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  11. When did Telford get the .... ?(spoiler)
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  13. Eli isn't going to fix it.
  14. Was I the only one that thought someone else was to go in the chair (spoilers inside)
  15. I guess 3 more years until SGU will be back :P
  16. Eli's Last Days...
  17. Some that Telford said made no sense to me...
  18. Would TJ's ALS have still come about in 5 years despite 3 years in stasis?
  19. Why couldn't they beam Camille to Brussels?
  20. Destiny, I love you
  21. The explanation as to how the shields work
  22. How many folks here...
  23. Devil's advocate
  24. So Eli isn't smarter then Rush afterall
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  26. The fate of the descendants
  27. How Awesome ..
  28. One last recharge
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  30. The Drone Problem
  31. The number of pods
  32. Sadly
  33. So I guess we wont find out what that signal at the beginning of the universe was
  34. What would you put on Eli's tombstone?
  35. Why Does THIS Thread Have A Warning "No Spoilers Beyond It"?
  36. LA dials Destiny while everyone is in the status pods.
  37. Something got through post!
  38. Why Don't the Drones Destroy Each Other ?
  39. Something that bothered me about the power
  40. Would Earth have turned off their stone platform?
  41. Brody's magical metallurgical powers
  42. Food?
  43. Share a pod ?
  44. Rush is wrong
  45. They would never sleep 3 years.
  46. Eli's math..
  47. Drones ramming????
  48. Why not use the time to repair the ship?
  49. Is that it?....
  50. shuttle
  51. It's pretty obvious
  52. Post-Stasis and the bathroom
  53. Final Scenes: The lone piano music with Eli all alone...
  54. call me idealistic but
  55. McKay
  56. Did they know they were cancelled when the filmed the final scene?
  57. Waking up the crew
  58. Using the Gate as an extra stasis 'pod'
  59. Just re watched this one..