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  1. Why does the Earth Gate Spin?
  2. Simulations
  3. natural wormholes in space?
  4. Replicator Disruptor Pistols
  5. "The Tauri ship is very Powerful"what?[spoilers]
  6. Inconsistencies
  7. Asteriod/Ship Through Hyperspace?
  8. Entering a stargate from the flipside.
  9. Are spaceships too fragile?
  10. Unexplained issue in "Company of Thieves"
  11. The Naquada Element Thread: An Unofficial Tech Manual for Stargate Technology
  12. D.H.D's keep going, and going, and going...
  13. Antartic Stargate not getting wormholes
  14. Dhd = Zpm?
  15. A little theory to justify the stargate NOT killing you by disassembling you..
  16. How to destroy an Ori ship
  17. Hoffan Wraith Deffense...What happened?
  18. The Iris (ignore)
  19. Intergalatic Bridge - 2 Gates?
  20. ::: Particle beam cannon. Exotic energy cannon. Giant coil guns. Where are they? :::
  21. Can Earth modify the replicator disruptor into an Energy weapon?(spoiler)
  22. What is the point of shields?
  23. X-303?
  24. PJ DHD's
  25. Why not build ships out of the same material as the stargates?
  26. Ori Drones
  27. Anybody get the feeling...
  28. F-302 engines
  29. Calling all Math-wizards..!
  30. Asurans ,can we not call them "Replicator",they are different
  31. Whu do they always take the hard way?
  32. Just Wondering on Inertial Dampeners
  33. $$$$ Matching the speed of the Tria in “The Return”? $$$(Spoilers)$$$$
  34. Beaming through wormholes?
  35. One-Way Wormhole... The Other Way?
  36. Location of a 304's bridge?
  37. Are there some kind of Ori ZPM device ?
  38. New type of sheild
  39. Dialling Stargates in the void.
  40. Daedalus Base? ? ?
  41. Aren't the Askard tired to suppling replacments?
  42. Baby Bang experiment could open door to new dimension
  43. Ancients vs Time Lords
  44. Mounting Drone Launchers on BC304/05
  45. Time Bubble
  46. Holographic tech
  47. Q from Star Trek vs. Ascended Beings?
  48. Ancient Warship VS Ori Warship! Who would win?
  49. Stargate Spin Dialling
  50. Free Jaffa Mother Ships
  51. origin of Crystals (used in ships, etc)
  52. Changing Timelines???
  53. Daedalus, Odessey Shields
  54. The Complete DSC-304 Class
  55. Wraith cruisers
  56. Asgard Beam Buffer
  57. Manually Dailing the PG Gates
  58. Daedalus Ship Class Weaponry
  59. Ori Satellite Vs. Ancients Weapons Platform
  60. Earth Ship Apollo #SPOILERS#
  61. Wraith Infantry Squads
  62. Gate Technology: I say to you, I could build one
  63. How would Zats effect Wraith?
  64. F-16's Vs Dart's & Death Glider's
  65. An Idea(probably not that great) about asgard cloning problem.
  66. The Asgard Sangraal
  67. Why do the Ori need ships etc...?
  68. Can an Ori Ship withstand another Ori's main weapon?
  69. S10 / S3 spoilers - possible plothole.
  70. wraith AI
  71. asgard beaming theory yay or nay?
  72. Shape of a cityship's shield
  73. Hyperspace effects
  74. The Ultimate Stargate tech question
  75. What did Caudwell mean in Siege Pt III - "Launch all fighters"
  76. What did Caudwell mean in Siege Pt III - "Launch all fighters"
  77. Save Stargate Thread
  78. subspace: wormholes and hyperspace...
  79. Hyperspace questions?
  80. replicator humanoid vs asurans
  81. What if...
  82. (spoilers) what should happen to the tria
  83. Reese Vs Me
  84. Off the Shelf
  85. Idea for New Weapon System for Daedalus Ships
  86. Ori vs Wraith Battle
  87. Megathread - Versus battles
  88. Shields
  89. Contradicting science
  90. Sitting still in hyperspace?
  91. "38 Minutes" - Partial Dematerialization
  92. We've almost got a feasible cloak!
  93. Ori Tactics?
  94. Duke Nuke Em
  95. Asgard Strength / tech level - UK Only
  96. Starship Hyperdrive Speeds
  97. If you could have one piece of Stargate tech...
  98. Star Trek VS. Stargate. The debate rages.
  99. Ori vs ships from different Sci-Fi series, analasys of their strenght
  100. Scifi Fight between Ships, Fighters, and Even People
  101. Ancient warships
  102. Nox City Ship
  103. Could there be more ancient ships
  104. The Ship Curse
  105. no wraith shields
  106. Quantum Torpedos (ST) = ZPMs!!!
  107. Brand new substance created from water
  108. Retrovirus Good or Bad?
  109. Artifact/Tech designs
  110. So very confused about "The Return" Part 1
  111. Ancient Warships: Cool pieces of Lantean art or as attractive as a dust bin?
  112. Sleek = Advanced?!
  113. Asgard Beaming Technology: If you had Asgard Beaming Tech, how would you use it?
  114. Ground units and weapons... your opinions and suggestions
  115. Dialing addresses and the Dial Home Device
  116. Glass on F-302
  117. How does Stargate work?
  118. Wraith Sensors
  119. Ancient Drone energy and Ori Beam Cannon energy theory
  120. Pimp My Deathglider
  121. Hyperdrive Technology Thread
  122. How much do you think the Ancients or Asgard have seen in the universe?
  123. "Counterstrike" Sam using a computer designed for Gaming
  124. Instead of a shield being a bubble around a ship.....
  125. Ring Sizes
  126. The Rings
  127. Ancient Database
  128. QUestion
  129. The ancients are technological inferior to the wraith
  130. Ancient Drones
  131. Something I noticed about Col. Caldwell
  132. What would happen if....
  133. What Happens if
  134. aka the D.H.D.
  135. VFX guys taking inspiration from A.F.O.L.s?
  136. Gate address question
  137. Gateworld Virtual Fleet 2.0
  138. Stargate Simulator
  139. Wraith "stunner" seems like it could kill people real easily
  140. What we have in Area 51.
  141. ZPM and Hyperspace...
  142. Why no Drone conservation?
  143. Ori Supergate Question (Possible Spoilers)
  144. Which baddie has the coolest looking ship?
  145. What do the ancients call ZPMs?
  146. Wraith Stunner = Ori Stunner???
  147. ancient satellite weapon for earth ships
  148. Missile weapon in space
  149. New Earth Tech-Design Thread.
  150. Drones do not go through shields! EVIDENCE!
  151. DHD Vs Dialing computer thought...
  152. Time Travelling
  153. The Best way to get more ships?
  154. if you could have one ship what would it be?
  155. Do hive ships need life support?
  156. Ancient Brain Cemistry
  157. The Return. i got a question.
  158. Story and Plot Line Questions
  159. Questions about "The Return Pt.2" 03x11 Spoilers
  160. What color should Earths Drones be?
  161. Pimped out Space Shuttles?
  162. Wraith Healing Ability/Knowledge
  163. Speaking like a Goa'uld or Tok'ra
  164. Wraith Psychology, we need to understand them before...
  165. Odyssey & Deadalus with full ZPM's
  166. Just how many Ha'tak are left by now?
  167. Fun with Drones
  168. Drone Specs?
  169. random stargate compatibility question??
  170. Lanean / Alteran Computer Interfaces
  171. Subcutaneous Transmitters
  172. A New Weapon Against The Ori Ships
  173. Hyperspace Bubbles, Beaming tech, & Cloaks
  174. Ori/Gods/R-75/Iratus Bugz
  175. Communicating through the wormhole
  176. The Eye weapon
  177. The StarGate Conspiracies
  178. Prometheus and Daedalus classes
  179. Wraith Shields
  180. Ba'al's Nerus's Multi Gate opening program!!!
  181. Asurans Vs Ori
  182. wraith VS asurans
  183. The Improvements! (3x14 - The Tao of Rodney spoilers)
  184. Could Daedulas tow an Aurora class ship?(spoiler & Spec)
  185. The Wonders of SG Tech Universe
  186. ZPM Life
  187. ZPM power output (Spoilers)
  188. The mics/ear piece they use.....
  189. Ori Fighters
  190. Ancients Medicine
  191. Possible Scene Of Ancient Warship Energy Weapons!
  192. the goa'uld alphabet
  193. DNA machine (Tao of Rodney spoilers abound)
  194. Laptops used by SGC personnel
  195. #spoilers# How did Rodney do it? Ancients smarter than we thought?
  196. A crazy idea involving symbiotes...
  197. Real World PS90
  198. Question about 'The Tao of Rodney' #Tiny Spoilers#
  199. Why not use the Daedalus/Odyssey to explore other planets?
  200. Why can't they cloak the Earth ships?
  201. Ori Tech
  202. Tech YOU would like to see!
  203. SG Laptop Equipment
  204. 10,000 years.. what are the chances
  205. Why do we still call it a DHD?
  206. who is it
  207. Hyperdrive on the PJ [spoilers]
  208. Anyone know?
  209. race tech crossover from difernt unvi
  210. Scaling Issues
  211. How do you tell which way up the stargate is?
  212. Asgard Kick Ass
  213. How would "you keep in secret" the Earth address?
  214. Scaling the Daedalus and the F-302 (again)
  215. Hyperspace windows inside an atmosphere?
  216. Ori fighter scaling (pics)
  217. Navigational deflector?
  218. Ori Hyperdrive Question
  219. Usaf Apollo
  220. Energy to Blow Up a Planet - Calculations
  221. Asgard Robot ?
  222. Midway space station and the ISS
  223. Intergalactic gate network and midway station flawed
  224. Why dont Wraith have sheild?
  225. Adria 's pendent ,could it be useful for others? Spoilers for second half of s10
  226. Could Asuran convert normal human into nanites base lifeform?
  227. Ways to Defeat the Ori
  228. andromeda galaxy gate network??
  229. Ancients or Asgard
  230. 'Grace' Alien ship
  231. Jaffa pouches - when do they receive them?
  232. big fan needs a little help.
  233. Ancient Personal Sheild #spoiler# irresponsible
  234. The Return part II beware of Spoilers
  235. Neutronium
  237. Season 3 <<< !!! Spoilers !!! >>> The Game
  238. Horizon 3x20 "First Strike" spoilers
  239. Deadalus Class Ships Scalings
  240. Would laser weapons be an option?
  241. What is this Aircaft? F/A 02 Sprite
  242. BC-304 Production time and Earth Fleet's future
  243. Do we need an age of mythology?
  244. Kull distruptor and humans?
  245. Imagine
  246. Time Dialation question
  247. civilisations on earth created by the ancients
  248. The Wraith Mind Grinder
  249. If Ori Crusaders have encased power cores, what is that big white ball?
  250. Can Earth replicate the Ori weapon in "Ethon" with ..(minor spoiler)