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  1. What did The Doctor say to the Judoon?
  2. A theory about Clara's identity
  3. Real life cybermen anyone? Who wants to try this?
  4. Great WHO Speeches...
  5. Time inside the TARDIS
  6. Is this a paradox?
  7. 50 Years: The Doctor Who Celebration/ Appreciation Thread
  8. Is the concept of Timelords exclusive to Doctor Who?
  9. Has Strax been explained?
  10. The Silence questions
  11. Questions about the Cybermen
  12. Season 7 on DVD
  13. BBC AMERICA HOW COULD YOU (The Name of the Doctor is OUT on DVD NOW)
  14. Has season 7 been poor?
  15. Want to write stuff like on Galifrey?
  16. Doctor Who on the Big Screen - in Australia!
  17. The Underwater Menace 2 Leaked
  18. Question about the Great Intelligence( Spoilers for "The Name of the Doctor")
  19. Spoilers for 50th anniversary episode
  20. There's people that don't like Moffat?
  21. Dr. Who And The Realms of Believability
  22. The Sixth Doctor - Underrated?
  23. The Doctor Who DVD Disambiguation Series.
  24. The Doctor Puppet
  25. Who should play the 12th Doctor?
  26. Matt Smith quits Doctor Who. Christmas special is his last episode.
  27. FanFic - Fireside (10, Ian, Barbara)
  28. AU: Fast Foward: Doctor Hewson (Spoof)
  29. But what if the Doctor regenerates into a WOMAN? (Yes, it's that rumour again...)
  30. Officially Licensed Products?
  31. The Time Lords and the Universe
  32. 12th Who Fansite articles
  33. Good age for Kids to watch?
  34. Whovian inspired artworks
  35. Nightmare of Eden: Navigator's criminal case
  36. The Boring Old Classics
  37. Doctor Who Lost Episodes Are Not Missing, But Destroyed - The End
  38. Got BBC America in High Def?
  39. Should the Doctor have more then 13 Regenerations?
  40. River Songs Timeline (Spoilers)
  41. Doctor Who Conventions and Events
  42. Questions about the John Hurt Doctor
  43. Going Through Doctor Who (Spoilers all Eps aired on BBC/BBCA)
  44. The Doctor's Secret (Spoilers)
  45. Favourite Doctor - Reasons and Speculation
  46. Doctor Who Fanmade Game : help/feedback needed!
  47. Questions about the Pandorica finale?
  48. And Doctor Number Twelve is........Spoiler rich zone
  49. While Watching The Big Bang
  50. Tenth Planet DVD - Hartnell Interview!!!
  51. Has there been enough advertising?
  52. Where to start?
  53. Pick an episode for me to watch!
  54. The Doctor Who Art Thread
  55. Random Doctor Who Brainfarts.
  56. Is The Doctor A Hypocrite?
  57. A Nerdy Chat with Steven Moffat
  58. The Master Discussion
  59. how to add john hurt into regeneration cycle
  60. OCT 2013 - Multiple Missing Episodes Found! (Confirmed)
  61. Big Finish Audio Dramas
  62. Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?
  63. Random Doctor Who Stuff
  64. This made me think of Doctor Who.
  65. Day of the Doctor teaser
  66. The whole Amy Pond thing bugs me........... WARNING minor random thoughts
  67. Boundaries of the Time-Lock
  68. Recasting the Classic Era Doctors
  69. DiT - What?!
  70. Doctor Who intro
  71. Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Programmes on TV and Radio
  72. Watching the classic series on Netflix
  73. Day of the Doctor - Trailers
  74. Companions & Assistants - Discussion Thread
  75. The Night of the Doctor
  76. The War Doctor (The Warrior) Discussion
  77. Our Doctor Who 50th Tribute - "For Fifty Years"
  78. How would you react if Tennant came back?
  79. A blog post I made for the 50th anniversary
  80. The Doctor Games
  81. Happy Doctor Who Day!
  82. 2013 Christmas Teaser
  83. 12... or is it 13? What lays ahead... (DotD spoilers)
  84. BBC Special "An Adventure In Time And Space"
  85. Did it happen before or not? (Spoilers for DOTD)
  86. The Vortex Manipulator (Spoilers for DOTD)
  87. Christmas Spoiler Leaks: Alert for Spoilerphobes
  88. What's in a name?
  89. Impossible Girl Side Effects (Spoilers for DOTD and Name of the Doctor). Spoilers!!!
  90. The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
  91. My KOOKY Theory on regenerations / lifespan of the Doctor..
  92. The Which WHO are YOU quiz?!
  93. Dr Who Chess Set?
  94. The Meaning of Trenzalore - (Time of the Doctor Spoilers)
  95. FIRST...picture with all 13 doctors
  96. A real Gallifrey? Ooh ..... let's name this planet that and make it official.
  97. Just started watching the show... Looks good.
  98. Doctor Who - Cast and Guests in Other Shows
  99. Which companions do you feel had the weakest/strongest departure?
  100. Musings on Lumic Cybermen vs Mondas Cybermen
  101. Hopes and Wishes for the Capaldi era of DW
  102. Questions About Doctor Who-only for ones who watched the whole series
  103. Stephen Moffat : how long will he stay on as Showrunner?
  104. Holy Reset Buttons Batman........
  105. Who's the worst companion ever of Doctor Who?
  106. What if the two Doctors met?
  107. How Doomsday Should Have Ended
  108. What Doctor Who Sign Were You Born Under?
  109. If you could develop a video game based on Doctor Who
  110. And that's the END of that!
  111. Story outline for new Doctor
  112. Doctor Who Episodes: From SPACE
  113. Your Two Doctors
  114. Should New Who revisit some Classic style heroes and villains?
  115. Need your opinions!
  116. Doctor Who 2014 Return Date!
  117. Return of an old Foe? SPOILERS S8
  118. Michelle Gomez joins Dr Who (Spoilers S8)
  119. Public Service Announcement - Beware Script & Episode Leakage!
  120. Bringing the Pandorica to Life?!
  121. Amy Pond and the fall of Arcadia
  122. Doctor Who @ the Movies - Again! (Deep Breath)
  123. Greetings from the TARDIS................... Girl
  124. "River Song: The Archaeologist in High Heels"
  125. Series 7 of Doctor Who (DVD)....... My thoughts
  126. Doctor Who Trailer.........
  127. DOCTOR WHO Themed Restaurant.........The Pandorica in New York
  128. The TARDIS goes into SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  129. where to watch Dr Who
  130. Question about the TARDIS (Spoilers Deep Breath)
  131. Could the Doctor be a meddler?
  132. Settings you'd like another story in
  133. Karen Gillan does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  134. New Who 10th anniversary
  135. New teaser idea?
  136. Quote from Peter Capaldi.(Spoilers/Spec S34/8)
  137. PROSE: Engines of War
  138. Ian as the Curator
  139. Eight Ramblings
  140. TARDIS Speculation Thread (SPOILERS S34/8)
  141. Whatever happened to Jenny?
  142. Missy is...(Spoilers/Speculation S34/8)
  143. What defines your Doctor
  144. How the Doctor could find and save Gallifrey
  145. What would a Doctor Who movie be like if directed by the following directors...
  146. Am I the only one who liked Love & Monsters?
  147. The Train in Ep 8 (Spoilers/Spec S34/8)
  148. A Question About This Doctor.......
  149. Doctor Who Legacy game
  150. Doctor Who Wedding.......
  151. Just what the Doctor ordered... A fridge
  152. How would you end Doctor Who?
  153. MAJOR EPISODE (S34/8) 11/12 SPOILERS: New thread to discuss Missy
  154. Who was YOUR Doctor?
  155. A post about someone's Halloween costume
  156. Doctor Who Bluetooth Speakers for Christmas
  157. This reminded me of Rassilon....... and Blencathra
  158. The Underwater Menace DVD Announcement (And Why It's Rather Disappointing)
  159. 1996 "Preliminary" Theme Music
  160. Let there be music.
  161. The multi-Master story
  162. Doctor Who S1-6 plus the Complete Specials for sale on ebay!
  163. Where are the specials?
  164. Is The Doctor A Hero Or Not?????????
  165. Has the Doctor really saved the whole universe?
  166. But what happened to GUS? (Mummy on the Orient Express)
  167. Classic Doctor Who
  168. This made me think of DOCTOR WHO.......
  169. more powerful than time lords
  170. explain the 12th doctor to me. Please
  171. John Barrowman Q&A
  172. sladen tributes
  173. Random Doctor Who stuff and nonsense.
  174. I had to share this
  175. Key to Time 2 ?
  176. In-Depth Review of the new TARDIS Speaker
  177. Anyone had or been in a Doctor Who marriage proposal?
  178. A Sonic (sound based) fire extinguisher
  179. Short Story - Twelfth Night
  180. What will Maisie Williams' role be in Season 35/9? (SPOILERS)
  181. What a dilema? 40 years ago today..
  182. The Hand Of Omega
  183. Gallifrey - The Years Between
  184. Is this a plot hole?
  185. Oh Doctor! Where Art Thou?
  186. Just completed my Dr.Who Classic DVD collection. 1 question...
  187. Trailer for Series 35/9
  188. Toy metal die cast sci fi helmet?
  189. thecosmichobo's YouTube Channel
  190. The Doctor's Meditation
  191. breakfast with baker
  192. my what if thread
  193. Character Options Doctor Who announcement with toy designer Al Dewar
  194. 'Class' - Doctor Who Spin Off Discussion, News & Speculation - SPOILERS
  195. A Christmas Carol, featuring Colin Baker!
  196. The Doctor Who Never Was...
  197. Why didnt Ashildr work for UNIT?
  198. Doctor Who and where is it really going? (SPOILERS S35/9)
  199. Lego Dimensions Video Game - Doctor Who
  200. Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?
  201. The Doctor's Graveyard
  202. Doctor Who Parody - Aussie Style
  203. tin dog k-9
  204. The Underwater Menace - The LAST (original) DVD
  205. Doctor Bond?
  206. Is Doctor Who a time loop?
  207. merry christmas
  208. Farewell Moffat, and 2016...
  209. Doctor Who Parody by The Hillywood Show
  210. Capaldi's Future Unsure
  211. RIP Sandy McDonald
  212. Voice actors needed for Doctor Who audio adventure!! (DW FANDOM)
  213. Initial Thoughts On Bill
  214. Doctor who confidential
  215. Power of the Daleks DVD & BluRay!
  216. Doctor Who Theme Basslines/samples
  217. Classic Series Writer to Pen NuWho Episode
  218. Capaldi MAY be leaving
  219. A Neat Fan Made Doctor Who Christmas Video I found
  220. Whatever happened to the big budget movie?
  221. Rest in peace, Sir John Hurt - 1940-2017
  222. Capaldi IS leaving
  223. story-just the beginning?
  224. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT - S10 Climax - This is your warning!
  225. Spearhead from Space - Jon Pertwee/Rose - Cristopher Ecclestion.
  226. The "Wrong" Companion
  227. The Woman Who Lived.
  228. Doctor Duration
  229. chris eccleston
  230. Jelly Babies
  231. Rusty!
  232. How many BBC actors have played DR Who?
  233. Who Is in the Vault?
  234. tardis fixed at last
  235. The tardis, a space ship??
  236. 9th Doctor's Northern English accent
  237. Rose's frustration of the TARDIS Translation circuit
  238. I have to share this.
  239. The 13th Doctor Will Be... announced 16 July UK-time
  240. Vale - Deborah Watling
  241. Shorter Season 2018 Announced = More Episodes?
  242. PhD student looking for DW fans for research
  243. Shada - The Story That Never Was, Finally Is
  244. Twice Upon A Time (Spoilers)
  245. Looking for some Tardis pics
  246. RIP Graham Strong
  247. Jodie Whittaker costume
  248. Audio Visuals - Doctor Who Themes
  249. Quick Doctor Who Question
  250. Season 37 review (spoilers)