilers and waiting to just enjoy Season 10?
  75. Whose more threatening Ori or Wraiths invading the milkyway
  76. Season 10 in High Definition ???
  77. Anti- Orii weapon in Bosnia... will season ten take us there?
  78. Harsesis meets Adria.
  79. Carter will be funnier in season 10
  80. The Doci
  81. Will "The Scourage" bugs appear again in Season 10?
  82. Last of the ori
  83. 10.12: "Bounty" Spoilers/Discussion
  84. Ancient hi-plan
  85. The Nox coming to Season 10 and..?
  86. The original Asgard.
  87. i think in the coming seasons the accinets should deasecnd
  88. So... anyone realize we never exactly saw Sokar die.
  89. First details on SG-1's 'The Shroud' (SPOILERS)
  90. S10 Promos
  91. ah I hope Atlanteans/Ori arent a StarTrek Insurrection moment!
  92. Clip of the episode 200 !!!
  93. Ori's invasion and the other races of the Galaxy
  94. Ori Ships
  95. Flesh and Blood - Episodic Photography [8 HQs]
  96. About Foothold (Season 1) they coming to Season 10?
  97. 10 years of memories SG-1
  98. UK start date?
  99. Women Priors
  100. Season 10 - Promotional Photography
  101. Size of the To'kra fleet? exodus, reckoning, and camelot spoilers
  102. Anybody else think tealc looks like somebody else in S10 pics?
  103. A Clip of RDA ans BB Talking About Episode 200
  104. Aris Boch in season 10
  105. Evil Sam?
  106. the Sangraal (spoilers)
  107. Withdrawal Symptoms!
  108. what about the other guys?- season10^
  109. Disturbing thoughts about the disruptor
  110. ashen
  111. Ori Destroyed
  112. Replicators
  113. What Do We Think This 'Merlin's Weapon' looks like and can do
  114. Updating Asgard Ships for the Ori War
  115. How will the Asgard respond to the Asurians??
  116. Season 10 Promo on SciFi.com
  117. First Details on "Line in the Sand"
  118. hey do you think...
  119. Season 10 walks a fine line...Spoilers
  120. MY SG1 Season 9 and 10
  121. Needed Improvements...
  122. Season 10 Preview!!!
  123. Ori Fighters
  124. New Theme Intro?
  125. Get Rid Of Baal Thread!!!!
  126. Season 10 Six Minute Preview!!
  127. Jack O'neill Music Video! (MUST WATCH)
  128. date of the new series
  129. One thing that bothers me about the season premiere(spoilers)
  130. Fleet war at its finist. (Video)
  131. Asgard talking to a Prior
  132. HUGE HUGE S10 (Spoiler)
  133. Morpheus - Episodic Photography [5 HQs]
  134. The Pegasus Project - Episodic Photography [6 HQs]
  135. More screen caps.. Possible S10 spoilers My thoughts
  136. What would you like to see happen in season 10/11?
  137. Replicators? (S10 Spoiler)
  138. The Ori - New Life or Simple Remake of The Goa'uld?
  139. Outdoing the Ori-The next villain for Stargate SG-1
  140. How do the Ori get power from us worshiping them
  141. season 10 wikipedia spoiler
  142. Ep: Bounty-Return of Aris Boch?
  143. Stargate Sg-1: Mars Attacks?????
  144. Dj
  145. First Spoilers "Uninvited" & "200"
  146. Crossover Promo?
  147. Season 10 in Canada?
  148. Plot summaries for 'Pegasus Project,' 'Insiders'
  149. Plot Summaries for "Flesh and Blood" & "Morpheus"
  150. Daniel?
  151. A picture in the season 10 promo (6min)
  152. ON sci-fi tonight?
  153. Finally only one week left!
  154. Fearing the end of season 10.
  155. AHH, Im Stuck with Analog SciFI Again!!!! GRRR!!
  156. The 4 Ori ships were Motherships!
  157. The Insiders - Episodic Photography [5 HQs]
  158. What if the Ori were to make a deal with the Asgard?
  159. Trailer for Season 10
  160. Why Vala? [Spoilers]
  161. Doci's return?
  162. Bring the goauld back
  163. First Pictures From Insiders
  164. Photo Gallery: 'Insiders' spoilers
  165. Flesh And Blood - HUGE SPOILERS!!
  166. Waking Gadmeers for Ori ?
  167. A Brit Character for S10?
  168. Future of the show according to Amanda Tapping
  169. Spoilers, Other Ori invaded galaxies? Discuss
  170. CONGRATULATIONS ON SEASON 10 - To the Producers, Writers, Directors, Cast & Crew
  171. What are you doing for the premiere? party ideas!
  172. Season 10 episodes area?
  173. Predictions anyone?! ...(spoilers?...)
  174. Anti ori weapon for the ori, what weapon for the soilders and ships?
  175. "Morpheus" trailer up already? Mini-SPOILERS
  176. The quest!!
  177. Trick the "Asurans" to fight Ori
  178. Season 10 big question
  179. Dr. Lam- Season 10?
  180. It is finally friday night
  181. flesh and blood real time discussion (spoilers implied)
  182. Any spoilers for Jack
  183. toilet ships and origin...
  184. My Flesh and Blood ScreenShots....SPOILERS
  185. Why doesnt the ori go after earth yet?
  186. Where the hell are the Asgard?
  187. Ori ship screen caps....Spoilers
  188. Latin Phrases Uttered By The Prior And Their Translation.
  189. Hasnt the "Antichrist Girl" Archetype been done already?
  190. Wouldn't it be cool...
  191. Idea for Destroying Ori Ships
  192. I know how to defeat the Orici!
  193. Here's a thought to Save SG1(the show)
  194. Was there an Asgard aboard the Korelev?
  195. Ori hyperdrive spoilers
  196. know your Asgard Ships...
  197. What happened to the Kick-in?
  198. special effects mistake
  199. Take the Satellite from Tegalus
  200. Uninvited..
  201. Something different about Teal'c face..hmmm
  202. The book of origin vs The Rules of Acquisition
  203. What happened to the Asgard vessel????
  204. Adria's Purpose...Possible Spoilers..
  205. Why the ori can be a good villan
  206. What the hell happened to Teal'c's hair? F&B spoilers
  207. Counterstrike
  208. The prometheus returns! (flesh and blood spoilers)
  209. Tell the wrathe where the ori planets are
  210. anyone else believe adria season 10 spoiler
  211. Questions about the Ori that need to be answered...
  212. beaming nukes
  213. Coalition of advanced races
  214. Just a Thought? (SPOILERS FOR 10/01)
  215. The Ori need people belives to survie
  216. Wraith telepathy versus Prior advanced human powers
  217. Ancients ascension superior to Ori ascension?
  218. Thor... where are you, buddy?
  219. Morena Baccarin as Adria pics
  220. Aschen vs Ori
  221. 4 great races alliance.
  222. Bra'tac
  223. Ancients timeline
  224. Ori Pike Weapon (spoilers)
  225. ZPM's?
  226. New episodes on again 2nite?
  227. Cool Morpheus thing
  228. Crew of the Odyssey
  229. Vala's free pass (spoilers)
  230. Who was the great alliances enemy?
  231. Col William Ronson
  232. An Open Letter to the Asgard High Council (SPOILERS)
  233. spoilers KOROLEV
  234. "Hallowed are the Ori..." said the Prior. (Spoilers)
  235. How this show has evolved
  236. What will eventually happen to Andria?
  237. Season Ten on Sky One?
  238. RDA's Second Appearance (Spoilers)
  239. Fighting fire with fire, so to speak
  240. 'Morpheus' Live Discussion Thread
  241. Morgan Lefay Mother of the Ori?
  242. Where do we stand after the first two eps? Missed them...
  243. Does Major Marks have a twin?
  244. New weapon... against the ori? - spoilers
  245. Strange opening credits?
  246. Destroying the super gate (spoilers for s10)
  247. Why are we attacking the Ori ships in space?
  248. Why do people believe a single event can't change a person?
  249. Was Daniel A Coward? (Spoilers for Flesh and Blood)
  250. SG1/Ori Desktop Background