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  1. Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Series Tournament
  2. Best Sci-fi/Fantasy show Theme Music Tournament
  3. Greatest Sci-fi/Fantasy Villain Tournament
  4. The Greatest Science Fiction Movie Tournament
  5. The Best Looking Actor/Actress in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Tournament....
  6. Greatest Sci-fi/Fantasy Hero Tournament
  7. Greatest Ship Tournament
  8. Best Death in Sci-fi and Fantasy Tournament
  9. The Greatest Ship (relationship) in Sci-Fi History Tournament
  10. Harry Potter Last Letter Game
  11. H&H BSG characters
  12. A moderately amusing game (no spoilers)
  13. Favorite TV Character Game!
  14. Women of Cult TV Game
  15. Men of Cult TV Game
  16. Favorite TV Ship Game!
  17. Men of Cult TV Game V2.0
  18. Women of Cult TV Game V2.0
  19. Men of Cult TV Game V3.0
  20. Favorite True Blood Character Game!
  21. Favorite Twilight Character Game!
  22. Favorite Harry Potter Character Game!
  23. Men of Cult TV Game V4.0
  24. Women of Cult TV Game V3.0
  25. Women of Cult TV Game V4.0
  26. Favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Game
  27. Women of Cult TV Game V5.0
  28. Favourite High/Heroic Fantasy Books Tourney
  29. All-Time Favorite Vampire Character Game!
  30. Men of Cult TV Game V5.0
  31. Favorite (relation)ships 1st to 50 game
  32. Favorite Female character 1st to 50
  33. Favorite Male character 1st to 50
  34. Baddest Enemies - First to 50
  35. Best Film and TV Soundtracks - First to 50
  36. Favorite non-human character, all shows or movies (1st to 50)
  37. Saddest Sci Fi Deaths 1st to 50 (SPOILERS)
  38. favorite friendships from sci-fi/fantasy tv show or movie
  39. Best TV Theme songs/intros - First to 50
  40. Your Emotional TV-Show/Movie ( Scifi/other genre ) Game
  41. Epocylipse: The Afterfall