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  1. Can civilians pick up SGC radios?
  2. The Real Reason Earth Weapons Suck
  3. New Composite Image of a Wraith Hive Ship
  4. Guns: New vs Old
  5. When will the PTB make it Real?
  6. Dakaran weapon #Possible Spoilers#
  7. civilization
  8. The Stargate Shipyard (SPOILERIFIC)
  9. Pictures of Prometheus & Daedalus?
  10. Spoiler - concept art of Ori ship
  11. Yet another way to attack the hives (spoilers!!)
  12. Atlantian Guns
  13. Why the DHD has 38 symbols + BRB and the gate 39
  14. are our hyperdrive weak?
  15. How many ships can we expect next season?
  16. What powered the Aroura?
  17. Human Power Generators
  18. Define non-military alien technologies (Scourge spoiler)
  19. Fav Weapon
  20. A What if and how would question Possible Coup'd Etat Spoilers
  21. BC303 a carrier or Battle Cruiser?
  22. how long can the ZPM last
  23. Can we travel to the future,to learn Prior's plan?
  24. A goa'uld hand device
  25. Remove the the safety on the nuclear warhead
  26. The Wrath's weakness (spoilers or guess welcome)
  27. The Personal Shield
  28. Why is the bridge in the front of the ship!?
  29. The Pro Zat Campaign
  30. Daedalus vs. Galactica
  31. automatic railguns
  32. How do shields work?
  33. There is no doubt now SG1 SEASON FINALE SPOILER
  34. something doesnt make sense from BEFORE I SLEEP
  35. Anti-gravity device & Inertia damper ,are they the same ?
  36. how come the stargate is a circle?
  37. weapons
  38. purple helmets
  39. is trudge building a stargate??? is it possible??
  40. New ways of entering hyperspace?
  41. Theory regarding Ancient Gene
  42. Who copied who?
  43. Ori Ships Revealed!!! (Spoilers)
  44. Falling Gates
  45. phase shifting vs alternate dimensions
  46. Better Hackers: The Wraith vs. The Cylons
  47. I wonder if the Asgard have a power source that rivels a ZPM to power their ships?
  48. Who can beat the Replicators?
  49. Studying the Beliskner's debris
  50. How about F-302 Raven!or Shadow!
  51. Radio used in SG1
  52. F302 upgrades
  53. Z.P.M'S cannot be recharged
  54. Homeworld Defense
  55. Gate addresses
  56. Daedelus vs Pillar of Autumn
  57. ZPMs: entrophy and the expanding universe
  58. Daedalus vs. ID4 city destroyer
  59. Is it just me or... (SPOILERSSSSS)
  60. Parapsychology
  61. F-302 Question...
  62. Daedalus vs. Santa Maria
  63. Alright....How Did She Do It? [Crusade Spoilers]
  64. Odyssey vs Daedalus (the clash of the only 2 BC 303s so FAR!!!!)
  65. f302 vs either cylon raider or viper mk2 or mk7
  66. Zat-the third shot.
  67. F-302 -vs- Starfury or Starfury Thunderbolt
  68. Fill in the black: Daedalus vs. ____________
  69. Alternate spacecraft propulsion methods (or other things to make earth ships better)
  70. question about the event horizon
  71. Stargate Timeline
  72. 'Out of Phase' Question
  73. Freyr's Mother vs. (Daedalus vs. _________ Threads)
  74. Adding cloak to Earth cruisers?
  75. Would it be safe to assume that Stargate kills?
  76. Relativity Q & A
  77. Arthurs Mantle/ Sight Unseen Question-- Spoilers
  78. Out of Phase... Really?
  79. Deady and Orion vs. the Deathstar
  80. Why so different?
  81. Can a BC be made using just earth materials?
  82. Ancient Shields in atmospheres
  83. Original Starship Design Thread
  84. Points of Origin
  85. F302 schematics
  86. Truth bout Daedalus and Odyssey (Massive Spoilers)
  87. Ori staff weapon ('Crusade' SPOILERS)
  88. Backside of the Gate
  89. Local Unlimited Source of Naquadah (Spoilers?)
  90. Does emp affect ancient tech?
  91. Dr. Weir ages while the one does not
  92. Wraith Scout Ship
  93. Help needed with Fan fiction
  94. Demolecularization...?
  95. Stargating an active stargate
  96. Dialling all gates simultaneously
  97. Fanwank Ship Thread
  98. Hyperspace vs. Subspace
  99. M theory and Sam 's explaination(Crusade spoiler)
  100. Strongest shield technology? Asgard or Ancients?
  101. Front and Back of the Gate?
  102. The Asgard should hire me
  103. Hyperdrive Question
  104. stardrive speed?
  105. The Ori Ships Discussion Thread #SPOILERS#
  106. 36 symbols or 39 symbols?
  107. Replicator Technolgy
  108. ZPM's
  109. Earth Space Weaponry
  110. Scientific/Technological Basis of Ascension Theory #SPOILERS#
  111. Ori Staff Weapon
  112. Where did the writers get their ideas ???
  113. ultimate ship!!!!!!!!!!
  114. Stargate Universe Physics
  115. Scientific speculation wrt the purpose of the wraith feeding process.
  116. Where did they put the "Implant" ?("off the Grid" spoiler)
  117. Aurora Class Vessels vs. Ori "Toilet Class" Warships
  118. is asgard beam better than startrek beam?
  119. D.h.d.
  120. The Ori the solution to ZPM shortage??
  121. Merlin's weapon thought
  122. beaming technology
  123. A question about the gate found in Antarctica
  124. Asgard ships
  125. Hand Device
  126. Ori Ships Vs Battlestar Fleet
  127. Why not use the DAKARA SUPER-WEAPON on wraith?
  128. What could the Asgard do
  129. Organic Tech in Stargate? will it happen?
  130. Merlin more advance than the Ori? (Possible Spoiler)
  131. Kull warriors
  132. Ah Ha...Mistake...Carter Was WRONG
  133. Tech question: ships moving power...
  134. Ori vs Season 8 Replicators
  135. Why don't Asgard use human hosts?
  136. Stargates made by who?
  137. Hyperspace travel in SG is incorrect
  138. ancient stasis pods??
  139. What could we do to defend Earth from the Wraith? #Possible SPOILERS#
  140. New and wierd weapon concepts for SG-1 and SGA
  141. something to think about
  142. Staff Weaponry
  143. Earth Defence
  144. Time Travel Pardox
  145. Ori interface with our realm
  146. Rarely physical, hardware damage
  147. Alterans, Some Confusion
  148. anti prior devices - enhancing them could be our salvation
  149. Early season Ancient discoveries?
  150. Wraith technology Q & A
  151. Artificial Gravity
  152. Different dimensions
  153. Earth is getting lazy
  154. What dictates when the wormhole closes?
  155. Buffer memory?
  156. beaming jammed...? or is it?
  157. Increasing shield strength on Deady class.
  158. Idea for Prommie fans
  159. Power Soureces for Ancient ships?
  160. Ancient Sewers?
  161. Milky Way Bestiary
  162. No momentum going through the stargate
  163. Construction of Earth built scout ships
  164. Tower of Babel
  165. Shield Generator Designs
  166. Asgard presence on Daedalus-class ships #SPOILERS#
  167. Potential for Wraith beam technology
  168. 8th chevron
  169. Lifeforce
  170. Forceful Conversion?
  171. Stargate Tech here now
  172. Potentional Secrets In The Ancients Database
  173. Technical questions
  174. BC-304 or DSC-304
  175. ZPM and The Replicators Crusier
  176. scaling SG-Universe's ships with real life ships
  177. idea for the writers...i think this belongs here...oh yeah, SPOILERS
  178. The Sci. & Tech. Concordance and Discussion Thread
  179. Naquida Generator Patent
  180. Goa'uld Cloning
  181. Nukes in Space
  182. Daedalus class ships can float.
  183. Using the Stargates to make ZPMs
  184. Gadmeer Technology
  185. Earth doesn't need a ZPM to power Outpost
  186. Nukes...
  187. Stargate Power!?
  188. Nahquadah Generator Mk. II
  189. Asgard ships--one man crew?
  190. Sam's Laptop
  191. Ori VS Earth
  192. Wraith Beaming Tech Question
  193. "Warp speed being developed"
  194. Two Way Wormhole?
  195. How advanced is earth tech?(spoilers welcome)
  196. New BIG Earth Ship Weapon
  197. #Spoilers# Ancient Ships
  198. Avalon and Origin Communication device
  199. Beaming Technology/ Other Ancient Technology...
  200. anti ori tactics (warning randomly inserted spoilers)
  201. Different Size Gates
  202. gate burying and stopping wormholes #SPOILER ALERT#
  203. Staff Weapons (why the Jaffa are really bad shots)
  204. 305......Recommendations/Ideas (Spoilers doubtful!)
  205. Can Human and Wraith interbreed?
  206. Bc304 = Ebc???
  207. Defence methods?
  208. Which Technology would you Most like to Have
  209. Which is more powerful, Staff cannons vs. Rail guns
  210. Orion vs. Ori Mothership
  211. I've always wondered
  212. ZPM design
  213. If Britain had a ship(a bit of fun)
  214. Damage of Zats
  215. Wouldnt the address constantly be changing?
  216. Have the F-302s upgraded their engines?
  217. Liquid Naquadah
  218. Shield Types?
  219. Ancient Multiphasing cloaking technology
  220. Crazy Late Night Theory
  221. fixing the tainted zpm that Camulus gave sg command
  222. who the he!! are the asurans
  223. just wondering...(beware of spoilers)
  224. Replicator Histroy
  225. Prometheus's hanger bay
  226. Earth Ship Bridge Consoles Need Surge Protectors
  227. Would a bunch of Wraith Hive destroy a Replicator ship?
  228. ZPMs or eyes?
  229. Hyperspace Time Travel
  230. how do you pplz like this trailer? rate it, comment
  231. Why the wraith never developed shields
  232. Rotating ZPMS
  233. ZPM and The ORI
  234. The 305
  235. U.S. Air Force Takes a Look at Teleportation
  236. Did the Ori have Zero Point Modules?
  237. Kawoosh in Space...
  238. Wouldn't this be hilarious :D
  239. ori vs asgard
  240. Ori Stargate
  241. ori vs wriaths
  242. Vulnerability in Wraith computer?
  243. What Would The Asgard Do...
  244. place for pplz 2 post random pics of photoshopin stargate tech or charitors
  245. Shields
  246. Ion Drive
  247. y dont the asgard....
  248. SGC should be using puddle jumpers by now!!!
  249. Project arcturus
  250. Stargate control stuff