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  51. Want to see Classic Who try living in Iowa or Maryland
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  56. Piper Quits Doctor Who
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  58. Case of Fatal Death 2
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  60. The Master
  61. Tennant: Doctor #10 or Doctor #2
  62. Anyone know where I can find a few seasons?
  63. i dont know if this should be on this area of the forum but....
  64. The other (Possible spoilers)
  65. Would anyone Like to see a mulitible Doctor eps
  66. Attack of the Grask
  67. S2/28 General discussion & speculation thread
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  69. How long for Doc 10 and Rose?
  70. Any updates on a new Doctor Who Movie
  71. Dr Who: Does he bat for the other side?
  72. Last of the Time Lords?
  73. Regeneration, what then -
  74. Shadow Proclamation ???
  75. A "new" Marco Polo?
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  77. Anti-America jab falls on its face
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  80. 2006 Action Figures: Will you be buying?
  81. How many times did the Doctor cause his own trouble?
  82. The Beginnings Boxset offical cover art
  83. The Curse of Fatal Death
  84. The Nth Doctor
  85. Classic DVD Boxsets... I wonder...
  86. Are we stuck with young Doctors from now on?
  87. When will Scifi start advertising Doctor who
  88. 9th Doctor Books - Childish or Good Novels?
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  90. The Movie Remade
  91. Doctor Cthul-who?
  92. Dalek Timeline?
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  94. Russell T Davies' Stargate Joke
  95. Should New Who have been made to be more like the Classic Who?
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  99. Doctor Who Series 27, UK or US boxset?
  100. Stop selling "sets" and get on with the Season releases already!
  101. When did Doctor Who change from Adventurer to Crusader?
  102. The Satan Pit - Series 2 (Possible, and quite probable spoilers)
  103. Evil Time Lords
  104. How long have you been a fan?
  105. Deja Vu
  106. Dalek Game
  107. Any CGI masters out there?
  108. What Worlds would you like to see the Doctor revist.
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  110. Series 2 First DVD cover
  111. Children In Need Extra Scene
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  123. regenerating
  124. Link Episode
  125. Not a good sign?
  126. "Things Will Never Be the Same Again" - BBC's S2 Trailer
  127. Doctor Who Slogan thread
  128. 10th Doctor Books
  129. What is the very Dr. Who episode that got your hook to the series?
  130. "World War Three" you rate it.
  131. Rose/Doctor Ship Discussion Thread
  132. The No, no a thousand times no Anti Doctor/Rose ship thread!
  133. Ready for tonight 2
  134. I have a question
  135. wheres the series 28 sub-forum?
  136. "The Christmas Invasion" and SCI FI
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  138. Happy Birthday David Tennant!
  139. Untitled 'Children in Need' short on S28 DVD set?
  140. Time War question
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  142. Lost episodes hunt !!!
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  147. K-9, When?
  148. Doctor who over taking Star-trek
  149. K9 animated spinoff anounced
  150. is Bad Wolf done?...Spoilers for upcoming episodes
  151. Doctor Who - The Movie
  152. Inferno DVD Cover Atwork !!!!!
  153. Rose's Future SPOILERS
  154. why did the 9th doctor leave?
  155. Does anyone elses Girlfriend lust after David Tenant?
  156. Anyone Here Ever Start Or Run A Fan Club?
  157. Speculation is rife for a fourth series to be made!
  158. Next Companion
  159. You Know You're a Whovian When...
  160. is the doctor in love with Rose Tyler
  161. Episode discussions
  162. what happens to the doctor after his thirteenth rejeneration
  163. The Ratings War Begins...
  164. "Doctor Who - The Movie" Appreciation Thread.
  165. SciFi Channel (US) Dr. Who Marathon on Julne 16
  166. If they wer to replace tennant?
  167. Airing in Canada?
  168. Christopher Eccleston Thunk thread
  169. Doctor Who star signs book deal
  170. Rose coming alters the timeline.
  171. New Doctor WHo movie
  172. Behind the sofa time - the Cybermen are back!
  173. Which Episode Do You Prefer In B&w?
  174. what is the password
  175. K9 - Thunk thread
  176. SciFi Pulse: Download Behind the Scenes from Dr. Who
  177. Face of Boe's Great Secret speculation thread SPOILERS ahead !!!!
  178. The Cybermen Thunk Thread.
  179. Question for fans of old Dr Who
  180. Stick to acting Billie, please
  181. K9 & Company on DVD - thoughts?
  182. Classic Who & New Who... why does it feel so different?
  183. Paul McGann's "New Who" A Speculatory Thread
  184. How about putting all the S2 episode threads up?
  185. Who is YOUR doctor?
  186. Episode Doomsday Spoilers!!!!!
  187. 'British skies UFO-free for last 30 years'
  188. Petition - Calm down, you knew it was coming!
  189. Doctor Who Battles In Time - Is it worth it?
  190. The origin of the human race and why humans look like Time Lords - Spoilers!
  191. Who is the best Doctor?
  192. When will the Doctor visit somewhere other than Earth?
  193. The Doctor sure dies a lot these days...
  194. Doctor Who Movie? Yes..... ANOTHER thread. But with a twist!
  195. Do We Know What Happened To The Dalek...?
  196. Something I made, thought I'd share.
  197. Doctor Who: The Daleks - Remake. MY fan poster
  198. Multi-Doctor Story, will RTD ever do one?
  199. Doctor Who Theme Remixes
  200. The Dalek Song
  201. The Doctor Who Theme
  202. Timelords all dead?
  203. Does Dr. Who count?
  204. Did Tom Baker Live In My Home Town? Help With Information Please...
  205. I now know that Doctor Who fans are called "Whovians."
  206. Female Doctor?
  207. Do we know what happened to Jack?
  208. Season 28 Boxset Design
  209. What is the Doctor's Real Name?
  210. What was your favorite episode of series 27/1?
  211. Most recent classic
  212. What was wrong with #9
  213. Doctor Who returns to Australian TV
  214. Series 28 Finale Speculation Thread - SPOILERS
  215. What is so special about Earth?
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  217. I think the US may see season Two
  218. The Words Of The Beast
  219. Chameleon Circut
  220. Most Annoying Companion
  221. Billie Piper and season 29
  222. Fantastic DVD News !!!!!!!! - "The Return of the Master" boxset Confirmed !!!!!!!!!!
  223. Police Investigation
  224. Doctor Who RPG
  225. KLF - Doctorin the TARDIS
  226. good news/bad news Doctor Who
  227. Look What I stumbled Across
  228. NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo
  229. Dr Who = New Red Dwarf
  230. New Doctor Who Soundtrack ?
  231. U.N.I.T - SG-1 Style!
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  233. What are these?
  234. Time War
  235. Bbc Reporting That Freema Agyeman To Join Dr Who
  236. American DVD sales
  237. The Invasion DVD cover
  238. UNIT and Torchwood
  239. Doomsday Theories - Possble Spoilers
  240. The Doctor/Capt Jack Slash/Discussion/Appreciation (possible spoilers)
  241. The bride speculation thread (Spoilers for Doomsday and the new Christmas ep)
  242. Season 3/29 Speculation and Discussion
  243. Question about Rose's Future
  244. Dr Who's new assistant
  245. Inner Dimensions and the Tardis
  246. Best Doctor Who Fan Made Films/Trailers
  247. New Who Soundtrack
  248. K9 spin-off series (SPOILERS & SPEC)
  249. Dalek Costume
  250. The Why Game Doctor Who