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  1. (Spoilers For Revelations) There is NOT going to be a happy ending...
  2. Spoiler/Discussion...Screenshot Request for Revelation
  3. So what the frak happened...? Spoilers
  4. The central theme of this show and how it will end mirrors the myth of Pandora's Box
  5. BSG's "Unending"? spoilers for everything known
  6. No Surprise: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Returns In 2009
  7. How Is Your HD BSG Picture?
  8. The BSG Intro
  9. Season 4 OST idle speculation
  10. On the shows themes and Season 4. SPOILERS
  11. Ralph McQuarrie Battlestar Galactica Concept Art
  12. Here is an idea for the RTF...
  13. BSG Series Finale is 3 hours!
  14. "All this has happened before, and will happen again" wild speculation--SPOILERS 4.10
  15. 12 things we've learned this year .spoilers
  16. The Thirteenth Colony (Spoiler Speculation)
  17. The Complete Story in 7 Minutes
  18. i dare you not to cry video from revelations
  19. Mistake Mistake Mistake
  20. So what's going on with all the Cylons?
  21. Anders Dead????
  22. Whats the best thing about BSG?
  23. You know what reeeeeeally sucks?
  24. Battle-Lost Galostica?
  25. Has this music been in any episode? If not, it should be
  26. All of this has happened before
  27. Top 5 gut-wrenching moments
  28. Charlie Conner is the Final Cylon
  29. The Lighter Side of BSG - Top 3 Humourous Moments
  30. Chuck Norris in the BSG Universe
  31. the "Lee needs a haircut" thread
  32. Stargate Atlantis: BSG Style Prologue [VID]
  33. Kara's disparition and reapparition (Spoilers for the end of season 3-season 4)
  34. Battlestar galactica the movie
  35. Cylons Appreciation/Thunk Thread
  36. Mary McDonnell Makes Emmy Top Ten List!
  37. New Sci-fi ad featuring Kara
  38. Favourite S2 Episode
  39. BSG in Top 10 among Critics
  40. 3 More Battlerstar Galactica TV Movies?!
  41. Has the blackout at the end of season 3 been explained? (spoilers for season 3)
  42. Battlestar Galactica 4.0 DVD
  43. Jamie Bamber GALACTICA.TV interview
  44. Admiral Adama's Eyeglass Frames
  45. BSG Wrap Party - Final Episode clips! (Spoilers Tagged)
  46. Battlestar Dog Tags
  47. BSG's Jamie Bamber joins Law & Order (UK)
  48. Ten reasons to watch fourth season
  49. Cylon Toaster, SWEET!!!!
  50. Favourite S3 Episode
  51. RDM's ballsiest move?
  52. Invasion Fleet ? spoilers for revelations
  53. Michael Rymer GALACTICA.TV interview
  54. Bodie Olmos and Kate Vernon interviews
  55. The Hiatus Survival Thread
  56. Welcome Home, Galactica
  57. Roslin in Bournemouth
  58. Bodie Olmos & Jennifer Halley
  59. Battlestar Rhapsody
  60. Old Man Robot Fight!
  61. BSG Wallpaper
  62. Tiffany Lyndall Knight (The Hybrid) interview
  63. Baltar's motivation for collaboration
  64. Whoa... (S4 spoliers possible)
  65. Aaron Douglas lets slip a MAJOR spoiler about the show
  66. BSG S4 Return - when?
  67. The Battlestar Galactica Tech Blog
  68. Season 4 DVD region 2 release date
  69. ‘Battlestar’ Movie Begins Filming Monday
  70. New New Centurions (c. S4)... uugly
  71. Battlestar Viagra!!!
  72. Tigh - Roslin 2008!
  73. 4.5 comic con trailer is it online yet???
  74. Best BSG schwag you've found
  75. What are you doing til...Season 4 Final Half?
  76. Should I start at season 2?
  77. Fifth Final Five Speculation ... and other stuff
  78. Best ever episode so far?
  79. Battlestar Galactica is now back on iTunes
  80. Battlestar Fans - Out Real-Life Cylons!
  81. bsg is owning itunes right now
  82. Help with BSG costume.
  83. CinemaSpy Exclusive: The 'Battlestar Galactica' Cast & Crew Coffee Table Book
  84. Mark Verheiden Confirms And Announces Remaining Episode Titles! spoilers alert
  85. CNDs A-Channel to air season 4 Oct5th Finally
  86. What BSG episode did you watch today?
  87. The Admiral has the power of suggestion!
  88. Huge spoilers- Chief spills the beans!
  89. Katee Sackhoff's new project
  90. Bamber: 'BSG' could be as big as 'Who'
  91. Earth???
  92. tribute to ron moore
  93. Best Emotional Outburst in the Form of Violence
  94. Jennifer Halley (Diana "Hardball" Seelix) interview
  95. season 4 dvd cover (region 1
  96. So....
  97. Michelle Forbes and Carl Lumbly interviews
  98. Best Season?
  99. BSG TV Movie
  100. Where can I watch previous season(s)?
  101. BSG rewatch (spoilers up to/including season 4.0)
  102. Idea for the very end of the very last episode
  103. Virgin UK are...
  104. Which Episode did u watch today?
  105. Saul's call sign
  106. Shocking revelation in the webisodes!!!
  107. An Idea
  108. Season 4.5 trailer online SPOLIERS
  109. "The fifth, still in shadow"
  110. you will know the truth.spoilers for the final five
  111. Survivors from the 13th tribe?
  112. Webisodes
  113. I think I know - Check it out! Spoilers/Speculation
  114. BSG ABC first letter game
  115. BSG Best Lines
  116. Has the show ended yet?
  117. "Catch the frak up" might have ruined the show! (spoliers second half of season 4)
  118. bsg in 13 minutes lead up to 4.5
  119. BSG being the 8th in Time's " Top 10 TV Series "
  120. Webisodes (Spoilers)
  121. Cylon Query
  122. Review of the Colonial Fleet { Final }
  123. Battlestar Tattoo..
  124. BSG Contest - winner the DVD set!
  125. Battlestar Galactica' Tops In DVR Audiences
  126. Webisode Questions .spoiler for webisode
  127. New BSG fan forum under development
  128. Battlestar Galactica Signed Script
  129. Battlestar Galactica - PR Web: Open Casting Call for Two Fan Commentators
  130. Sky1 uk
  131. Finally Started to Watch
  132. Final Cylon will be revealed before the end
  133. final cylon game
  134. Last season Battlestar Galactica
  135. The Final Scene of Battlestar Galactica
  136. Mini Series End
  137. Teaser Quotes . 4.5 Spoilers
  138. The 12 Colonies of Man_ A Fans Theory's
  139. Cylon Sex?
  140. Wallpaper?
  141. Im glad...
  142. Season 4.0 set OR Universal thinks we're all suckers
  143. Alternative Series Format
  144. BSG Revelations
  145. Full interview with Ron Moore and David Eick
  146. Final Season UK Air Date
  147. Which six?
  148. Holy Frak! Less than 7 days to go!
  149. Pretty please; no spoilers
  150. Why no 7?
  151. The Season 4 OST: What do you want to hear?
  152. Settle on Algae Planet?
  153. New Tory Foster (Rekha Sharma) Interview at CinemaSpy
  154. Can anybody expain why The Final Five are/were in the fleet?
  156. Gaeta, am I think only one who....? (Spoilerish for 4.5)
  157. IBCC - I've Boinked a Cylon Club
  158. Tonights episode runs 3.5 minutes long
  159. Tahmoh Penikett - TV Guide Magazine Online: POLL - Which TV Shows Has The...
  160. Hotdog love?
  161. Confused about Caprica... (s4e11 spoilers)
  162. My theory (Don't read if you didn't see the latest episode #411)
  163. What do you think? (spoilers) Sometimes a Great Notion poll
  164. 2000 years? Spoilers for Episode 4.11 "Sometimes A Great Notion"
  165. Is there a sixth member of the Final Five? Spoilers for "Sometimes a great notion"
  166. Interview with Kate Vernon
  167. Man am I glad I avoided visiting this forum until...
  168. "And the fifth, still in shadow..." 4.13 spoilers
  169. Just the Facts
  170. Is Battlestar still promoting Muslim faith?
  171. BSG Live Auction Jan 17-18, Pasadena,CA
  172. Starbuck's fate (MAJOR spoilers for eps 411)
  173. Scientific explanation of Final Five rebirth
  174. Theories on how it'll all end (Spoilers all seasons)
  175. Could Starbuck be the newest Cylon ? Spoilers/spec for ep 4.11
  176. Alternate Song to Trigger the Final Five Cylons (Not Serious)
  177. Potential new fan wants to start with BSG...
  178. Completely random ending?
  179. Theory on the 13th Tribe and the departure from Kobol (Spoilers for Season 4.5)
  180. They aren't the same Cylons!
  181. ~Most Improbable/Unexpected Ending to Battlestar Galactica~
  182. Clues to solving the mysteries of BSG
  183. interesting theory
  184. What's up with Baltar? (S4E11)
  185. DVD Releases - A Pet Peeve of Mine
  186. The I Don't Give a Frak Thread... BS:G Characters doing whatever SPOILERS
  187. Cylon homeworld thoughts
  188. 15" BSG Replica Bargain! (£25)
  189. Few spoilers
  190. First Glimpses Of BSG's Infamous "Cylon Bible"
  191. When does suspence building borderline on plain boring?
  192. What is Starbuck? (The Answer IS Revealed Here)
  193. new photos
  194. Ending - thoughts, wishes, feelings.
  195. "What is Starbuck?" Real Discussion SPOILERS
  196. Your hunger for redemption... The Oath spoilers
  197. Baltar and Gaeta's Little Secret
  198. I've just started watching BATTLESTAR and I'm hooked
  199. Dying Leader
  200. Season 4.5
  201. My Big theory on Ellen Tigh Eps 411 BIG spoilers
  202. Real? UFO photo or elaborate fake....
  203. Hoshi + Gaeta?
  204. New Colonial/Cylon Costumes Gallery
  205. The Battlestar Pegasus .Spoilers for the Oath
  206. the Bladerunner connection
  207. Earth only gets 1 episode?
  208. Something of interest (413 spoiler)
  209. Sound problems in Sky One
  210. Do you think the centurions are under-used?
  211. My little BSG Theroy
  212. New to Galactica, Season 3 question!
  213. Funniest phrases
  214. What is behind the FTL panel?
  215. "No exit"" trailer online SPOLIERS BIG SPOLIERS
  216. Who is Gaeta ? (s4 e14 spoilers)
  217. Hack a Skin Job
  218. Take a tour of BSG!
  219. 4.15 No exit pre-discussion thread (huge spoilers inside)
  220. Looking for Teasers
  221. A thought about Gaeta and his song
  222. The fate of D'Anna ... (spoilers)
  223. Which fictional universe would you mix BSG with?
  224. Why did the writers give the Cylons religion?
  225. How many types of basestars are there?
  226. A Poem Appropriate for the Finale of BSG
  227. More Cylon Questions
  228. Final episodes preview SPOILERS
  229. "We gave them the 8...." (spoilers for no exit)
  230. Kara and what she might be
  231. The Cylons argue a lot
  232. Spoiler. Deadlock
  233. SPOILER ALERT! The Physical Design of Number Six- SPOILERS for 'NO EXIT'
  234. Are they the same universe?
  235. Late Show Top 10 BSG List
  236. The rest of the rebels?
  237. Would there ever by Cylon/Artificial-Lifeform Animals?
  238. Razor Questions
  239. zak adama interesting sidenote (Possible Spoilers for Final Episodes)
  240. I Should Have Been a Character on BSG
  241. Distances Between Earth and the Colonies - Spoilers through No Exit
  242. New caprica in 2.000 years. "the cycle continues"
  243. The Final Five nitpicks (Rewatching the show)
  244. How many seasons will there be?
  245. Number of Basestars - Continuity Question
  246. 'Battlestar Galactica' Final Five Primer
  247. Season 3 "Crossroads pt2" random bits
  248. Question on Tonight's Episode - SPOILER ALERT! For Season 4/Final Five
  249. ~Fun~ Things that [Name Deleted] Would Say... Spoilers for S4/Final Five
  250. Universal in talks for 'Battlestar' movie