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  1. weapon with retrovirus or Hoffans' drug to kill
  2. bury the gate ?
  3. Hyperspace window colors
  4. Stargate Universe Gate
  5. Stargate Universe Gate
  6. Modified PWARW against Wraith ships
  7. Asuran Virus in 'Hot Zone'
  8. Shades of Grey question???
  9. What is the size of a ZPM?
  10. New Ships and Stories and Future Empires that Earth Runs
  11. Suggestions for ZPM's(beware spoiler of Unending SG1)
  12. Abydos stargate
  13. LightSaber vs weapons in SG Universe
  14. Do you need to be in a solar system to dial a gate?
  15. Some Stargate tech trivia
  16. Which is stronger AntiMatter Core or Z.P.M
  17. Which is Faster HyperDrives or Warp Drives?
  18. The Power Source for the 8th Cheveron
  19. if you were fighting the Replicators...
  20. What is going to happen after unending #Spoilers#
  21. Human Evolution before Ancension
  22. knowledge of ancients library
  23. The phase shifting thing...
  24. Any idea on Carter's ship
  25. The Evils of SGC and the Asgard Technolgy
  26. Anubis more Advanced then then the Ori?
  27. They should put Railguns & Shields on the Orion
  28. Time Dilation Field Math
  29. Ori Warriors' Staff Weapons
  30. Practical uses of Jaffa helmets
  31. Real meaning of Earth chevron.
  32. Goa'uld Weapons vs the Replicators
  33. Evolution of humans in the Ori galaxy?
  34. Goa'Uld voice morfing thingey?
  35. Jaffa Weaponry?
  36. Vacuum Energy (ZPM energy)
  37. Calculating the Wraith Feeding Rate of Change [Experiment]
  38. Future Ships #Spoilers#
  39. Ori ring altar, or Goa'uld Al'kesh's rings?
  40. Odyssey question #major spoilers#
  41. Stargate questions
  42. Unending question. spoilors.
  43. The Swarm
  44. Ori Mothership(s) Vs. A Borg Ship(s)
  45. Gou'ald R&D
  46. How tauri deveploment their new technology #Major SPOILERS#
  47. need a bit of help on something
  48. phase tech
  49. Are ZPM's Rechargable?
  50. They could use this as a story in Stargate
  51. New & Improved Rail Guns
  52. The Asgard Transportation Device
  53. Stargate dailling?
  54. Ori Mothership vs. The Lexx (Not for people who have seen 'Unending')
  55. Live forever (kind of)
  56. How would Asgard beam weapon work on Goa'uld Mothership shields? #spoilers for 10x20
  57. earth ships air supply #possible spoilers#
  58. Flush the Toliet
  59. IDA galaxy question
  60. Techincal Manuals for the S.G.C.?
  61. Discussion of difference between Ancient and Human biology
  62. Sound Familiar
  63. Science and Technology At The Stargate Fan Awards!
  64. New Ancient ship in Travelers? #minor spoilers#
  65. Cad Drawing of a 304?
  66. Transparent displays?
  67. Original Gate Vehicle Design Thread
  68. Using The Gate To Clone Stuff.
  69. 3D programs
  70. How Advanced are the Goa'uld?
  71. Sateda's Level of Technology
  72. The EM field generator on M7G-677?
  73. Quantum Slipstream Drives and Hyperdrives
  74. Why no Moon Base or Space Station built in the SG-verse ?
  75. Fleet Charts
  76. Goa'uld Technology
  77. What would you use Wraith Beaming Technology on?
  78. One Man Death Glider or Two?
  79. Beliskner-class Appreciation Thread!
  80. Best Fighter Ever
  81. Goa'uld Veihecls
  82. Weapons in "Unending" - Massive SPOILERS for "Unending"
  83. How strong are Stargate weapons and shields? (Possible Spoilers)
  84. Jaffa Technology
  85. Fan-made gates?
  86. Edge of the Universe
  87. Space Program in MW
  88. Lightsaber vs Bullet
  89. ship scematics and specs
  90. Earths Address
  91. Size of Ori ships
  92. Other planets and airpower
  93. Ori Fighter- First Pics (SNEAK PIC)
  94. Al'kesh vs Whitestar
  95. If Ori invaded Earth and they recruit soldiers here
  96. Alien Fighter; crappy ground attacker
  97. Matter can only go one way through a Stargate but both ways through the rings. Huh???
  98. when a ship is cloaked, why dont weapons work?
  99. Wormhole vs Hyperspace
  100. Aerofighter vs. Eurofighter
  101. How high is this cliff?
  102. The use of Ancient DNA
  103. F-302's projectile cannon armament
  104. Ori Army vs. WWII era Army
  105. Point of Origon
  106. Why do the Asgard need Clones? (Major S10 spoilers)
  107. Neglected Power Sources
  108. Stargates, jumpin' wormholes and premature cut
  109. Hey would a Mecha or Power Suit work for gate travel?
  110. what do u think these are?
  111. Stargate: Terra
  112. Sarcophagus
  113. Drone weapon origin
  114. USS Defiant vs USS Daedulas
  115. continuity breakdown
  116. Creation of a 'Wargames' section of the forum: Yea or Nay?
  117. Ancient control chair
  118. Most Powerful Weapon in StarGate
  119. How to we keep everything balanced (Tech Wise)?
  120. How do they get gates to other planets??
  121. Question about the Beta Gate
  122. Orion vs. Odyssey(upgrade)
  123. O'Neill's power source in "Fifth Race"- an improvised ZPM?
  124. Ori Technology
  125. Bal'als many, many Clones
  126. ZPM Relativity
  127. ZPM Creation
  128. New type of anti-Prior device? #SPOILERS FOR DOMINION#
  129. Intergalactic Travel
  130. Asgard Hyperspace Speed
  131. additional PJ weapons?
  132. A'lkesh's do have Shields
  133. Anubis and Ori the same (kind of)
  134. Earth ship star map placings (spoilers)
  135. Specs for the BC-304
  136. Levels of Ascension
  137. Asgard tech vs Ancient tech
  138. New Tech Device...
  139. What is the Asgard Power Core?(spoiler)
  140. the evlouation of the anicents?
  141. Ancients and the Stargate
  142. Asgard ships will not survive an atom bomb...
  143. Nukes in space
  144. Tank V.S Staff Weapons
  145. supergate to normal gate
  146. No More Black Holes ?
  147. Zat-Gun Capabilities
  148. Ancient drones
  149. Space Above and Beyond and S.G.C
  150. How do you track other travelers in hyperspace?
  151. How far away is the Ori galaxy?
  152. drone maker
  153. Multiple Gates
  154. On my mind for ages...
  155. Recharge powersouce (possible spoiler)
  156. Faster hyperdrives asgard/ancient
  157. Battling In Hyperspace?? Theories? Possible or Not?
  158. Which weapon system to keep ?which to replace?
  159. Galaxy Question
  160. The exploding tumour machine
  161. Asgard thechnology #Matter replicators # Unending spoilers
  162. Odyssey with Asgard tech, most powerful ship ever
  163. Ori Technology - All Powerful or Not?
  164. Beaming
  165. Daedalus and Apollo-- Hows do you think they will do?
  166. Aurora-class: Powerhouse or Piece o' Crud?
  167. More Lantean Ship classes
  168. How Powerful are those Asgard Beam Weapons?
  169. Daedalus HUD
  170. Weapons On Odyssey (spoilers 'unending'
  171. Whats the planet called?
  172. zpm question
  173. We need a race with ground Melee units!!!
  174. Fastest ship builders
  175. Wraith Powersource?
  176. S.G.C and the Prime Directive ?
  177. Where is the Daedalus bridge located?
  178. Universal plug'n'play computers
  179. supergate uses?
  180. Crew Complement in Unending??
  181. Wraith or Asgard Beaming tech ,use as a prison facility
  182. What would happen if a Z.P.M blow up?
  183. Will the SGC face a real Alien threat ?
  184. Super explosions and hyperspace boost
  185. Discloseure
  186. SG Universe should have a F302 Carrier
  187. Asgard cloning?
  188. Best Stargate beam Weapon
  189. RepliCarter vs. Oberoth?
  190. Official Odyssey Shield Stregnth in Unending
  191. Learning from Nature -- How to make 304 nuke missles more effective.
  192. Shield Buffers?
  193. Point of Origin flaws/question
  194. Ori ships powerful or junk?
  195. F-302 vs. Cylon Raider
  196. Wraith's organic life support system
  197. More Questions
  198. Tau'ri
  199. Ori ships' shields - do they absorb energy?
  200. Are lantian warships cloak capable?
  201. Color scheme for the beam weapons?
  202. What armaments does the Oddessy now have?
  203. Ancient Organic Filter Error
  204. What technology is responsible for
  205. I'm going to cry if I hear LASERS one mre time! #Spoilers for later seasons
  206. Earth ship engineers
  207. Beams or not? #Unending Spoilers#
  208. Rail Guns
  209. Strange question on Kull warriors..
  210. Tau'ri Fleet-Why so small?
  211. Why isn't there a Cloaking Device on Daedulas ?
  212. SGC Universe Tech Changes?
  213. How far could you go with the Stargate?
  214. Ok what happen during those 5 million years ago ?
  215. Wraith's biotech?
  216. Earth's remote DHD dialing device
  217. Are the Asurans now more Advanced then the Ancients were??
  218. End of First Strike
  219. Other Ancient Starships
  220. Why Not Give our Technology to the World?
  221. Wormhole Questions
  222. Telling where dialed in from??
  223. Ascended Asgard.
  224. Energy requirements
  225. Ha'taks
  226. A ZPM Cannot Exist
  227. Why did Alantis get two ships?
  228. Gate questions
  229. Gate Address
  230. Sublight Engines on our Ships
  231. The Transporter as a weapon
  232. The Forgotten Weapon
  233. Taboo question: What naqahdah and naqahdria are exactly?
  234. techie fan fic help please
  235. Wormhole Travel Time
  236. The F-302 Fighter..
  237. Can Earth build new Stargate?
  238. physics of space battles
  239. Time Dilation Question (spoilers for unending)
  240. Is Ida Andromeda?
  241. Question
  242. Pandora's Box in Ark of Truth
  243. Earth's new Infantry weapon :Energy or Projectile
  244. Why isn't there any BIG guns on Tau'ri Ships?
  245. Power source comparison thread
  246. NASA Photographs Big Galactic Collision
  247. Kull Warrior Armor on a Ship?
  248. Earth as a Ship?
  249. How many shots can you get out of a Goa'uld staff weapon?
  250. Reckoning MultiGate Question?