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  1. Davids Regeneration
  2. Old Dr Coming back Theory
  3. Doctor Who Sheet Music
  4. Doctor v Stargate longest running, SciFi beat up!
  5. (SPOILER) Is she ( see post 1) back ?
  6. For The Empire - Fanfic
  7. Dr. Who...Cookie Jars?
  8. Season two will be shown
  9. Some cool Doctor Who videos
  10. Spoilers for season 2/28 finale
  11. Russell T. Davies' Easy Solutions [SPOILERS]
  12. The TARDIS Design Speculation Thread
  13. Dalek Stupidy??? (Spoilers from Doomsday)
  14. Doctor Who: Dimensions In Time
  15. A must-watch for American Fans
  16. Doctor Who in Stargate (Spoilers from Doctor Who season 28)
  17. The Doctor Who 'What If' Game
  18. Dr. Who Music Video - DOOMSDAY SPOILERS
  19. Ending of Season 3 of new Series Rumor!
  20. Doctor Who filming in London
  21. Dr. Who 2007 Calendar
  22. Vote for your fave Series 2/28 moment ( BBC)
  23. Season 4 - Possibly Eigth Doctor Based?
  24. Second Series to air at end of September in US
  25. Favorite Episode of Series 2/28
  26. Two new DVD Boxsets (repacks)
  27. Inside The Tardis: The Worlds Of Doctor Who
  28. David Tennant on Who Do You Think You Are
  29. Dr. Who's Sarah Jane Gets Own Show
  30. Dr. Who
  31. Who ya gonna call?
  32. Stargate or Doctor Who as the longest running sci-fi series?
  33. Favorite series 27 and 28 episodes tournament
  34. Favorie Episode Tournament for those who have only seen series 27
  35. Look what I pre-ordered!
  36. Was Doctor Who's Torchwood a let down? And how will "Torchwood" differ.
  37. So. What good is UNIT?
  38. David Tennant: Hottest Doctor EVER!!!!
  39. this weeks episode trailer
  40. Billie Piper Book Signing
  41. Taridsodes - for the US viewer.
  42. Series 2 Outtakes Online at SCI FI
  43. A question about Gallifrey
  44. Dr. Who Music
  45. Space battles?
  46. Chris Eccleston to be in "Heroes"!!!
  47. [Sort Of Spoiler] series 3/season 28 filming
  48. UNIT (Spoilers)
  49. The Tenth Doctor ~ David Tennant
  50. Doctor Who Soundtrack OUT SOON!!!!
  51. Homepage Advent Calendar
  52. Christmas Day at Doctor who's
  53. David Tennant named best Dr Who.
  54. Students get "Exterminated"
  55. Timelords And Ancients - Same But Different
  56. I did this comic about Daleks and stairs in POV-Ray.
  57. Inevitable Crossover - When and on what show will it happen?
  58. Spoiler for s2/28 finale
  59. Season 3/29 Spoilers! - What enemies might appear!
  60. Download Dr. Who!!
  61. Merchandise question: talking Daleks
  62. Someone needs a Doctor... SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4/30
  63. Sarah Jane Adventures Discussion/Appreciation (Spoilers for all eps aired on BBC1)
  64. Tom Baker DVDs
  65. Doomsday Question...
  66. David Tennant onThe Friday Night Project (UK)
  67. Kylie Minogue and the Cybermen
  68. Series 2/28 DVD Troubles
  69. Dalek Speculations
  70. The Master in the Third Season (possible spoilers)
  71. Doctor Who: The Five Doctors
  72. Billie Piper On TopGear
  73. Fate of the Time Lords
  74. Old Daleks or New Daleks?
  75. Best Doctor Ever?
  76. Saxon...? (spoilers for DW S3 and Torchwood)
  77. Series 3/29 Finale Theory-Spoilers
  78. Doctor Who/Torchwood SPOILERS for upcoming seasons...
  79. A question about the Tardis.
  80. Dr Who on Comic Relief
  81. Series 27/28 on CBC early Saturdays
  82. Doctor Who - March 31st
  83. Tardisodes: Season 29
  84. I want to start watching Dr Who but...
  85. Mr Bean as Dr Who
  86. "Captain" Jack Harkness?
  87. Weakest Link Doctor Who Special
  88. An odd idea/theory
  89. Is Doctor Who getting dumber? (spoilers for EVERYTHING)
  90. Dr Who in Australia
  91. When does it return to the US?
  92. why cant the doctor go back in time to meet the timelords
  93. Face of Boe's secret Spoilers
  94. Who should he meet?
  95. My fanfic idea? Is it any good?
  96. Saturday's Dr Who Ep Facing Cancellation.....
  97. Mr. Saxon Merchandise Help
  98. The David Tennant Appreciation Thread!
  99. US Version of DR Who
  100. Dont look now!
  101. Xmas Special 2007 Should Be So Lucky... [casting spoilers]
  102. Season 3 GEOS scores...
  103. CSI beats Daleks in manhattan
  104. Season 3 in US on Sci-Fi!
  105. Doctor x Rose
  106. Saxon's Symbol?
  107. Dr. Who - Think Geek: Sonic Screwdriver
  108. The 10th Doctor Whump Thread
  109. Is The Doctor really the last timelord? (Spoilers)
  110. Episode 7 delayed.
  111. David Tennant to leave??? (Spoilers /spec )
  112. #spoilers# The trap closes...
  113. Dr Who promo sites
  114. 42 Trailer
  115. The Peter Cushing Films Discussion Thread
  116. Utopia!!! #spoilers#
  117. Doctor Who LJ Communities...
  118. Doctor Who comic maker
  119. Doctor Who Game: Should we get one?
  120. Change of Casting? (SPOILERS)
  121. Season 29 starting in Canada on CBC June 18
  122. Doctor Who Ebooks from BBC
  123. The future of Doctor Who (It's in The Sun so it must be true... Har har har)
  124. The Infinite Quest: Review
  125. Martha's Cousin - Will it return to haunt the doctor?
  126. Let's have a male companion next time!
  127. Series 4/30 Writers Unveiled
  128. Bring the "unloved" Doctor Who stories to DVD
  129. Favorite Episode List (Revived Series ONLY)
  130. If only Doctor Who was made as an American show!!
  131. Favorite Episode List (Classic Series ONLY)
  132. Torchwoodand Mr Saxon?
  133. How did he do it? MAJOR UTOPIA SPOILERS!!!
  134. DW Rant And Rave!!!
  135. Season 29/3 Finale Discussion and Speculation Thread
  136. How had you-know-who managed you-know-what? (Utopia spoilers)
  137. Countdown to Doctor Who Finale 2007!
  138. The Sound of Drums
  139. Dr Who DVD releases - US vs UK
  140. squee! Longer episode 13.
  141. What does Lucy get out of it? (Possible 'LoTT' Spoilers)
  142. David Tennant........Bigger than the Beatles?
  143. "Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest" airing this morning on BBC2
  144. Favorite Episode of Series 29/3
  145. Doctor Who smilies!
  146. Question about the Time-lords
  147. Dr. Who - New Companion Speculation.
  148. S30 - 00: Christmas Special Discussion/Speculation Thread (spoilers for all seasons)
  149. Continuity Problem (series 29) (SPOILERS FOR AMERICANS)
  150. Who's bovvered as Tate joins the Doctor
  151. Why only 13 Eps. ?????
  152. American Fans ready for the show
  153. Doctor Who Season 29 Soundtrack (link inside)
  154. Need Help ....
  155. A great Question for DVD Sets or Good Idea for them
  156. Best Companion /Ninth Or Tenth Doctor combination?
  157. Doctor Who Quizzes on Scifi.com
  158. The Doctor Who Fan's Phrasebook
  159. Dr Who Marathon This Weekend
  160. Should RTD finish 'Shada'?
  161. A bit of trivia I thought I'd share.
  162. Amazon, thy name is temptation....
  163. 3 Seasons. That's enough to start judging, methinks...
  164. 11 regenerations - the 11th Doctor revealed
  165. Not Important, just funny
  166. Future Humans too Weak?
  167. Christmas Short Story by Paul Cornell
  168. Bad Wolf
  169. Time Vortex
  170. Doctor Who and Dead Ringers
  171. A question........
  172. Story/script idea
  173. Doctor Who Related Dreams...
  174. Dr. Who Season Three Ratings on SciFi Channel (US)
  175. Season 4 Baddie
  176. Would you join the doctor as his companion??
  177. Doctor Who Virtual Series Four
  178. The History of the Daleks
  179. Youtube: The Time War Movie
  180. Doctor Who Novels
  181. The Cult of Skaro - From our universe or Pete's World?
  182. New Doctor Who Site @ SciFi Stream!
  183. Sarah jane adventures
  184. Rose
  185. 11th Doctor REALLY revealed? (SPOILERS)
  186. Who would win in a fight???
  187. Freema Agyeman WOW Thread
  188. The Tardis
  189. Susan
  190. Fire on the Doctor Who set (minor series 4 spoilers)
  191. The Second Pertwaissance
  192. Are you wearing Khaki? If not, don't you think you should be? Join UNIT - Today!
  193. DW fanvids with a sense of adventure
  194. Classic Doctor Who Spin Offs
  195. New Doctor who continuity.
  196. The DrWho Beasts
  197. Are Saten and Aberdon the same species?
  198. DW non-romance fanfic recs
  199. Let the speculation begin?
  200. Doctor who universe.
  201. Jekyll - Would've made a great DW or TW story
  202. Your 11th Doctor
  203. If you could.....
  204. The TARDIS is not a TARDIS major blunder!!!
  205. Should Davros Return?
  206. Tom Back back as Dr Who in the 90"s?
  207. DW and Torchwood scheduling (US)
  208. Goodbye Outpost Gallifrey...
  209. Children in Need (Major Future Who spoilers)
  210. Series 30/4 Guest Star Rumours (Spoilers !)
  211. Ziggy Tardis for Doctor Who
  212. London Film and Comic Con (LFCC)
  213. Doctor Who series put on hold
  214. Season 4 promo pic.. (minor spoilers)
  215. The Face of Boe...
  216. Dr Who back on Radio 7
  217. Why are the seasons of the new series called series?
  218. BBC America
  219. DW/TW Word Association Game
  220. What did you all think of the third season of Doctor Who?
  221. game: Guess the Doctor Who quote
  222. A Doctor Who Joke: Warning Slightly Naughty
  223. Is The TARIS indestrctible? And maybe one or two other quickies.
  224. Doctor Who in Family Guy
  225. Best (new) Doctor Who Episodes - multi-vote allowed
  226. What was the worst bad guy in Doctor Who?
  227. So I was bored...
  228. Doctor Who
  229. Doctor Who Soundtrack Volume 2 : Coming November 5th
  230. Naughty Sarah Jane book
  231. Maybe James Bond Is A Timelord....
  232. Brits? Dalek MasterPlan!!?
  233. Illusion-on-Demand
  234. John Simm/The Master S3/S29-onward Thunk/Discussion/Appreciation
  235. Is British scifi lower quality than American scifi?
  236. Doctor Who and Torchwood: Plotline Mistake?
  237. How likely is it?
  238. UK vs US DVDs
  239. The Return of ?? Series 30 finale speculation
  240. Another insane theory... By Commander Jumper [spoilers]
  241. Dr. Who episodes for a new viewer
  242. Something I did...
  243. Doctor who at the olympics
  244. Doctor Who Exhibition Manchester
  245. 2 out of 3 Wins for Doctor Who at NTA!
  246. Crazy Doctor Who Reviews
  247. Dr Who Season 3 DVD Extras (Spoilers)
  248. Anybody got a few thousand £ to spare?
  249. Who invented the Vortex Manipulator?
  250. Favourite (new) Doctor Who characters?