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  1. New Fan Here!
  2. the arrow and going to kobol, peopel forgot?
  3. By your command...
  4. who else saw that?
  5. Space aring BSG - Missing part of opening
  6. How Do We Get This Show Some Emmys????
  7. Long time Stargate Fan pleased with BSG
  8. S2.5 DVD - and idea for S3
  9. Language in battlestar galatica intro
  10. Katee Sackhoff Fansite launch
  11. Fight scene error in Flight of the Phoenix
  12. Lt.Sharon "Boomer" Valerii/Grace Park Appreciation Thread
  13. Odd Request Screen Cap needed
  14. Begining of season 1 question
  15. BSG Cartoon Image
  16. Is Lee a Cylon?
  17. next week's episode, Scar
  18. "Adama is a Cylon" - New untold theory
  19. Episode 213: Okay, I might be a huge dork but did anyone else cheer when ...
  20. Gooey Videoblog
  21. Autograph
  22. Bsg Refrence to Sg1?
  23. Someone please explain something...
  24. How Do Fans of the Original BSG feel?
  25. Is this armor re-enforcment on the galactica
  26. Baltar in Epiphanies (Spoilers!)
  27. For those who are fans of the original series
  28. Original/Mini-Series items in RDM Series
  29. Original Series plots/characters in RDM Series
  30. this is for those who can remember the original tv series
  31. Predictions from the left field
  32. Schematics
  33. "Scar" Podcast
  34. Do you like playing Battlefield 2?
  35. Cylons Raider Resurrected?
  36. Flash backs
  37. Tomb of Athena mentioned when?
  38. "Scar" is "Chiggie von Richthoven" from space above and beyond
  39. RA Fan Art/fic Contest
  40. The I do NOT like Lee Adama Thread!
  41. The Captains hand (217) and Upcoming (218) Promo pics
  42. A thoery about Scar
  43. DVDs
  44. Why wasn't Pegagus's computers compromised???
  45. Your Favorite Moment(s)/Episode(s) of BSG
  46. What I like to see...
  47. Fleet Ops Center
  48. Spoiler pics of season finale...
  49. Why'd she say no? Sacrifices spoilers
  50. Anti Lee/Dee Thread
  51. Earth's Future (Spoiler Theory)
  52. billy's status (spoilers for sacrifices)
  53. Dee
  54. tech of battlestar galactica
  55. Spoiler pic for "The Captains Hand"
  56. Adama and Sharon's little heart to heart...Sacrifices spoilers
  57. Can the Cylons Be Stopped (Spoilers 4 Sacrifice)?
  58. Cylons by Class: Cover the classes, find the Cylons ( Spoilers)
  59. Does anyone have a trailer for the Captain's Hand??
  60. Do the Podcast make you wonder
  61. Have we seen all the Cylons?
  62. Can someone give me a heads up plz.
  63. Lee and Kara (Not a shipper thread)
  64. What does BSG stand for on the ships crests?
  65. Pegasus rules!! Long Live "The Beast"!!
  66. Top 10 Random Bill Adama facts.
  67. Captain's Hand shows paralells to USN nuclear submarine commands...
  68. Questions for Lee Adama's future .captain's hand spoilers
  69. Anti-Baltar thread
  70. My name is [] and I'm a spoilerholic...
  71. Sharon:"I'm a frackin Cylon.."
  72. Networked Computers?
  73. Promiscuity on BSG (spoilers for everything)
  74. BSG brings up some interesting topics...
  75. How come Colonel Tigh wasn't made Commander?
  76. Viper Mark VII & Mark II...Which is better?
  77. Question about the pegasus [Possible Spoilers]
  78. Admiral Helena Cain open discussion thread
  79. Where are they going?
  80. Gym time
  81. Something about season 2.5 that annoys me...
  82. Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii fanfic?
  83. Galactica 1980
  84. Which Tribe left Kobol first?
  85. SPOILERS - Cylon God
  86. BSG Fan Vid Reccomendations.
  87. Spoilers for 2nd to last ep.
  88. Race issues on BSG (spoilers for S2)
  89. Counting and numbers
  90. Commander Barry Garner
  91. Fan Fiction: Fleet Wireless.
  92. Why did the Cylons start this?
  93. Question, why did Cain change her mind?
  94. What would you have changed?
  95. Who is the tall woman journalist who is about a feet taller than the others?
  96. A BSG Mini Series bootleg record?
  97. 60 min. long Pegasus
  98. Anyone know where I can find the Galactica theme song?
  99. Why is the 13th tribe so not advanced??
  100. Number 47 Wins!
  101. New Cylon Revealed on BSG!!! Spoilers Beware
  102. Where is Flesh and Bone cylon?
  103. Any plans to bring in other characters from the original series?
  104. Downloaded question
  105. Is Six the Martin Luther of the Cylons? Could she fall to Luther's mistakes? Spoilers
  106. Spoilers for next week, explosion
  107. Roslin Speculation (Season 2 Spoilers)
  108. Preview for next week's episode?
  109. 2x20 pics - What the Frack Is Going On?
  110. :lol I knew it, What Sharon did. Spoilers for Burdens
  111. Could Dee Be a Cylon???
  112. Who are the Cylons?
  113. Pro-Baltar Thread
  114. Mini Series error!
  115. How should BSG end?
  116. upcoming tragedy (spoilers)
  117. Whats going to happen to Pegasus?
  118. Need trailer for Lay Down Your Burdens Pt. 1
  119. Season 3: reason for actors to quit?
  120. Multiple Theories on Series Ending. Possible Spoilers
  121. ~You might be a ??? if/when you ???~
  122. Did I just find a new Battlestar?
  123. Can humanity really die?
  124. Observations on 219/220 scene. <spoilers>
  125. The Pro Baltar v Anti Baltar Thread
  126. Help - Need A Complete Episode List For Current Season...
  127. Real world time line
  128. Confused by the trailer for LAY DOWN YOUR BURDENS, PART 1
  129. (spoilers)To those of you who saw or know the big spoilers for the finale..(spoilers)
  130. Timeline fr. Downloaded...
  131. Apollo vs Anders! Who's the better man?!?!
  132. Why so many spoilers?
  133. Mrs. Ron does not read the boards
  134. colonial rank pins found
  135. Why the FRACK the g36k ????
  136. Don't go to the Scifi BSG site, if you don't wanna know who wins the election! :(
  137. 2x19 - Lay down your burdens Question
  138. RECURRING Kobol Theme
  139. last 30 mins MAJOR Spoiler
  140. Funny BSG music video
  141. BSG Theme Song Lyrics
  142. The Laura Roslin/Mary McDonnell Appreciation Thread
  143. October?!?!?! No Mid Season Break???
  144. Baltar Music Video
  145. Everything old is new again..Thank the Lords of Kobol!
  146. Colonial Command Structure (possible spoiler?)
  147. More missing pieces... The Farms and the Colonies...
  148. OK, so how did this happen {LDYB 2 Spoiler}
  149. Things to consider about Season 3
  150. Arrrgh, I hate technology! Err, help...
  151. ~The 'Where is the Fleet?' Game~
  152. Edward JAmes Olmos, leaving?
  153. You cannot go home again
  154. Leoben got Downloaded (Spoiler)
  155. Colonial Military Ship?
  156. Was that Dirk Benedict doing the Swearing-in? (Spoilers)
  157. Sign the move Battlestar Galactica back to July petition
  158. Battlestar Galactica will not find Earth? (Rumors/Spoilers)
  159. The Who Else Doesn't Like Where This Is Going Thread...Spoilers. Big Spoilers. Beware
  160. BSG's Boldness with 'Time Scale' = a key component of its greatness :)
  161. What's with the armed civilian ships?
  162. Are the toasters sentient?
  163. How to rescue 39,000 Colonists? - Strategy & Speculation
  164. Is the real enemy the Cylon God? Possible Spoilers!
  165. Aaron Douglas/Chief Tyrol Thunk Thread!
  166. Timeline of the show
  167. Nice nod to DeSanto & Singer (Spoilers)
  168. Leoben spoilers .Don't read if you don't wanna know
  169. Galactica and fleet finds Atlantis!
  170. What happened to Lee? (LDYB 2 spoilers)
  171. SFC Posted the S2 Final Minutes and S3 Trailer
  172. Season 2, EP20 song.
  173. How Many Ships In The Rag Tag Fleet?
  174. 6's glasses...
  175. BSG Not very original
  176. Battlestars and their colonies
  177. What will Caprica Six think of Baltar now?
  178. What will you be doing to pass the time to S3?
  179. What is the name for the BSG fans?
  180. Adama a Cylon?(Spoilers for Flesh and Bone)
  181. Abuse of Cylon prisoners goes unnoticed? (spoilers)
  182. baltar's traitorship. (Spoilers)
  183. Don't Blame Me....(spoiler)
  184. Will season 3 make or break BSG?
  185. When did we find out about Cain?
  186. Check out my Battlestar!
  187. Names
  188. The best episodes?
  189. Season 2 Soundtrack
  190. Winona Ryder as the Cylon God
  191. picture in the ready room
  192. Concerned Battlestar Galactica Fan
  193. Wife in Trouble- Pegasus part 2
  194. Battlestar Galactica Site?
  195. Helo/Tahmoh Penikett Thunk Thread
  196. Season length: 13 episodes or 20 episodes?
  197. BSG CCG Demo Deck
  198. Favourite tracks on the soundtrack?
  199. Question regarding the Colonies (spoilers for LDYB)
  200. SPOILER-FREE Season 3 Speculation
  201. season 3 - will it be like the original series
  202. Season 3 twist idea..
  203. Nuclear bomb (spoilers)
  204. What do you eat on a Battlestar???
  205. This is funny
  206. The History of Earth vs Twelve Colonies Science
  207. Vote For Battlestar!
  208. First comic art (that I've seen)
  209. Starboard Flight Pod
  210. S2 DVD question
  211. Earth Timeline Theory
  212. 3x01 - Occupation
  213. BSG on SkyOne question.
  214. UK season 2 DVDs
  215. Billy = Yar (sacrifice spoilers)
  216. That photo everyone touches...
  217. Battlestar Galactica Mod For Homeworld 2
  218. When will the Sci-fi BSG website get updated?
  219. Be prepared to name me member of the year (Occupation Spoilers)
  220. 3x02 - Precipice spoilers
  221. Anastasia 'Dee' Dualla/Kandyse McClure Thunk Thread
  222. Battlestar Uniforms
  223. Richard Adar Memorial
  224. Earth
  225. Space based stories v Planet based stories
  226. Is Starbuck sexier with long or short hair?
  227. Need song from trailer for BSG finale!
  228. No 'Aliens' in the Series Ever?
  229. Characters you'd like to see be killed off and why...
  230. All the Plot points and small things about S2 I want to Discuss (Spoilers)
  231. Was the mythology/religion aspect of the series a BAD move?
  232. Keep Cylons Evil!
  233. A big thumbs up for poor old Colonel Tigh
  234. Season One Cliffhanger... who was right? Adama or Roslin?
  235. Bring Back Stu Phillips' 1978 Main Theme!
  236. Series Jumping the Shark? ( Spoilers)
  237. Who else aims to be spoiler-free?
  238. Doc Cottle
  239. Doesnt President Roslin look pretty good for her age?
  240. Season Two Speculation and spoilers.Baltar/Six
  241. Spoilers From The Set...
  242. 3x03 - Exodus ..:: SPOILERS ::..
  243. Your Favourite BSG Quote
  244. "The Ancient Names"
  245. Another upper-class of Cylon?
  246. Cylon Starbase
  247. Battlestar Galactica new artwork
  248. Who's the Cylon? spoilers up to "Lay Down Your Burdens, pt 2"
  249. Find people on lost outposts
  250. Tyrol's Union Speech