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  1. Question about Technologies
  2. Gate Size
  3. do we have a weapon finally spoiler
  4. Howto: Intergalactic Travel
  5. E=mc2 has been proven incorrect
  6. Stargate FLT Drive vs StarTrek FTL Drive
  7. Entroscopic Cascade Failure
  8. The Asgard Nuetrino Ion engines just got served....
  9. Felger is screwing around
  10. A Cloak for the Daedalus?
  11. Rectangular monocular
  12. Asgard Tech Conspiracy Theory
  13. Physics / Maths class - ask a professor... or someone who thinks he is one :p
  14. Earths ships; past,present and future.
  15. Stargate Authorisation Device (Prototype SPOILERS)
  16. Why did the ancients use "stasis" pods - spoilers for AURORA
  17. origin of life and the universe
  18. stargate sides
  19. Stargate Spaceship Questions.
  20. ground technology
  21. Asgard Shields
  22. Ancient tech to primitive
  23. The Gate and Aging
  24. ancients arent as magnificent as once thought
  25. Making the Dedalus Invisible?
  26. Industrialized aplha site
  27. The gate and backing up people
  28. Goa┬┤uld Crystal Technology
  29. How does the gate know when to shut down?
  30. Total Gate Addresses
  31. Iris and the Splash
  32. Antigravity Technology... Is it already here???
  33. Radiation inside a wormhole
  34. Hardisk space on a Stargate Question
  35. Quick question
  36. Dialing home...
  37. Dialing Multiple Gates - Hmm... Possibilities...
  38. Beaming entire plantes
  39. How many chevrons can a DHD dial to?
  40. Episode with the F-302
  41. Past, Present and Futures Earth based Personal Weapon
  42. 4th battle cruser???
  43. Asgard Tactics
  44. What's up with the scubadiver space suits?
  45. stargate additional power supplys
  46. why dont they use lightsabers in stargate
  47. Where's are the other countries ships/tech?
  48. why did ancients put outpost in antartic
  49. inside a wormhole
  50. Olympus could be...?
  51. Zero Point Energy
  52. goauld gene therapy
  53. Ancient Runes
  54. Couldn't we bulld a planetary shield for Earth?
  55. We have the Technology, Now how do we build it?
  56. Weapons on Prometheus
  57. where are the F-302s held on the prometheus?
  58. wraith vs goauld in milky galaxy
  59. X-304?
  60. Do we finally have an energy weapon
  61. How many F-302's can the daedalus hold
  62. Gate Symbols
  63. Gate Symbols
  64. T9 on GDOs!
  65. super humans
  66. Large plot hole (physics based)
  67. Ascension
  68. Why the difference in Ancient tech design? #SEASON NINE SPOILERS#
  69. Next fighter
  70. P-90: the next generation
  71. Maybe Narim was write, quantum physics may be wrong
  72. With regards to Ascension
  73. Ancient genetics machine
  74. Is the F-302 hull made of trinium also.?
  75. assault vest
  76. New Way to Block Incoming Wormholes #Possible Spoilers#
  77. Death to the Ascended
  78. The plague that ravaged the Ancients #POSSIBLE SPOILERS#
  79. When will we see this in the StarGate universe?
  80. What is your understanding of the laws of physics?
  81. Gate Dominance
  82. New stargate weapons
  83. How do Zats work?
  84. How many ships will we see in S10/S3
  85. Why doesn't the SGC have laser weapons?
  86. Star Wars Vs Stargate?
  87. Why does the 302 have 2 seats
  88. New F-302?
  89. The ultimate super soldier
  90. Gate and Ramp
  91. Ethon Aliens
  92. #Minor Spoiler# Mark IX explosive capability?
  93. The Kull Warriors
  94. Exactly how big is a Hive Ship?
  95. Query: Ancients on Asgard sensors
  96. Earth Gate
  97. kull armour...and kull themselves...
  98. ships...names + why u lik em...
  99. Stargate vs. Star Trek
  100. Anubis's manufacturing abilities
  101. Why is CGI so expensive?
  102. what threat do the goauld pose now???after season 9???
  103. 1-2 people running capital ships... so funny!
  104. Silly question on Entropic cascade Failure
  105. Why is the SGC Based on Earth?
  106. Can you Manuel Dial 8 Chverons?
  107. Can the DHD's post-Avenger dial intergalactic?
  108. Ancient fighters?
  109. Idea
  110. The Iris
  111. Will the population find out?
  112. Hyperdrive vs. Stardrive
  113. How wide is the stargate?
  114. Amount of energy to activate the gate, I think I found it...
  115. gateing to another galaxy
  116. F-302 propulsion compared to Death Glider
  117. what would happen....?
  118. Needing info on the Ring Transporter!!
  119. SG1: True Science
  120. About Goa'uld DNA...
  121. When does Earth get a space station?
  122. Hyperdrive technology real?
  123. Which way does the gate go round?
  124. US grants patent for anti-gravity device
  125. 3 ZPM = What?
  126. Dissilusioned with current science an scientific thinking.
  127. Guns in Stargate room
  128. How do they know anything about a ZPM?
  129. Just wondering
  130. Why is there a Point of Origin?
  131. Caller ID
  132. Tollan Ion Cannons
  133. Hyperdrive vs BSG FTL drive
  134. IDC, the Iris, and Dialing...
  135. MAC's on SG?
  136. Did the Ancients build the ZPM's?
  137. Can the asgard beams be used to beam ships?
  138. Why Dont They Already Have Unlimited ZPM's
  139. The enemies lack of powerful weapon usage?
  140. The Trinity Device, Failure or Success? (Beware Big Spoilers for this ep)
  141. Ancient Tech: what would you expect to find
  142. Usage of alien-type ships
  143. Escaping through the stargate via the rings
  144. Wraith power sources
  145. Serakkin ion propulsion engine
  146. cloakable 302's and 3's would be nice
  147. Time Travel in the Stargate Universe #Possible Spoilers#
  148. New Ship....opinions please
  149. Maps & Plans
  150. Hyperspace Missiles
  151. Sheilds on the Daedalus and Prometheus
  152. Ship made of....
  153. F-302 Hyperdrive
  154. Is the Daedalus a BC-303?
  155. If we evolved from ancients then where did the ancients evolve from?
  156. Why the P90?!?
  157. The civilization that created the replicators
  158. Area 51 Inventory List...
  159. Goa'uld vs. Wraith
  160. Prometheus Storyline (spoilers)
  161. Tau'ri weapon proposal: Particle accelerators
  162. Milky Way Ancients more powerful?
  163. ZPM Tiped Megaxplosives - Idea from SG1 8x04 - Zero Hour
  164. Lost warriors
  165. Scientific Space Time (Enigma)
  166. what would happen if you walked into the back of a stargate?
  167. Earth Dosent need a ZPM...
  168. asgard
  169. DHD Symbols and Galaxy questions
  170. Ancient Battleship Spoilers
  171. Earth Pegasis communications relay #critical mass spoilers#
  172. BSG FTL vs SG Hyperdrive
  173. Made-up science with the spaceships
  174. F-302's with shields #Grace under pressure spoilers#
  175. Why Not Explore Andromeda?
  176. Alterran hyperspace drives
  177. X-302 303
  178. Species Technology Levels
  179. All you ever wanted to know about Priors #spoilers welcome#
  180. The Daedalus Spoilers for Conversion, The Hive and Critical Mass
  181. Visions of the Future
  182. the most powerfull/advanced ship
  183. The main theme for all Stargate...ridiculous?
  184. Name this Ships
  185. Mitchell's BFG
  186. Sensors
  187. Sci-Fi previews for this week's Ethon Episode, MAY HAVE SPOILERS!
  188. Real life ZPM's!!!!
  189. SGCSys - SG-1 Computer Systems Simulator
  190. Wraith Hive Ship size
  191. Wraith Upgraded P90's
  192. Stargate emmissions
  193. Why must the Stargate be made of naquada if the DHD is the power source?
  194. What happened to the Wraith Cruiser in the Defiant One?
  195. Are the F-302s VTOL capable ?
  196. Missles in Ethon fired from Prometheus (Possible Spoilers!)
  197. Shield Failure in Ethon #SPOILERS#
  198. orior weapons (spoilers ethon) doesnt all add up
  199. Ori Agents on Earth?
  200. Earth Battleship Power Source
  201. Possible Z.P.M.'s???
  202. Naquardia Bullets
  203. F-304 Super Fighter
  204. HOW do ZPM's deplete?
  205. Earth Starships Mislabelled (Writer's Goofs)?
  206. Tollan Gate
  207. Beaming technology
  208. SG-1 sidearms
  209. Making a ZPM?
  210. What would happen if...
  211. How stealth are the F-302?(Ethon spoiler)
  212. Why does everyone think Ori > ancients?
  213. Need good ZPE explination
  214. Why does Wraith tech seem to suck?
  215. Other possible Ancient Cities (Spoilers for "The Tower")
  216. What powers DHD and stargate?
  217. Matter Duplication theory via Dakara #some spoilers#
  218. PJ drone power
  219. The wraith/organic Ship design - #spoilers for allies#
  220. Is it possible for nukes to carry their own oxidixer!
  221. The Gate System as a defensive network
  222. PJ power system
  223. Better Fighter
  224. The Oddessey did its job!
  225. Earth Supergate
  226. Why does Earth tech suck, when it shouldn't?
  227. Asgard Sensors
  228. What if Earth could build ZPMs and ancient weapons?
  229. What do you think of the new guns they were using on Baal's ship?
  230. ori stargates?
  231. SGC Empire? # S9E16-Off The Grid Spoilers#
  232. Earth's energy weapons
  233. ZPM's charged by the Stargate
  234. sublight and subspace?
  235. what happened to the zpm's?????
  236. Uses for a second ZPM... (Spoilers for Season 9)
  237. Need Prometheous Pictures from "Ethon"
  238. Use of Daniel's Memories and the ancient repository with the memory device.
  239. Railguns
  240. Hyperspace bubble?
  241. Ship sizes.
  242. Ship Scales - An Answer
  243. Yet another thread on Beaming Tech (spoilers for any eps)
  244. the best piece of ancient tecnolage
  245. Oddyse pics?
  246. Ori threat
  247. Transporters as a power source?
  248. Cut the trip in half (Spoilers)
  249. Will they make more Prometheus Class ships? (spoilers for s8, s9)
  250. Point of Origin on the Second Gate